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Electron Beam Consultant for Medical Device, Sterilization, Food Irradiation and Wastes Reduction

Technical Consultant #1691


  • Technical and business expertise for industrial electron accelerator projects.
  • Led the team that developed Atomic Energy of Canada's high energy, high power electron beam technology.
  • Managed research and development programs to develop new uses for electron beams, including food irradiation, plastics, composites and cellulose treatment.
  • Evaluate products for feasibility of electron beam sterilization - including materials compatibility, dose distribution and process efficiency.
  • Determine electronic beam equipment requirements - power, energy and other.
  • Estimate dose distributions and perform detailed studies of max/min ratios.
  • Prepare or review capital investment schedules and business plans.
  • Prepare equipment tender documents with list of potential suppliers.
  • Provide facility design concepts supported by Monte Carlo based shielding analyses.
  • Prepare licensing applications and make presentations to licensing bodies including defense of applications.
  • Analyze staff requirements for operating a sterilization plant and provide radiation safety training.
  • Provide advice on past experience with irradiation of a wide variety of foods, grains, plastics, waste streams, cellulosics, gemstones and other materials.
  • Expert witness related to accelerator technology.


Undisclosed Company, Principal Partner and Consultant, 1998 - 2010

Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., 1998 - 1985

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, General Manager

  • Electron Beam accelerator marketing.
  • Technical sales presentations to clients and potential clients for electron beam equipment.
  • Prepared information for clients to use with national and state regulatory bodies.
  • Prepared public relations brochures and presented talks to community groups and regional development organizations.
  • Prepared competitive analyses of the various electron beam accelerators and with Et-O and Cobalt -60 alternatives.
  • Directed agents in U.K., Italy, Japan, India, Malaysia and Australia.
  • Studied and compared technologies suitable for industrial electron accelerators to prepare product development objectives for two accelerator manufacturers.
  • Planned and directed the establishment and programs of a 40 person research team for research into the applications of electron beams on various materials.
  • Directed the design, development and industrialization of 10 MeV 50-100 kW electron linear accelerators.
  • Managed electron accelerator plant commissioning activities and set up maintenance programs.
  • Patented electron accelerators and shielding and product handling systems.

Research into Radiation Processes

  • Planned, directed and reviewed staff-led programs on market application of radiation of various materials and systems, such as:
  • Food shelf life extension and pathogen control in hamburger, chicken, (other meats), and treatment for quarantine purposes (e.g. flowers, fishmeal, psyllium, textiles).
  • Production of wood fiber/polymer composites and of carbon and glass fiber composites.
  • Improved efficiency and environmental acceptability of viscose.
  • Improved efficiency and environmental acceptability thermo-mechanical pulping.
  • Further reduction of pathogens to permit agricultural use of municipal sewage.
  • Gemstone coloration.
  • Teflon® degradation.

Business Development:

  • Prepared detailed business models and proposals.
  • Prepared business plan for multi-use radiation processing businesses in North America and UK.
  • Leasing arrangements for accelerators.

Other accelerator related activities:

  • Acted as expert witness in U.S. trial related to accelerator technology.
  • Advised U.S. government bodies on irradiation for bio-hazards in mail.

Chalk River, Ontario, Canada, Director of Electronics Control and Instrumentation Division, 1971 - 1985

  • Managed the division of Electronics Instrumentation and Control (80 scientists, engineers and technicians) at Canadian National Nuclear Laboratory.
  • Developed instrumentation for reactor control.
  • Developed computer systems for reactor control and safety.
  • Developed on-line instrumentation for heavy water measurement.
  • Developed nuclear medicine instrumentation (for PET scanning).
  • Managed the Canadian Technical Support program for the International Atomic Energy Agency. This involved directing the overall system design and design of specific instruments for monitoring nuclear fuel (pre and post irradiation) to ensure compliance with the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.
  • Set up a microelectronics facility and quality control procedures for the Canadian National Nuclear Laboratory.

Honors & Publications


  • Innovative Achievement Award of the Canadian Nuclear Society
  • Research and development 100 Award
  • Member of first Canadian Governor General's Study Conference
  • Charter Member of Canadian Nuclear Society

Publications and Patents

  • Conference presenter, author and co-author for many presentations and publications related high energy and high power electron linear accelerators, produced radiation sources, electron beam and applications of electron beam processing.
  • 2 patents, U.S. and U.K.


  • Ph.D. Physics, Flinders University of South Australia
  • B.Sc. Physics, With Honors, University of Adelaide, Australia
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