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Expert Witness and Consultant for Water Purification, Water Desalination and Wastewater Treatment

Technical Consultant #1667


  • Water treatment technology, systems and water market segments such as sea water desalination, water purification and waste water treatment.
  • Marketing and technical consulting separation processes for water purification, wastewater treatment and food/chemical processing applications.
  • Membrane technology system assessments for water treatment.
  • Evaluation and performance validation testing of innovative drinking water treatment technologies in accordance with the EPA Environmental Technology Verification Program.
  • Complete design and construction of water treatment facilities.
  • Water purification technologies, site evaluations, product selection, facilities installation and operating services.
  • Water reclamation and reuse technology, alternatives and strategy.
  • Market studies on the water treatment industry, products, segments and competitive players.
  • Comprehensive training, and educational programs in all areas of water treatment.
  • Complete applications and pilot testing of wastewater streams necessary for the design of complete treatment systems.
  • Extensive expert witness experience.


Independent Consultant, 1980 - Present

  • Consulting engineering in all areas of water purification, wastewater treatment, water recovery, reclamation, reuse, chemical/food processing, separation processes, membrane technologies, ozonation/ultraviolet irradiation, microorganism reduction technologies, and ultrapure water system design.
  • Extensive expert witness experience.

Osmonics, Inc., Director of Sales and Marketing, 1974 - 1980

  • Director of Sales and Marketing for a manufacturer of reverse osmosis membrane elements and complete water treatment systems.

Expert Witness Summary

  • Retained as an expert witness to testify regarding the efficacy of activated carbon to remove benzene, as well as the monitoring and media replacement requirements.
  • Trade secret violation expert witness.
  • Hired as an expert witness to confirm that the features at the water treatment product design were not patentable.
  • A hemodialysis patient died following treatment at a dialysis center. It was alleged that the dialysis center and its suppliers did not meet the standard of care in water treatment system design, operation, and maintenance. Retained as an expert witness representing the plaintiff.
  • A homeowner had allegedly hired a company (client) to install an under sink carbon filter in his kitchen. A fitting on the unit broke, flooding the kitchen floor during the night resulting in a slip and fall that led to death. Representing the system manufacturer, investigated materials of construction and reported my findings to the defense attorneys.
  • Law suit for patent infringement relating to dye manufacturing utilizing ultrafiltration. Provided technical information for the patent defense.
  • Firm was sued for repeated and ongoing violations of the Federal Clean Water Act and was granted Partial Summary Judgment. In a court trial testified on ultrafiltration technology used to remove oily waste.
  • Homeowner suffered fire damage to his home and the insurance company alleged that the fire was caused by the water softener. Testified for the plaintiff regarding the likelihood that a water softener could start a fire.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Founding member of the Technical Review Committee of "Water Conditioning & Purification" magazine.
  • Editorial Advisory Board for "Filtration News" magazine.
  • Lecturer for annual "Process Piping Systems Design & Operation," University of Wisconsin College of Engineering, Department of Engineering Professional Development.
  • Peer reviewer for the "Journal of Membrane Science."


  • Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Minnesota
  • Technical Consultant to the Canadian Water Quality Association
  • Recipient of the Award of Merit from the Water Quality Association


  • Author of over 150 published articles and several book chapters.
  • Lecturer in more than 160 conferences throughout the world.
  • Awarded 3 patents.


  • B.Ch.E Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota, MN
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