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UAV Electronics Expert Specializing in RF Links and Power Supplies

Technical Consultant #1801


  • Electronic hardware design
  • Electromagnetic interference issues
  • Power supplies
  • Embedded systems
  • Analog design
  • Conventional gyro systems
  • Data communications links (RF)
  • Dedicated audio links (RF)
  • Digital design
  • Embedded control systems
  • GPS systems
  • Industrial control systems
  • Inertial measurement units
  • Joystick design (aircraft and games)
  • Magnetometer / compass systems
  • MEMS technology - gyros, accelerometers, pressure
  • Receiver Design (RF Data)
  • Testifying and ITC experience
  • Transducer interface
  • Transmitter design
  • Video links (RF)

Expert Witness

  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Litigation support - International Trade Commission (ITC)


  • Expert engagement: International Trade Commission Action.
  • Acted as a Consulting Expert Witness in a patent validity case involving power supplies.
  • Acted as a Testifying Expert Witness in a patent validity case involving marine autopilots.


Undisclosed Company, President, 1996 - Present

  • Designer of electronic controls for the Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) market, including inertial measurement, autopilots, electrical power controls, RF systems and video technology.
  • Specific focus on technologies applicable to the civilian market, with some UAVs in military applications.
  • Expert testimony supported by an extensive and wide scientific background supplying the legal and intellectual property industries and in other various technologies.

Additional Technologies

  • Altium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Camera platforms
  • Controlled impedance circuit board design
  • Embedded control systems
  • Flight termination systems (encrypted digital RF)
  • Garage door openers
  • Heliostats
  • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
  • Integrated gyro systems
  • Interference removal and debugging
  • Magnetometers (earth field sensing)
  • MEMS transducers
  • Radio control systems
  • Receiver design (HF thru UHF)
  • RF layout design
  • Shock and vibration testing
  • Spectrum analyzers (testing)
  • SPICE based circuit simulation
  • Stabilized microwave antennas
  • Temperature control systems
  • Video transmitter design

Power Supplies

  • Battery supervisors
  • Boost mode power supplies
  • Buck mode power supplies
  • Buck/boost mode power supplies
  • High current power supplies
  • High power oscillators
  • High precision power supplies
  • High voltage power supplies (greater than 10kV)
  • Light weight power supplies
  • Linear power supplies
  • Motor drive system
  • Offline power supplies
  • Switched mode power supplies
  • Ultra low voltage input power supplies (0.1 Volt)


  • Altitude / attitude control
  • Autopilots
  • Blimps (70 feet, semi - autonomous)
  • Directional stabilization systems
  • Extreme altitude (100,000 feet)
  • GPS navigation systems
  • Microwave links (control and telemetry)
  • Solar powered aircraft
  • UAV control systems
  • Unmanned air vehicles - 6 Inch to 270 feet wingspan

Cambridge Electronic Design, Inc., San Pedro, CA, Chief Executive Officer, 1984 - 1996

  • Electronic hardware consulting for the following areas;
  • Automatic braking and throttle systems
  • Autonomous vehicle control systems
  • Ceramic capacitors - extreme stress testing and ceramic disc pumps (hydraulics)
  • Control algorithms for levitation systems (and magnetic)
  • E beam systems - field Emission, LaB6, tungsten
  • Electron beam microfabrication systems
  • Field emission systems
  • Force and gyro operated joysticks,(for use In the air)
  • Heater control systems
  • High voltage DC systems
  • Human factors engineering
  • Magnetic deflection systems - coils and amplifiers
  • Metal detectors
  • Near space control systems
  • Non-contact inductive distance sensors
  • Overhead magnetic levitation
  • Pneumatic control systems
  • Power electronics - harmonic reduction system
  • Pulsed field emission systems
  • Rocket payloads
  • Sub orbital control systems
  • Sudden acceleration investigations
  • Vacuum systems - diffusion, ion, and sorption pumped
  • Very low frequency (VLF) RF techniques

Unified Technologies, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, Senior Systems Design Engineer, 1982 - 1984

  • Designer of video game software and CRT display systems. Other focus areas;
  • Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) displays and power supplies
  • Combined raster / vector scan systems
  • High resolution CRTs
  • High voltage, high frequency power supplies
  • Laser interferometer controls
  • Magnetic deflection amplifiers for CRTs
  • Precision XY stage control system
  • Raster scan systems
  • Vector scan systems
  • Video gaming software - assembly language

Hughes Aircraft Co., Los Angeles, CA, Member of Technical Staff, 1979 - 1982

  • Commissioned for the electron beam microfabrication system.
  • Active filter design
  • E-beam Imaging systems
  • Electron beam deflection system
  • Electron lenses
  • High frequency FETs
  • High resolution deflection systems
  • Microfabrication techniques
  • Passive filter design
  • Scintillation detectors
  • Semiconductor fabrication
  • Vacuum system controls

Cambridge University Engineering Dept., Cambridge, UK, 1979 - 1979

  • Postgraduate Research Student: Revolutionary New E-beam Imaging System.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Fellow, Cambridge Philosophical Society
  • Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Publications and Patents

  • Author and Co-Author of 5 publications in collegiate newsletters, journals, and technical magazines.
  • 1 Patent


  • Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Cambridge University, U.K.
  • M.A. Electrical Engineering, Cambridge University, U.K.
  • B.A. Electrical Engineering, Cambridge University, U.K
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