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Oil and Mining Consultant Specializing in Asset Management and Operations Excellence: Operations Optimization, Maintenance, Turnaround Management, and Safe Practice

Technical Consultant #1737


  • Open pit and underground mining operations and management.
  • Open pit coal mining operations.
  • Mining equipment purchasing, operation, utility of use and maintenance.
  • Petroleum and refinery operations, including coker operations.
  • Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) Certified Trained Leader and Occupational Safety & Health (OSHA 1910) Certified Training Guide Development.
  • Turnaround optimization and defect elimination programs at major mining and petrochemical facilities.
  • Identification of operational improvements and implement of plans for oil and mining operations, resulting in safety and financial business improvements.
  • Implementing operations practices, including frontline supervising for operations, employee training, equipment care and maintenance and operating safety procedures and safety systems.
  • Optimizing turnaround shutdown and start-up procedures with a strong focus on safety.
  • Implementing management practices, including routine maintenance strategies, defining equipment criticality, routine maintenance planning and scheduling, risk-based work selection, turnaround maintenance strategies, turnaround planning and execution, materials management, risk-based spare parts inventory.
  • Implementing contracting management practices, including site contracting strategy, contract formats, field controls, and rationalizing the number of contractors on site.
  • Implementing performance management practices, including employee job performance profiles, RACI charts alignment of key performance measures, employee training, and employee performance monitoring.


Undisclosed Company, Business Stream Leader, 2009 - Present

  • As Business Stream Leader, managed and executed work with international mining companies in underground and open pit diamond mining operations in North America.
  • Implemented improvement programs in Asset Management Maintenance, Equipment Reliability, Truck and Shovel, and Drill and Blast mining operations.
  • Identified cost savings opportunity of greater than $10 million in asset management from improved equipment reliability, maintenance planning and scheduling, and contracting practices.
  • Reduced fuel and energy costs by $250,000 per year from utilization of haul truck and equipment engine oil heaters, equipment operator training, coaching, and performance management.
  • Reduced contractor and manufacturer warranty costs by rationalizing contractors, implementing competitive bidding and contract formats.

Undisclosed Company, Australia, Engagement Manager, 2008 - Present

  • Implemented a broad range of mining operations and maintenance improvements for open pit coal mining operations in Australia.
  • At a major coal mine, reduced maintenance expenses and excessive equipment costs by over $1 million per year and increased site production, ROM (Run Of Mine) tons, to boost revenue by over $3 million per year.
  • Reduced light vehicle damage and increased availability to 92%. Increased operator utilization and production from daily inspections and planning and scheduling practices at a major coal mine.
  • Increased coal production by 100,000 ROM, tpa (tones per annum) by electronic manning dashboard to improved shift pre-start, shift handover, and mine plan communications with pit crews and equipment operators.
  • Increased coal production by 300,000 ROM, tpa and reduced equipment downtime from improved operations and maintenance hand-over and hand-back processes at a major coal mine.
  • Eliminated Drill and Blast (D&B) as the mine production constraint by improved D&B equipment (i.e. loaders, dewatering, drills) reliability from equipment upgrades, training procedures, and frontline coaching at a major coal mine.
  • Increased haul truck availability to 87% and production by 200,000 ROM, tpa from extensive operator coaching and equipment care practices. Reduced haul truck tire repairs by $300,000 per year by improved haul road design, road circuit monitoring and equipment utilization.
  • Implemented a standard hot seating procedure for shift change and crib breaks and increased payloads from 90% to increase production by 300,000 ROM, tpa at a major coal mine.
  • Increased operator truck fault awareness and reduced defects by 28-50% in the first month of implementation from condition monitoring, trending, and planned maintenance strategies.

Undisclosed Company, China, 2001 - Present

Senior Maintenance and Reliability Consultant, Houston, TX, 2005 - 2010

Maintenance and Reliability Consultant, 2001 - 2005

  • Achieved benefits of $11 million in the first six months of the improvement program from delayed coker unit reliability and profitability review in Asia. Total benefits of over $39 million.
  • Achieved benefits of 11.0-13.0 cents per barrel in the first eight months from turnaround optimization and defect elimination programs at a major petrochemical plant in China.
  • Reduced routine, turnaround, and programmed maintenance by 30% for two petrochemical business units in Asia. Improved from third and fourth quarter to first quartile performances by implementing work selection, operations and maintenance planning practices and technologies.
  • Realized benefits of $12 million by implementing major crude unit turnaround work list reviews, execution practices, inspection, and management and execution assistance at a refinery in Asia.
  • Achieved benefits of almost $5 million by implementing corrosion mitigation program for crude process units at a major refinery in Asia.
  • Provided frontline supervising training to achieve operations excellence for major petrochemical facilities in Asia.
  • Developed business unit site maintenance and operational strategies with petrochemical leadership teams in South America and Asia.
  • Managed site maintenance and reliability improvement plans, including site developing strategies, maintenance management, and equipment reliability management at major petrochemical sites in Japan.

Lyondell-CITGO Refining Company, Houston, TX, Operations Area Manager, 1999 - 2001

  • Achieved benefits of over $3 million by implementing machinery defect elimination practices.
  • Established record coker production rates and product quality standards.
  • Established innovative routine and turnaround operating schedules to optimize coker utilization rates, turnaround durations, and routine expenses.
  • Implemented operator equipment care programs, including equipment data collectors, pump rotation, temperature and vibration monitoring practices.
  • Implemented safety instrumentation and hardware interlock systems for coker batch operations resulting in a zero OSHA injury rate for the facility.

British Petroleum Refining, Texas City, TX, Yorktown, VA, Whiting, IN, 1980 - 1999

  • Performing Positions; Asset Superintendent, Turnaround and Construction Manager, Engineering and Technical Supervisor Performance Systems and Training Manager, Maintenance Training and Computer Applications Supervisor, Turnaround Planning Engineering, Maintenance Engineering Project Design Engineer, Capital Projects Manager.
  • As Asset Superintendent, improved delayed coker cycle time from 15hrs. to 13hrs. established new record level coker charge rates, resid destruction rates, and coke yield production rates.
  • Reduced antifoam variable expenses to record levels; increased coker and resid deasphalting Unit (RDU) operating factors, reduced coke handling expenses.
  • As Engineering Technical Manager, led successful on-line spauling of coker heaters and pilot runs of new types of feed to the cokers and RDU.

Honors & Publications


  • Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) Certified Trained Leader.
  • Occupational Safety & Health (OSHA 1910) Certified Training Guide Development.
  • Texas Petrochemical Emergency & Hurricane Response.

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Professional Engineer, Engineer-In-Training Certificate, Indiana.
  • Melbourne University Trainer for Business Management Course Certificate.
  • Business Consultancy Study with National University of Singapore (NUS).

Publications and Patents

  • Presented Maintenance & Reliability Papers for International Quality & Productivity Center (IQPC) in Southeast Asia.
  • Presented Technical Papers for Annual Refinery Forum Conferences in Southeast Asia.
  • Presented Maintenance & Reliability Papers for Reliability, Asset Management, and Safety (RAMS) Conferences in Asia.


  • B.S. Civil Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
  • M.S. Business Management Certificate, Melbourne University, Melbourne, Australia
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