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Consultant for Food Formulation, Food Process Development and Food Safety

Technical Consultant #1652


Food Process and Product Development

  • Developing new food formulation and new food processes.
  • Development of formulation and processes for non-fruited bakery fillings, icings, toppings, and release agents; coffee and juice; peanut butter; fruit strips and ropes, nutrition bars, protein gummy bears, protein fruit strips.
  • Experience in fats (lipids), emulsifiers, sugars, proteins, maltodextrins, sugar alcohols, starches and gums.
  • Expert testimony in legal cases such as companies suing each other over a product failure
  • Experience in USDA actions shutting down operations after USDA inspections, and recommendations within compliance.

Food Process Technology

  • Bench and pilot lab work and process scale-up, process start-up and process / product optimization.
  • Extraction, cooking, cooling, mixing and de-aeration.
  • Understanding sugar bloom fat bloom.
  • Evaporation, distillation for flavor and aroma recovery and concentration.
  • Food usage and formulations that include fats (lipids), emulsifiers, sugars, maltodextrins, sugar alcohols, starches, preservatives, anti-oxidants, fillings, icings, toppings, release agents, protein isolates, coffee, juice, peanut butter and fruit.
  • Heat exchangers and temperature management of food processes..
  • Fat and sugar crystallization.
  • Freeze-thaw formulation.
  • Oil, water and gum emulsions.

Food Safety

  • Formulation based upon water activity and pH.
  • Food process and product quality assurance, including negotiations with FDA relating to a plant closure.
  • Patents for food safety.

Food Product Development

  • Partial lists of products developed: Taster's Choice Instant Coffee, Hills Brothers Ground Coffee, Nestea Instant Tea, Nestle Strawberry and Chocolate Quick, Heinz's Ketchup, Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, Oscar Mayer XXL Hot Dogs, Mallet Cake and Bread Pan Release Agents, SunOpta Kettle Valley Fruit Strips & Ropes and protein isolate for processed cheese.
  • Development of Kroger products: Icing, Frosting, Pie Fillings on all bakery items in Kroger Case; Cakes, Donuts, Kroger Garlic Spread, Nabisco Snack Well's Streusel Squares With Fruit/Icing/Pastry, Kroger Vinegar, Kroger Mustard including Dijon, Kroger Pickles, Kroger Tide, Kroger Wisk, Kroger Diapers, Kroger Peanut Butter, Kroger Low-Fat Peanut Butter, Kroger Low Sugar Peanut Butter and Ready-To-Eat Meat as related to food safety processes.


Undisclosed Company, Principal, Present

  • Developing new food formulation and new food processes for various clients.
  • Bench, pilot laboratory, and plant optimization, filling all positions simultaneously.

Gllanbia Nutritionals, Twin Falls, ID Scientist, 2010 - 2016

Scientist III, Food Process and Product Research and Development

  • Oversaw whey protein fractions, protein gummies, protein fruit snacks, and protein nutritional bars.
  • Received the Innovation Award for a Protein that reduces sugar by 50% in cereal clusters and cereal bars.

Sunopta Kettle Valley Dried Fruit, Inc., Omak, WA, 2007 - 2008

Manager, Process Research and Development

  • Developed dried fruit strips and ropes in the pilot line and production line which used continuous processing.
  • Products developed were in the 98% fruit range with no sweeteners added.

The Mallet and Company, Inc., Carnegie, PA Research and Development Director, 2004 - 2006

  • Developing formulation and processing for agar/locust bean gum bakery stabilizers for icings and glazes as well as GMO free bakery cake and bread pan release agents.
  • Directing a QA Manager and four QA technicians for product testing, customer assistance, specifications, HACCP, labeling and Bioterrorism Act Compliance.

Kraft Foods North America, Madison, WI, 1999 - 2003

Associate Principal Engineer, R&D Engineering

  • Co-inventor with four patents for technology that enhance food safety of products at full production levels.
  • Technology combine rapid surface steam pasteurization and antimicrobial sprays inside an Alkar Rapid-Pak packaging machine.
  • Scaled-up multi-unit operation process from lab bench to pilot plant operation of two antimicrobial products to provide greater food safety, using centrifugation, and evaporation.

H&S Foods Inc., Cincinnati, OH, Consultant, 1984 - 1999


  • H.J. Heinz Company: Solved filling operation problems for Heinz's Ketchup.
  • Designed a de-aeration system and adjusted pump suction inlet techniques.
  • Nabisco: Developed process and formula changes at the Stella Dora manufacturing plant in low fat dough, fruit filling, and icing on Snackwell's Low-Fat Streusel item which led to a national launch.
  • Kroger Company: Developed the process and formula for a manufactured doughnut glaze.
  • Taste panels demonstrated this doughnut glaze was equal to the best in the industry.

Kroger Company, Cincinnati, OH, Advanced Specialist, 1986 - 1996

  • Responsible for process start-up and formula design.
  • Designed batch/continuous process systems and formulas for 20 million pounds of new icings, whipped toppings and spreads.
  • Developed the process and formulas for retail and bulk peanut butter, which doubled sales.
  • Bulk customers include Kraft and Nabisco.
  • Kroger Peanut butter was equal to Jiff on consumer test.

A.E. Staley Co., Decatur, IL, 1980 - 1983

Manager Research and Development Pilot Lab, Process Engineering

  • Designed, developed, and operated a successful protein pilot lab scale-up based on a bench patent.
  • Issued a process design scope for a $22 million soy isolate manufacturing plant.
  • Process resulted in the first protein isolate that could replace sodium caseinate in melting cheese.

Nestle Co., Marysville, OH, Research and Development Process Engineer, 1969 - 1980

  • Process and formula design/optimization for instant coffee, tea, protein and flavored drinks.
  • Initiated, developed, and contributed to the design of a new Taster's Choice Coffee pilot and commercial pressurized counter current extraction.
  • Developed an evaporator distributor that allowed equal tube loading. Increased evaporation efficiency 30%.

Honors & Publications


  • 12 U.S. and Foreign Patents


  • M.S. Chemical Engineering, Ohio State University, Columbus OH
  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Cincinnati (Cum Laude), Cincinnati OH
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