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Business Consultant Specializing in Food Production, Pricing Modeling and Business Analysis

Technical Consultant #1714


  • Pricing models for home medical equipment (beds, wheelchair, oxygen equipment, CPAP mask, humidifier, Nebulizer) and aerospace (inflight entertainment, Broadband) products in the U.S.
  • Financial analysis and reports for executive decision makers.
  • Competitive analysis, benchmarking, cost and pricing analysis and industry analysis.
  • Supervised marmalade food processing and business improvement.
  • Developed strategic planning.
  • Implemented systems of food; tomatoes, fried beans, popcorn, strawberry, orange, blueberry preserve quality control and assurance.
  • Plant manger in the food processing industry.
  • Extensive bilingual consulting, highly technical speaking and understand Spanish.


Independent Business Project Consultant, Present

  • Clients included firms such as: British Telecom, Raytheon, Panasonic, PacifiCare, CIGNA and Apria Healthcare.
  • Served as Project Consultant Director with various international companies to improve business structure and profitability, including consolidated profit and loss and Income statements by division, country, product line and distribution channel.
  • Presented reports and variance analysis directly to the CFO's and Board of Directors in U.S.A., Great Britain, France, and Japan.
  • Developed business process improvements and modeling to help corporations to minimize cost in manufacturing of inflight entertainment, Broadband, homecare equipment beds, wheelchair and oxygen equipment.
  • Trained and supervised executive business team for Aetna, CIGNA and United Healthcare.
  • Designed and implemented models for healthcare business standardization, process and controls to secure up to $90 million in contracts.
  • Designed and implemented a pricing methodology of homecare equipment (beds, wheelchair, oxygen equipment, CPAP mask, humidifier, Nebulizer) resulting in substantial annual revenue increases.

Independent Business Consultant, 1993 - 1998

  • Clients included: Dubois Chemicals, Quaker State and Waste Management.
  • Gained familiarization with all aspects of business start-up from corporate identity development to new product water treatment, machine lubricants, motor oil introductions and ISO 9000.
  • Reduced client's operational costs by 20% by administering technical service and collections.
  • Served as leader in operational modeling to help businesses identify and resolve ineffective operations and people practices for waste management, cash flow model creation and analysis, thus reducing costs and increasing profits.
  • Conducted and directed cost accounting, depreciation and audit schedules; supervision of checks delivery and cash disbursement, funds transfers and expenses.
  • Business manufacturing and warehouse process improvement to minimize cost and improve profits for a billion global corporations.
  • Maintained collection report and productivity status, visited, serviced, and resolved customer service issues.

Kraft Foods, Orange, CA, Food Scientist, 1991 - 1992

  • Directed frozen food, macaroni and cheese formulation and refinement of new frozen dinner microwavable products.
  • Technical development support for food projects involving all new product formulation, pilot plant production, valuation raw materials of corn, peas, spinach, carrots, potatoes, sensory and shelf life food quality control and assurance.
  • Worked with frozen dinners sensory testng, packaging and final product delivery.
  • Streamlined the formulation, food production process and final production of called "Kraft Macaroni and Cheese."

Wesson Oil and KBF Foods, Fullerton, CA, Plant Manager, 1987 - 1990

  • Daily Production Plant Manger of food products, responsible for plant labor, tomatoes, fried beans, pop corn, strawberry, orange, blueberry preserve, raw materials analysis, formulation, marmalade production, quality control PH meter, valuation raw materials, sensory and shelf life and assurance, finished products and warehouse.
  • Enhanced the productivity of plant persons, machines and materials and achieved more than 20% quality improvement.
  • Conducted a series of productivity monitoring and analysis projects throughout the food manufacturing facility to validate worksheet model and variance analysis methodologies.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • American Chemical Society
  • National Institute of Chemist


  • Strong spreadsheet and computer data skills.


  • Multilingual English and Spanish.
  • Conversational French.


  • MBA International Business, Chapman University, Orange, CA
  • M.S. International Business, Webster University, Geneva, Switzerland
  • B.S. BioChemistry, LaSalle University, Mexico City, Mexico
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