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Electrical Engineer Consultant for RF, Microwave, Sensor and Medical Device Applications

Technical Consultant #1608


  • All analog hardware designs.
  • All switchmode and linear power design topologies.
  • 433MHz to 5.4GHz ISM/Bluetooth RF link designs.
  • Passive and active RF and microwave design (up to 30 Ghz).
  • Nonlinear and linear control loop analysis, synthesis and design for high power/voltage applications.
  • Passive and active impedance matching/filtering network design.
  • PCB design of switchmode power, RF/microwave, analog and high speed digital.
  • Multi-system physical simulation and modeling.
  • Multi-disciplinarian project management.
  • Invasive and noninvasive medical equipment design.
  • Electro-optical bulk and imaging technologies.
  • High volume automotive and commercial designs.


Undisclosed Company, Proprietor, 1996 - Present

Switchmode and Linear Power Converter Design:

  • Power Levels from 1 Watt to 30 KW.

RF and Microwave Design:

  • Both active and passive RF hardware designs.

Medical and Biological Equipment:

  • Designed cardiac, breast tissue and bone RF ablation instruments in the Class III medical equipment business areas.

Applied Physics and Advanced Engineering Projects:

  • Developed Hall-Effect sensor for torque monitoring hardware and algorithm for the John Deere Heavy Equipment company to insure that over-torquing was recorded during product warranty.
  • Developed commercial instrument for determining if micro-cracking was taking place on aircraft (or non-aircraft) jet turbine blades without the turbine blade removal effort.
  • Developed magnetic radio capable of allowing voice communications through 1 mile of rock and metal in underground tunnels.
  • Radio is instrumental for mining safety and also useful for fireman in large building structures where metal interferes with nominal RF 2-way radios.
  • Developed 3-D feature extractor algorithm currently used in thermo-electrons elemental analysis ARC-SPARK atomic spectrometer products.
  • Won awards and market-share in the U.S., Asia and Europe for element identification robustness.

High Volume Market Designs:

  • Developed the optimization model used by the Ford Motor Company and Mercedes-Benz for using the minimum number of components necessary to manufacture a valid and robust signal decision for the CAN bus standard. The design solution is used in all headlamp controls, emergency activation hardware and steering column lighting controls. This effort led to a European Car Award for client.
  • Optimized RF pendant used by senior citizens for cost and reliability for remote help response in both institutional and home settings.
  • Designed small and lightweight ISM band radio transmitter for the National Weather Service. Built to be extremely reliable to better than 100,000 foot altitude and cost less than $20 in 10k piece quantities.

Commercial Electro-Optical Product Support:

  • Ultra-sensitive optical transimpedance amplifier (TIA) designs capable of optical detection levels near the parts per billion (PPB) levels. This sensitivity was achieved through a combination of aggressive mechanical, electronic and packaging design.

Baird Spectroscopy, Bedford, MA, Senior Project Physicist, 1992 - 1996

  • Analysis and design or advanced electro-optical detection systems, ultra-precise rotatory encoders and cumulative error modeling for sophisticated 3-D mechanical monochromators.

Raytheon Equipment Division, Marlborough, MA, Senior Project Engineer, 1988 - 1992

  • Developed, managed and performed the electrical and environmental test procedure for the gyro-preamplifier (GPA) and camera disk electronics (CDE) modules for the U.S. Navy's Trident program. This testing, along with other Raytheon design changes, improved the reliability and DC characteristics of the modules.
  • Developed the analysis and working prototype of a Mach-Zehnder integrated optical device for use in a cryogenic signal coupling of infrared analog information. This improvement was evaluated for the Navy's Advanced Warning System (AWS) and other programs which utilize cryogenically cooled infrared sensors.
  • Designed and tested FDDI, SONET and unique fiber optic digital data components and subsystems for use on the space-based U.S. Navy's AWS program. Data formats and rates implemented were 4B/5B block coding and DC to 3 GB/s respectively. The design also included the building, testing and verification of radiation hardened single and multimode optical fiber, termini and cable assemblies.

MIT Lincoln Laboratories, Bedford, MA, Senior Physicist & Engineer, 1986 - 1988

  • Signal Processing, Analog Phase Correlator design for phase array antennas, ultra high speed (3.5 GHz) GaAs device technology for digital signal and analog processing and microwave and RF Alumina/Duroid layout for microstripping, amplifiers and filters.
  • Designed and developed a high speed (200 MHz) charge transfer device (CTD) clock driver. This design involved GigaBit evaluation boards and "PicoLogic" series components.
  • Designed and developed a Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) complimentary code generator for minimizing side lobe generation in phased array radar interrogator beam. This scheme of autocorrelation cancellation was used in certain microwave and laser radar applications.
  • System evaluation of a Serial-Parallel-Serial (SPS) analog memory and CTD analog binary correlator utilizing GaAs technology for use in real-time radar signal processing.
  • Designed and built a 400 MHz bi-phase current driver for phase modulation of a MIMIC operating at 9.5 GHz. This design also analyzed the crosstalk and coupling problems associated with multilayer microstripped PCBs on Alumina.

Honors & Publications


  • Presidential Scholar (4 Terms at Clarkson College of Tech)

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - IEEE,
  • Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics - SIAM
  • American Institute of Physics - AIP
  • Optical Society of America - OSA
  • MENSA (New York)

Publication and Patents

  • More than 20 publications, (trade and professional journal publications).
  • 2 published books.
  • 2 U.S. patents.


  • Ph.D. Engineering Science, Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY
  • M.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston, MA
  • B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering, Clarkson College of Technology, Potsdam, NY
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