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Brewmaster Specializing in Solving Brewing Process Problems, Commissioning New Brewing Equipment, and Improving the Financial Performance of Brewing Operations

Technical Consultant #1791


  • Extensive experience in all aspects of the brewing process and skilled at locating the source of beer quality issues and resolving these issues.
  • Troubleshooting sources of microbiological contamination and identifying process improvements to eliminate the contamination.
  • Yeast health and fermentation diagnosis, resolving issues and identify process changes to improve yeast vitality and subsequent fermentation vigor.
  • An expert beer taster who can identify beer off notes and identify process fixes to resolve these off notes.
  • Improving the financial performance of a brewing operation by finding and eliminating sources of process loss, and by improving grain yield without adversely impacting beer taste or quality.
  • Quickly identify and solve all manner of process issues such as poor lautering performance, poor filtration performance, presence of chill haze, and poor beer clarity.
  • Identify sources of air inclusion from the brewhouse through the packaging operation which can and does cause beer staling.
  • Across the board experience commissioning new brewing equipment, including acid pacification and construction cleaning of new tanks and piping as well as final cleaning and start-up of production equipment.
  • Recipe formulation in order to achieve the desired end product, a beer that is true to style with a balanced taste profile.


Independent Consultant, Present

Undisclosed Company, 1981 - 2008

Senior Assistant Brewmaster I, 1997 - 2008

  • Created and led a team that conceived, developed and rolled-out a new product which successfully competed as a micro-style lager beer.
  • Partnered with the Corporate Engineering group to execute a $71 million modernization of the brewhouse and fermenting operations that resulted in significant labor savings, as well as improvements in product quality and consistency. Met all deadlines and savings goals while managing the brewery at peak capacity.
  • Executed a $22 million modernization of the finishing operation while managing the brewery at full capacity. As a part of this initiative, created a central control room concept that resulted in significant labor savings, as well as improved operational efficiency.
  • This first of its kind central control room was ultimately adopted at all of the company's facilities.
  • Developed and managed all elements of the communications and change strategy ensuring that efficiency and staffing goals were achieved.
  • Employed accurate forecasting with an acute attention to detail to create and consistently manage a $102 million budget to a $4.8 million favorable year end variance.
  • Practiced proactive "production floor" communications in a unionized environment of 80 production employees and 30 maintenance technicians to foster and maintain trust. Minimized formal complaints through the grievance process.

Senior Assistant Brewmaster II, 1989 - 1997

  • Assumed overall responsibility for total brewing operations at the facility.
  • Led construction and start-up of an $82 million Brewing operation modernization. Met all deadlines and achieved all savings goals for the modernization while managing an operating brewery at full capacity.

Assistant Brewmaster, Newark, NJ, 1989

  • Tapped to lead the finishing operation business group through an $85 million, 3.6 million barrel capacity expansion, while continuing to run the finishing operation at full capacity.

Area Manager, Newark, 1985 - 1989

  • Promoted to head the finishing operation business group, which ran the finishing side of the business on a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week basis.
  • Through skillful planning and execution and by balancing multiple shifting priorities, was able to improve up time to operations.

Senior Process Engineer, 1984 - 1985

  • Collaborated with subject matter experts to identify, troubleshoot and resolve a major quality issue in the fermentation process. Re-engineered fermentation vessel design which was adopted company-wide.
  • Worked as part of a team that developed the process for making a new non-alcoholic brand, which ultimately became a commercial success.

Group Manager, 1981 - 1984

  • Created technical operating procedure manuals to facilitate on-the-job training of the hourly workforce as they learned new jobs that resulted from a $68 million, 6.6 million barrel capacity expansion.
  • As a relief Group Manager, managed shift operations in all four operational areas, brewhouse, fermenting, lagering, and finishing.

New Albion Brewing Company, Sonoma, CA, 1980

  • Worked side by side with Jack McAuliffe, the founder of New Albion Brewery, one of the first micro breweries established in the U.S.
  • Learned practical, hands-on brewing techniques in the production of bottle conditioned ales.

Honors & Publications

  • Member of Beta Gamma Sigma - the National Honor Society for Business.
  • Member of the Master Brewers Association of the Americas.


  • MBA College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA
  • B.S. Fermentation Science University of California, Davis, California
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