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Organic Chemist, Research and Development Director, Specializing in Rheological Additives for Coatings and Allied Markets

Technical Consultant #1738


  • Associative thickeners for waterbased systems: Polyether polyurethanes (PEPUs, HEURs); Polyether Polyols (PEPOs); hydrophobically modified alkali-swellable thickeners (HASE); alkali-swellable thickeners (ASE); hydrophobically modified polysaccharide thickeners.
  • Organoclays: Organically modified clays; organobentonites; organosmectiites; organically modified bentonites; organically modified smectites; organically modified hectorites; Bentones, Claytones; Tixogel.
  • Polyamide rheological additives for non-aqueous systems; rheological additives, thixotropes, and suspending agents; antisettling additives.


Undisclosed Company, 1994 - Present

  • Successfully performed in the following positions: Vice President of Research and Development, Vice President, and Research Fellow.
  • Set up a lab and initiated clay based nanocomposite program.
  • Set up a lab, staffed and initiated developments clay based and organic rheological additives for drilling fluids.
  • Defended company's IP in opposition proceedings at the European Patent Office (EPO).
  • Assisted both in-house and external patent attorneys in writing and prosecuting patent applications covering inventions.
  • Managed company's patent portfolio.
  • Valuated patent portfolios of prospective acquisitions.

Directed the developments of:

  • A colorant stable thickener for latex paints.
  • Low and zero-VOC coalescing agents for latex paints.
  • Low VOC, zero-VOC, and standard hydrophobically modified urethane thickeners (HEURs).
  • Hydrophobically modified alkali swellable thickeners (HASEs).
  • Higher temperature stable organoclays for drilling fluids.
  • Di- and polyamide rheological additives for non-aqueous fluids.
  • A "universal organoclay" additive that functioned in a broad variety of solvent polarities.
  • New anti-settling agents for water and non-aqueous systems.

Pierce & Stevens Corp., Buffalo, NY, Director of Research - Central Research Department, 1991 - 1993

  • Supervised the development of UV curable overprint varnished for graphic arts; grew business at 20% CAG.
  • Expanded the DUALITE low density filler product line and grew business at 100% CAG by developing products to meet identified market needs.
  • Equipped laboratory to improve efficiency and productivity.

NL Chemicals-Spencer Kellogg Products and Reichhold, 1980 - 1989

Director of Technology, 1986 - 1989

  • Major responsibilities included technical direction, new product and process development and technical service, including elements of staff development, budget control and site maintenance, directing a staff of 45-50 employees.
  • Developed a team spirit within Research and Development Department and with other company operations to expedite and improve new product and process developments. Resulted in development of approximately 100 new or modified products.
  • Instilled sense of urgency to both Research and Development and Technical Service.
  • Increased technical service effort and reputation through improved communication with customer, sales and marketing.
  • Improved product transfer to manufacturing.
  • Developed staff through training, delegation and selective replacement.
  • Conducted capital projects to improve safety, productivity, comfort and site aesthetics.

Manager, New Product Development Department, 1981 - 1986

  • Managed a group of 14 scientists and technicians in organoclay development.
  • Expanded department's scope to other thixotropes.
  • Operated in both direct and matrix management environments.

Group Leader, New Organoclay Development Project, 1980 - 1981

  • Responsible for a group of up to 15 scientists and technicians developing new organoclay technologies, rheological additives and patent protection.

Senior Scientist, 1978 - 1980

  • Responsible for the synthesis of new quaternary ammonium chlorides for conversion to and evaluation as organoclay additives. Principal contributor to organoclay property knowledge base.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Clay Minerals Society

Publications and Patents

  • Author or co-author of 20 patents.


  • Ph.D. Chemistry, Kansas University, Lawrence, KS
  • B.S. Chemistry, Kentucky Southern College, Louisville, KY
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