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Energy Curable Coatings and Adhesives Expert Specializing in UV/EB Product Development and Commercialization

Technical Consultant #1804


  • Industrial experience of 25 years in energy curable (ultraviolet / electron beam) coatings and laminating adhesives for graphic arts and food packaging industries.
  • Knowledgeable of photochemistry, monomers, polymers, inks, coatings, adhesives, and interfaces.
  • Design, synthesis of acrylic reactive monomers and polymers.
  • Formulating energy curable and conventional coatings and adhesives.
  • Using vehicles such as acrylics, polyesters, epoxies, polyurethanes as building blocks.
  • Planning, testing and data analysis.
  • Feasibility and application studies.
  • TSCA, EPA and FDA compliance.
  • Water based coatings.
  • UV and EB processors (set-up, operation and maintenance).
  • Coating application equipment and process refinement.
  • Process scaling-up.
  • Applying DOE, SPC or other statistical tools to formulation optimization and process control.

Expert Witness

  • Printing inks: Formulation research and product evaluation (associated with coatings and adhesives).
  • Printing and coating application methods: Letterpress, gravure, flexo, litho and screen printing methods (associated with coatings and adhesives).
  • Pigment wetting and dispersion.
  • Substrate screening (paper, PE, OPP, PET, PVC, metallized films, metal, wood, and glass).
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives (UV/EB curable resins and waterborne).
  • Surfactants, defoamers, stabilizers and flow additives used in coating and adhesive formulations.
  • Packaging process control and equipment evaluation.
  • Analytical instrument and data interpretation.


Independent Consultant, Present

Rohm and Haas Company, Elgin, IL, Technical Manager, 1993 - 2007

  • Planned, organized and assigned short term and long term research and development projects.
  • Identified problems, eliminated bottlenecks and found solutions.
  • Designed and synthesized new monomers, co-polymers, oligomers and adhesion promoters for coating and adhesive formulations.
  • Developed water based primer and blister pack coatings for graphic arts.
  • Developed FDA compliance EB curable release topcoats for cold seal applications.
  • Developed FDA compliance EB curable laminating adhesives for food packaging applications.
  • Developed training protocols for production personnel and assisted in customer press trials.

Morton International, Woodstock, IL, Group Leader, Polymer System, 1987 - 1992

  • Developed UV curable laminating adhesives for paper//film, film//film, film//metallized film.
  • Developed UV curable laminating adhesives for glass laminates (TV flat-screen application).
  • Developed abrasion resistant coatings for solar film and security film.
  • Developed 3-D UV curable optical coating for photographic application.
  • Assisted plant start-up and provided on-site technical support.

Morton Thiokol Company, Trenton, NJ, Senior Chemist, 1981 - 1986

  • Synthesized polysulfide prepolymers, polyester, polyether, urethane acrylates, epoxies, epoxy acrylates and reactive monomers.
  • Developed non-wax scuff-resistant UV coatings for PVC floor tiles.
  • Developed moisture resistance primary and secondary Optical Fiber coatings.
  • Developed high resistivity conformal coating for electronic applications.

Atlantic Richfield Chemical Company, Philadelphia, PA, Senior Scientist, 1978 - 1980

  • Designed and characterized polyurethanes for thermal insulation foams.
  • Investigated polymer rheology and property-structure relationship.
  • Analyzed and interpreted thermal analysis data.

Honors & Publications


  • Chinese (spoken and written)
  • German (written)


  • Developed and commercialized UV high speed overprint varnish products lines (Mira-Glos™ and Seri-Glos™) to serve the graphic art and packaging industries.
  • Boosted the product annual sales from $ 2 million to $15 million.

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • American Chemical Society
  • RadTech International

Publications and Patents

  • Author of technical papers and presentations at ACS, Tappi, RadTech, CMM, SME are published in the Conference Proceedings.
  • 4 U.S. patents.


  • Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of Texas at Austin, TX
  • M.S. Organic Chemistry, University of Texas at El Paso, TX
  • B.S. Chemistry Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan
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