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Chemical Process Safety Analysis Consultant

Technical Consultant #16


  • Chemical Process Safety Analysis - qualitative and quantitative analysis: fault tree analysis, failure mode and effect analysis, HAZOP, "What if...?" and checklist methods; consequence analysis (all types of explosions and fires, and toxicity), acceptability criteria (F/N and FAFR); training.
  • Explosion Hazards Analysis - explosives; bursting containers; BLEVE's; dust/air, vapor/air, and unconfined vapor cloud explosions; explosion venting; blast effects; barricade design and evaluation; inerting; suppression; relief-valve and rupture-disk application and sizing, stability testing.
  • Toxic Vapor Cloud Analysis - quantitative analysis; calculation of release size, vaporization rates; dispersion; toxicology assessment; mitigating factors (evacuation, escape, havens, and medical treatment); prevention; intervention; counter-measures; protection; and acceptability criteria; computer programs (TRACE, WHAZAN, CHEMS-PLUS, Lotus, etc.).
  • Safety Assessments - Compliance with OSHA (1910.119), Clean Air Act (40 CFR 68), API (RP 750), CMA (PSM Code); work practices and performance prediction; emergency preparedness; safety-management audits; "OSHA" - type audits; incident investigations.
  • Fire Protection - Testing of fire pumps, fire mains, sprinkler and deluge systems; fire- brigade drills; layout of sprinkler and fire main systems; evaluation of conformance with Fire Codes and loss potentials.
  • Electrical Hazards Analysis - static electricity; electrical classification; electric-shock hazards.
  • Risk Assessment - Probability assessment of risks involved in processes and proposing remedies.


Independent Consultant, Chemical Process Safety Consulting, 1973 - Present

For various clients executing specific positions and expertise for the following:

  • Instrument Engineer, Process Control Systems
  • Explosion Hazards Engineer Tests,Instrumentation
  • Electrical Engineer, Static Electricity; Explosives
  • Process Engineer, Pilot Plant Supervision
  • Research Engineer, Applications of Ultrasonics
  • Safety Survey Engineer, Chemical Plant Safety Audits
  • Safety Consultant, Safety and Fire Protection
  • Process Safety Consultant, Hazards and Risk Evaluations

Center for Chemical Process Safety - (AIChE), 1986 - 1985

  • Staff Member

E.I.DuPont De Nemours & Co.,1985 - 1994

  • Safety and Environmental Management Services

Engineering to Consultant, 1955 -1985

  • Serving and Advising in Various Departments: Explosives, Organic Chemicals, Safety and Fire Protection, And Engineering.

U.S. ARMY, Expert, 1983 - 1986

Expert Panel-SAIC and MITRETEK Activities

  • For the National Research Council proposed program for destruction of nerve gases by the U.S. Army requested a quantitative risk assessment (QRA) be conducted on the proposed operations, with peer review by an independent organization.
  • Served as Mitretek's expert, that was contracted by the U.S. Army under an "Expert Panel" to oversee the QRA, which SAIC was contracted to perform.

Tooele, UT Project, 1984 - 1996

  • One of the five members selected for the Tooele (Utah) Panel, and was again selected (with one other member of the original Panel) to oversee the on-going QRAs of the Anniston (Alabama) and Umatilla (Oregon) nerve-gas destruction plants.
  • Activities involved visits to the plant sites, two day QRA-update meetings about four times per year, and occasional telephone conferences, with chairmanship of the meetings revolving among the Panel members.

Military Service, 1952 - 1954

  • U. S. Air Force, Air Rescue Service Radio & Radar

Honors & Publications


  • Nuclear Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Biomedical Engineering, Drexel Institute of Technology
  • Business Law, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
  • Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware, Newark, DE

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • Safety and Health Division
  • National Fire Protection Association

Publications and Patents

  • Author of Domestic and international presentations, seminars and professional papers-Topics:
  • 'Improved F/N Graph Presentation and Criteria'
  • 'Loss Prevention in the Process Industries
  • 'Quantitative HAZOP Analysis'
  • 'Guidelines for Vapor Cloud Mitigation'
  • 'Quantitative Risk Analysis'
  • 'An Overview of Mitigation Techniques', in 'Toxic Release Assessment & Control'
  • Loss Prevention - 'Practical Application of Fault Tree Analysis' and 'Safety and Accident Prevention in Chemical Operations'
  • U.S. Patent - Electrical appliance and receptacle tester


  • M.S. Chemical Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
  • B.S. General Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
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