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Organic Formulation Chemist Consultant: Paints, Adhesives, Paper Chemicals and Coatings, Water Treatment and Solder Pastes

Technical Consultant #1621


  • Product development, technical service, research and development, pilot plant, and manufacturing of coatings, paper chemicals, water treatment, electronics, textiles and nonwovens, caulks and sealants, electronics, and adhesives industries.
  • Product development, product commercialization working with Dow Chemical, DuPont, Nalco (Ecolab), Heraeus, and Pecora.
  • Experimental design, Microsoft Office, JMP, SAP, Sci-Finder, Med-Line, and Stat-Ease.
  • Adhesives formulations: Latex and polyurethane based.
  • Coatings formulations: Latex spandrel glass; solvent based automotive OEM coatings.
  • Solder Paste: Tin lead, lead free and rosin resin applications.
  • Waste water treatment testing and use of coagulants and flocculants.
  • Pulp and paper product formulations: Silica synthesis, retention aid testing, felt cleaners and biocides.
  • Raw materials: Polymers, biocides, cross-linkers, surfactants, UV stabilizers and absorbers, and catalysts.

Specific Product Knowledge


  • Low VOC
  • Solvents
  • Waterbased

Adhesives for Textiles and Nonwovens

  • Apparel
  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Consumer Products
  • Electronics
  • Filtration
  • Furnishing/Bedding
  • Hygiene
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Packaging
  • Dispersible Wipes
  • Personal Care
  • Caulks and Sealants
  • Electronics
  • Detergents


Undisclosed Company, President - CEO, 2009 - Present


  • TAPPI NET Steering Committee Chairman leading six committees with 148 members developing the NETInc conference program and webinar series, as well as marketing efforts.
  • INDA GD4 Committee and Session Chair at RISE conference.
  • Recognized expert in dispersible wipes.
  • Proprietary consultations.
  • Spearheaded profit-generating sales, marketing, and technical resources necessary to launch this consultancy firm, including leading strategic efforts to allow for the seamless interpretation of data for lawyers running cases.
  • Achieved profits for company within 6 months of consultancy operation.
  • Gained a major customer with 27,000 cases since inception and helped to branch out to new areas.

Dow Chemical North America, Collegeville, PA Trade and Organization Liaison, 2010 - 2015

  • Working with the following corporate areas: Technical Service, Market Analysis, Research and Development Priorities, provided technical and analytical support.
  • Utilized broad scope of industry knowledge and dynamic scientific acumen toward providing forward-thinking technical and marketing services for a $47-million Textile Nonwoven business, securing over $9 million in new business.
  • Developed a pH trigger technology for the Dispersible Wipes Market, along with strategically increasing overall industry presence through 3 live, 1 webinar, and 2 co-authored presentations.
  • Provided technical support to textile coatings customer representing greater than $7 million in business.
  • Developed market product development position for the Textile Nonwovens business and advised Sales on industry trends.
  • Provided problem solving support for $7 million dollar textile coating customer with little internal expertise.
  • Developed and maintained industry trade group ties for Dow North America and participated on all global teams.
  • Elected Chairman of TAPPI Nonwovens Steering Committee.
  • Honored by Dow business with 6 "Carot Awards," 2 "Own It Awards," and an "Accelerate to Great Award."
  • Honored with "TAPPI NET Leadership Award" by the Technical Association for Pulp and Paper Industry.

Pecora Corp., Harleysville, PA, Director of Latex and Polyurethane, 2007 - 2009

  • Strategically steered efforts as a top-performing management-level team member coordinating activities of a $40 million company, including analyzing production data to identify problem latex and polyurethane products.
  • Decreased product adjustments from 1.85 to average of over 1 by modifying adjustment procedures.
  • Created low VOC glass spandrel coating for architectural coatings market valued at $600,000 in sales.

Heraeus, Inc., Conshohocken, PA, Senior Research Chemist, 2004 - 2007

  • Capitalized on the opportunity to develop a non-dripping version for no-lead solder paste submission for the company's largest customer while defining ingredient property relationships using DOE to achieve objectives.
  • Optimized operations by implementing a new research report system, including improving communication of technical information across the international market where language barriers prevented shared information.
  • Reformulated solder paste that accounted for 40% of departmental revenue.
  • Personally solved virtually impossible challenge where no formula modification was allowed.

