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Refinery and Heavy Oil Expert: Refinery Maintenance Operations and Processing Heavy Oils with Cat Cracking and Crude Coker

Technical Consultant #1684


  • Ten years experience in refinery maintenance operation processing heavy oils (crude, coker and cat); worked as a maintenance superintendent.
  • Responsible for all day to day routine maintenance as well as turnarounds and preventive maintenance on fluid cat crackers, crude units and fluid coker.
  • Involved in refinery turnaround (T/A) maintenance of 30 years. Participated in every level of the turnaround process for every major turnaround on the fluid cat cracker, crude unit and fluid coker at the Delaware City Refinery.
  • Oil refining and energy expert in the field of refinery operations and maintenance particularly, but not limited to, routine and turnaround maintenance in crude units, cokers and fluid cat crackers.
  • Very knowledgeable in OSHA and EPA regulations and how these regulations apply to routine maintenance, turnaround maintenance and day to day refinery operations.
  • Skilled at inspection process procedures in most modern refineries.
  • Skilled with boiler codes, pressure vessel codes,and piping codes (31.3) and how they are applied and are interpreted in refinery operations.


Independent Consultant, Present

Delaware City Refinery, 1973 - 2009

  • Based in Delaware City, worked directly with owners and provided independent consulting for several maintenance contractors in the following order:

J.J. White Inc, Consultant, 2007 - 2009

  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) T/A 2009 planning: Critiqued and advise on detailed planning for the FCCU turnaround and revamp.
  • Coker emergency shutdown: Provided consulting services directly to owner (Valero) based on previous experience with three emergency shutdowns.
  • Crude T/A 2008: Provide consulting services directly to owner (Valero).
  • Coker T/A 2007: Critiqued and advise on detailed planning for the coker turnaround.

Madison, Supervisor/Consultant, 2005

  • Supervisor for one shift of the turn around (T/A) and consulted directly to the owner.

Premcor (Owner), Turnaround Manager, 2004

  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) T/A 2004 Planning. Turnaround manager during execution phase of FCCU T/A.

Motiva, Turnaround Project Manager

  • Shell Oil turnaround Process Owners council.
  • Participated in monthly round tables to refine the turnaround process.
  • 2005 FCCU T/A: During this preparation participated in and helped execute a new T/A strategy.

Star Enterprise/Motiva, Heavy Oils Mechanical Superintendent

  • Routine maintenance responsibilities for coker crude and FCCU.
  • Turnaround responsibility for the same.

Refinery Work Highlights

  • 7 fluid coker T/A's (3 emergency shutdowns).
  • 3 FCCU T/A's and 2 crude unit T/A's. Included minor unit turnarounds associated with larger units.
  • 2 coker record runs; 2 cat record runs; best in industry crude unit T/A.


  • B.S.M.E. University of Delaware, Newark, DE
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