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Optical Consultant Specializing in LED Lighting, Optical Films, Lenses, Edge-illuminated Light Fixtures and LED Backlighting

Technical Consultant #1683


  • LED lighting optical design, component and patent analysis (LED, OLED, lenses, diffusers, lightguides, edge-lit, edge-illuminated, panels, downlights, bulbs, remote phosphor).
  • Optical film design and analysis (prismatic, reflective, refractive, retroreflective, TIR, total internal reflection).
  • Display and backlight technology (edge-lit, LED, lightguide, light extraction, laser scribing, screenprinting), BEF films, diffusion films and prismatic films.
  • Intellectual property strategy and patent strategy for optical technology and lighting companies.
  • Optical polymer selection and optical film expert.
  • Extruded optical films based on polycarbonate, polyester, co-polyester, PET, acrylic, PVC, fluoropolymers, FEP, PFA, PMP, cross-linked beads, polymer blends, polymer alloys, embossing, UV-cured embossing and thermoforming.
  • Applied rigorous coupled wave diffraction theory to model and analyze recorded edge-lit holograms.
  • Expert witness on LED lighting and optics.


Undisclosed Company, President, 2003 - Present

  • Optical technology consulting and expert witness.
  • Patent strategy and drafting services, patent analysis, patent mapping, infringement and patent validity.
  • Optical design and analysis of diffusing films, refractive-TIR films, projection screens and systems, LCD backlights, lightguides, signs, head-up displays and light fixtures.
  • Invented new optical films, projection screens, backlights and displays (drafted 8 patent applications).

Undisclosed Firm, 2005 - 2009

Vice President of Technology and Director of Technology

  • Developed technology roadmaps, intellectual property strategy and competitive benchmarking.
  • Invented 35 unique patentable products and drafted and prosecuted 60 patent applications.
  • Managed the research and development of optical films, diffusion films, LED backlights, and LED light fixture projects.
  • Designed and setup a complete photometry, goniophotometry, spectral analysis, light fixture and optical properties measurement laboratory.

Manager, Optical Engineering

  • Developed and prototyped micro-replicated, multi-functional optical films for displays and light fixtures through optical modeling, prototyping, analysis and specification.
  • Analyzed the optical properties of 100 polymers, and the effects of film extrusion and orientation.
  • Designed, installed and managed optical film, LED backlight, scattering, and light fixture characterization lab.

Motorola, Schaumburg, IL, Senior Physicist, 1997 - 2002

  • Optically designed and constructed world' s first personal projector.
  • Designed reflection and transmission micro-structured optical films for LCDs.
  • Designed and developed 3 new brightness enhancement film optical products with suppliers, including an optical film with 3M which was shipped in over 100 million cellular phones.
  • 12 extensive technology evaluations with detailed display measurements and new measurement techniques.
  • 3D Display technology design and evaluations.
  • HUD Display, Picoprojector and OLED design and evaluations.

ImEdge Technology Inc., White Plains, NY, Optical Engineer, 1993 - 1997

  • Holographic illumination technology using edge-lit holograms, diffusion films, and edge-lit devices for display and biometric applications.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations



  • 15 Publications.
  • 17 issued patents (30 pending) in the areas of led lighting, optical films, optical components, manufacturing of films and components and displays.


  • Ph.D. Physics, Loughborough University, United Kingdom
  • B.Sc. Applied Physics, Certificate in Optics, Georgia Institute of Technology
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