PQ Corporation, Research and Development Laboratory, Conshohocken, PA, 2003

Chemist IV - Analytical Department and Corporate Development

  • Strategically developed short- and long-term plans for new product development, including comprehensively coordinating research that ultimately resulted in mod screening testing and product ingredient role.
  • Successfully filed 4 patent applications.

Nalco Chemical Co., Research and Development Laboratory, Naperville, IL, 1989 - 2001

Senior Research Chemist - Industrial Division Research, 1998 - 2001

  • Exhibited sharp analytical abilities toward defining application performance of a new dispersion coagulant product and high solids emulsion polymer product currently in field trials for use in the wastewater treatment applications, along with accurately testing ppb coagulant quantities using an "ELISA-type" immunoassay antibody technique.

Senior Research Chemist, Microparticle - Pulp and Paper, 1997 - 1998

  • Developed and commercialized state-of-the-art technology for pulp and paper with contributions encompassing synthesis, scale-up, stability testing, new testing procedures, and patent application, as well as coordinating commercialization in the U.S., China, and Brazil for use as retention and drainage aid in paper making processes.
  • Led development and commercialization of award-winning Ultraxol® Technology for pulp and paper to gain $1 million annually, and additionally commercialized the first new microparticles for pulp and paper since use in retention and drainage in papermaking.

Senior Research Chemist, Bleaching Enhancement - Pulp and Paper, 1994 - 1997

  • Effectively facilitated comprehensive problem definition in oxygen-based bleaching using experimental design, including performing test method development, field application, trial support, and product commercialization.
  • Defined several synergistic chelant combinations for use in oxygen-based bleaching.

Research Chemist, Feltwash Formulator - Pulp and Paper, 1992 - 1994

  • Created patented test for the detection of microbiological contamination while maintaining feltwash product line.
  • Replaced ethoxylated nonylphenols and EDTA in 7 felt washes per Europe's regulatory requirements.

Research Chemist, Biocide Formulator - Pulp and Paper, 1989 - 1992

  • Maintained a biocide product line which was instrumental in meeting and exceeding goals.
  • Personally developed unique formulations for 5 new biocide products.
  • Patented a technique for microencapsulation of biocides for use in water treatment.

E. I. Du Pont Nemours, Philadelphia, PA, 1981 - 1988

Research Chemist, Marshall Research and Development Laboratory, 1987 - 1988
Chemist, 1981 - 1986

  • Demonstrated experience in analyzing worldwide laboratory and manufacturing color data to assure uniform, consistent quality while actively investigating source of color complaints after the commercialization of Chronar.
  • Formulated non-isocyanate automotive color coat and primer prototype designed to cure at lower temperatures.
  • Developed DuPont's first commercially successful low VOC automotive color coat for GM N-Car.
  • Ultimately led research and development initiatives to generate income of over $25 million in sales in the first year.

Honors & Publications


  • Six Sigma
  • JMP - Statistical Software
  • Health Acquired Illnesses
  • Environmental Issues
  • Flame Resistance
  • Role of Nonwovens in HAI
  • Presentations skills
  • Computer Analysis of Data
  • Design of Experiments
  • Microsoft Office

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • TAPPI NET - (Steering Committee with six sub-committees and over 140 members).
  • American Chemical Society - ACS
  • Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry - TAPPI


  • Industrial Division, U.S. Researcher of the Year, Nalco Chemical Company
  • Team Award, Nalco Chemical Company (Twice)
  • Formulated first commercially successful Low VOC automotive basecoat for DuPont
  • Synthesized and commercialized Ultraxol Technology for Nalco Pulp & Paper
  • Provided fix for product accounting for 60% of revenue for Heraeus Contact Materials


  • From Dow Company Awarded: 6 "Carot Awards," 2 "Own It Awards," and an "Accelerate to Great Award."
  • By the Technical Association for Pulp and Paper Industry awarded: " Leadership Award"


  • Six patents


  • M.S. Organic Chemistry, Georgetown University, Washington, DC
  • B. A. Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
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