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Senior Engineering Expert Specializing in Power Plant Construction and Environmental Project Management

Technical Consultant #1734


  • Environmental project and permitting management for electrical power plants.
  • Design, construction, and startup or electric and petrochemical power plants.
  • Combined cycle project development.
  • Integrated gasification technology development.
  • Clean air act and multi-pollutant compliance project implementation.
  • Power plant betterment/life extension project implementation.
  • Chemical plant/power plant startup and commissioning.


Independent Consultant, Present

Undisclosed Utility Company, 1998 - 2010

Senior Engineering Manager, 2001 - 2010

  • Successfully implemented $80 million multi-pollutant project to control the SOx, NOx, and mercury emissions from 3 generating units (700 MW combined) to meet stringent state limits.
  • This difficult retrofit project utilized developmental Trona duct sorbent injection technology for SO2 control and met an aggressive timeline of 22 months between start of engineering and commercial operation.
  • Prior to approval to proceed, over 150 technology permutations were analyzed in the development of the final Compliance Plan.
  • Managed $ 1 billion, 1500 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Project (GE 7FA Combustion Turbine technology) through the detailed design and procurement phases. The project was cancelled after fabrication but before delivery of major equipment, necessitating extensive negotiations to close out contracts.
  • Performed analyses and prepared compliance plans, scheduled for implementation in the 2012 - 2015 timeframe, in response to NOx RACT regulations and New Jersey peaking combustion turbines in response to the HEDD Regulation.
  • Successfully managed the process (agency negotiations, application submittals, public hearings) to obtain all approvals necessary to initiate construction of a 500 MW combined cycle plant, including the PADEP air permit, SRBC water withdrawal permit, NPDES permit, zoning land use agreement , water usage agreement, real estate options, and transmission line/gas line/water line rights-of-way.
  • Implemented improvements to enable the burning of low sulfur powder river basin coal. The project included a blending operation monitored by a nuclear coal analyzer as well as systems to control dust and explosions.

Engineering Manager, 1998 - 2000

  • Led the successful effort to identify a minimum of 8 viable sites for the construction of nominal 1000 MW combined cycle power plants, as part of "Mid Merit Build Out" program.
  • This process included the management of the PJM feasibility/interconnection studies for all identified sites. Ultimately, permits were obtained for 4 of the sites, and power plants were built on the Bethlehem and Delta sites.
  • Developed, proposed, and implemented a $20 million support project for Motiva Refinery, in conjunction with a Coke Gasification Project. Support work included a new 138 kv substation and all mechanical interconnections between the old power house and the new syngas-fired combined cycle facility.
  • Developed a conceptual study to implement a 30 MW power plant designed to burn poultry derived fuel (aka, chicken litter - biomass). The study assessed suppliers, alternate markets, transportation considerations, combustion technologies, and overall economics.
  • Established a working relationship with the fledgling company's solutions marketing organization.
  • Developed, proposed and implemented multiple projects, including construction of a substation for a peaking plant which netted over $1 million in profit.

Delmarva Power & Light Company, Wilmington, DE, 1980 - 1997

Engineering Manager, 1988 - 1997

  • Supervised team of project engineers responsible for developing and implementing projects for internal power plant clients and external customers.
  • As a member of the transition team, participated in the reorganization of the Energy Supply Business Unit in support of the Delmarva Power-Atlantic Energy merger process.
  • Developed detailed conceptual design for 100 MW simple-cycle combustion turbine power plant and 150 MW combined-cycle power plant that served as Delmarva's proxy for the evaluation of competing power supply proposals.
  • Represented Delmarva Power's interest to develop and construct an integrated gasification combined-cycle co-generation project at an oil refinery in Delaware.
  • Areas of concentration included combustion turbines and heat recovery steam generators, as well as interface between power block and existing power boilers.
  • Proposed corporate strategy for compliance with Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 and supervised implementation of related projects, which included low NOx burner/over fire air systems, selective non-catalytic reduction systems, and continuous emissions monitoring systems.
  • Conducted a comprehensive study on the Delmarva Peninsula that resulted in identification and subsequent licensing of site for construction of 600 MW fluidized bed, coal-fired power plant; involved in extensive testimony before the Maryland Public Service Commission.
  • Conducted comprehensive valuation study of an external electric generating system in support of a corporate acquisition initiative.
  • Implemented betterment projects at all internal power plants, which included digital control retrofits, opacity reduction installations, coal handling system improvements, and intake screen replacements.
  • Developed comprehensive project engineering guidelines for use as departmental work standard.

Senior Engineer, 1982 - 1987

  • Supervised team of project engineers responsible for developing and implementing projects for internal power plant clients and external customers.
  • Developed corporate program for life extension of power generation equipment and supervised implementation of related projects, which included retrofit of coal-milling systems, distributed control systems, and materials handling systems.
  • As Lead Startup Engineer, directed re-commissioning of 80 MW and 160 MW coal-fired power plants which involved the refurbishing of boilers, steam turbines, and coal-milling equipment; projects also included new control systems, precipitators, and bottom- and fly-ash handling systems.

Project Engineer, 1980 - 1981

  • Responsible for conceptual design, detailed design, construction, and startup of new power plant projects.
  • Developed conceptual design of boiler island for 400 MW pulverized coal-fired power plant.
  • Developed conceptual and detailed design for a scheme to provide process steam from an internal power plant to a neighboring chemical plant; implemented construction and commissioning activities.


  • M.B.A. Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ
  • B.S.M.E. University of Delaware, Newark, DE
  • B.A. University of Delaware, Newark, DE
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