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Computer Software and Hardware Systems Integration Consultant and Expert Witness

Technical Consultant #1637


  • All aspects of PC architecture and subsystems.
  • x86 system architecture.
  • Intellectual property litigation support and IP consulting projects related to servers and computing.
  • Patent licensing support.
  • BIOS embedded program code.
  • PC Legacy Devices: disk, floppy diskettes, pointing devices and keyboards.
  • Computer use of RFID technology.
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) - TCG standard.
  • Trusted Computing Group (TCG) specifications-frames, covers, mechanical aspects of PCs.
  • PCMCIA (Card Bus) - member of architecture working group who drafted CardBus specification.
  • I/O devices.
  • Embedded firmware.
  • Extensive experience in software, hardware and computer system architecture and integration, design, development and debugging.
  • Patent review and IP expert witness.

Specific Areas

  • PCI video cards.
  • Electronic security: Authentication, digital signatures, digital certificates, PKCS, finger print biometric identification.
  • RFID technology.
  • Consumer Electronics Bus (CEBus- EIA 600).
  • Networks, routers, bridges and gateways.
  • Massively parallel computers.
  • RAID - Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks.
  • USB 1 & 2.
  • SCSI.
  • ATA (IDE).


Undisclosed Company, President and CEO, Present

  • IP technical services for clients including patent due diligence prior to acquisition.
  • Consulting expert for patent infringement case, claim charts, patent rating and expert witness for electrical matters.
  • Cross licensing technical support.

Undisclosed Company, Director of Engineering (Computing), 2006 - 2008

  • Responsible for patent analysis including patent classification, ranking and rating of patent portfolios.
  • Technology evaluations of clients products, generation of technical claim charts for assertions, reverse engineering for patent licensing efforts, creating defensive strategies against patent assertions.
  • IP litigation support and IP consulting projects related to servers and computing in general.
  • Support of patent brokering efforts by evaluating patents for sale, identifying the most likely patents of value and creating sales chart to promote the patents applicability to technology area.
  • Evaluating the IP portfolio of Venture Capitalist's targets for acquisition or investment.
  • Software, hardware and computer system architecture and integration, design, development and debugging.

IBM, 1973 - 2006

Senior Technical Staff Member, (xSeries, x86 server, Organization)

  • As the Senior Engineering Software - Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM), owner of technical responsibility for all xSeries Servers and IntelliStation products.
  • Focused on high end, scaling servers known as the x460.
  • xSeries Security Technology Development Team (TDT) Chairman, responsible for defining the Trusted Building Block (TBB) as architected and defined by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG).

xSeries (Intel Servers) Embedded Firmware

  • Architect and design of high performance, multi-node, scalable, IA-32 server firmware for new server systems.
  • Represent firmware team for high-end 16way/32 way servers which includes BIOS/POST, diagnostics, BMC and service processor embedded firmware.
  • Responsible for Unified BIOS strategy for high volume, low end, 2-way servers.
  • xSeries Master Inventor and technical liaison for legal matters.

Patent Engineer

  • Investigation of the behavior of floppy diskette controllers and handled patent prosecution.
  • Member of the Intellectual Property Asset Protection team responsible for preparing defenses to adversely held patents asserted against IBM.
  • Member of PSG and xSeries Invention Disclosure Review Board.

Desktop Engineering Software Architecture

  • Cross Division Technical team lead; evaluation of behavior exhibited by some Floppy Diskette Controllers (FDC) and created a test environment, confirmed the existence of the claimed behavior, provide technical guidance on directions for the team.

Desktop Engineering Software Architecture

  • For all Desktop Client and IntelliStation (workstations) products.
  • Cross brand responsibility to drive commonality across all PC brand products.
  • Drive new engineering software technologies and industry standards into the Desktop brand products, for clients and servers.
  • Represent IBM on the DMTF DMI TDC, PCI Configuration Work Group Chairman and Involved in several corporate litigation projects.

Technology Development Leader

  • RF Data Network; studied the wireless technologies required in producing the network infrastructure necessary for an in-home RF Data Network and application of those technologies to the IBM PC brands.
  • Cross Brand Security; chartered to develop a security strategy for all PC company brands and options by IBM.

PS/2 Architecture & Technical Strategy

  • Home Network Technology Development Team Leader; studied the technologies required for producing the network infrastructure necessary for home networking and made investment recommendations into those technologies.
  • Represented IBM on the EIA-600 CEBus Technical Steering Committee, CEBus Industry Council Board of Directors, and launched IBM Aptiva`s Home Director.

PS/2 Architecture

  • Collecting customer requirements for the design of IBM PC systems and subsystems; formulating those into technical requirements, designing and documenting the resulting architectures and ensuring the first implementation of the architecture is compliant.
  • Home Networks, Mobile Computing and DSP Architecture Focal Point.
  • Consulted with the Storage Subsystem area on the 2.88 MB diskette drive formats, removable media diskette drive and associated controller functions.

PS/2 System Analysis

  • Responsible for PS/2 Systems Engineering Software Requirement Documents for first IBM PC server (model 95).
  • Supported AIX port to PS/2 Systems.
  • Generated PS/2 requirements for OS/2 and AIX.
  • Expert witness for IBM in a patent infringement case and Interface to intellectual property law for copyrights and patents.
  • Conducted PS/2 BIOS worldwide seminars.

Engineering Software, BIOS Development

  • Architecture and first implementation of Advanced BIOS and team lead for ABIOS and CBIOS.
  • Member of the PS/2 model 50, 60 and 80 development teams.
  • Analyzed original NEC 765A and Intel 8202 floppy diskette overrun/underrun error.

Advanced Workstation Development

  • Design of BIOS, POST and diagnostics for the first 80386-based IBM PC and Identifying new hardware features for incorporation into the hardware.
  • Engineering Software Team Leader, includes BIOS, POST and diagnostics.
  • IBM 100/101 Enhanced Keyboard Development team member.
  • Provided guidance to the BIOS Team responsible for implementing the first 3.5 inch diskette drive.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • 4IBM Master Inventor and xSeries & PC Company Invention Disclosure Review Board senior member.
  • Member of CEBus Industry Council Recommended Practices and Context Development Sub-committees responsible for context definition and interoperability issues for CEBus devices.
  • Member of PCMCIA CardBus Subcommittee, CardBus Architecture Working Group and CardBus Software Working Group which produced the next generation PC Card, 32-bit busmaster interface specification.
  • Member of the Asset Management Team and co-chair of the PS/2 Security and Integrity Team.
  • Chairman of Hardware System Architecture Review Board (ARB), Engineering Software ARB, chairman and member of the Compatibility Review Board (CRB).


  • Intel Developer Forum (IDF) to remain current in field of technical expertise.
  • Background - PC Architecture, Software Engineer; Programming experience in C, x86 Assemmbly.

Languages: mbly language, Fortran, PL/1 and other assembly languages.


  • 290 Issued U.S. Patents, approximately 60 pending, covering computer re-provisioning, BIOS, Initial BIOS Loading, computer system security mechanisms including RFID and software/hardware aspects of diskette drives.
  • 50 technical papers.


  • M.S. Electrical Engineering; University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
  • B.S. Electrical Engineering-Graduated with High Honors University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
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