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Antennas, RF and Microwave Devices, Wireless Circuits Design Expert

Technical Consultant #1598


  • Development and application of antenna sensors.
  • Measurement and characterization of antennas, meters, impedance, return loss, antenna pattern plots, and characterization of antennas.
  • Antenna investigation and evaluation: Antenna device enclosures, antenna evaluation gain, coupling effects investigation in multi-antenna systems.
  • Application of principles of electromagnetism.
  • Design and construction of RF, microwave, wireless circuits and related equipment.
  • Wireless systems design.
  • Antenna wave propagation conditions; calculation of path loss and link budget.
  • Radio waves propagation through water and air.
  • Design and development of wave transmitters and receiving equipment for marine environment.
  • Design, development of antenna test equipment.
  • Construction of antenna prototypes.
  • Source 3d party antenna elements.
  • Custom designed antennas and evaluation for designed performance.
  • Develop setup for measuring integrated efficiency of radiating system for electrically small antennas and hand held devices.

Antenna Specialties

  • Embedded antennas
  • Conformal antennas
  • Electrically small antennas
  • Wide band antennas
  • Multi band antennas
  • Directional patch antennas
  • PIFA and inverted-F antennas
  • Slot antennas
  • Collinear arrays
  • Patch arrays
  • Loops
  • Dipoles

Other Areas of Expertise

  • Printed circuit boards development and PCB layout design including: Schematic capture, parts procurement, board assembly, and board testing.
  • Printed circuit board manufacturing organization, board assembly and board testing.
  • Analog and RF electronics
  • Magnetics
  • Optics


Independent Consultant, 1994 - Present

  • Consulting primarily related to the development of radio equipment, antennas and RF systems.
  • Clients included Argon Security Technologies, Sierra Wireless, Canadian Coast Guard, Pacific Design Engineering and others.
  • Development activities include equipment and system integration and analysis, experimental equipment research, acquisition of new technologies, electronic troubleshooting, construction of antennas prototypes and idea generation.

Pacific Institute of Ocean Science, Vladivostock, USSR-Russia, Research Assistant, 1985 - 1990

  • Studied conditions of radio waves propagation over the sea and their relationships to atmospheric conditions.
  • Provided models of propagation conditions and noise floor derived from the laws of molecular physics.
  • Devised methods for the remote estimation of atmospheric conditions based on measurements of thermal atmospheric intensity; collaborative work targeted duct propagation in low atmosphere.
  • Developed systems for simultaneous estimation of atmospheric parameters and radio waves propagation.
  • An exemplary system included microwave receiver, GPS receiver, Loran receiver, remote thermometers, moisture sensors and a gyroscope.
  • Designed a microwave receiver (radiometer) with central frequency 2 Ghz, bandwidth 1 Ghz.
  • Designed narrow beam parabolic antennae and multi-element antennae.
  • Designed narrow band input circuitry at frequencies 133, 155, 400, 1700 Mhz.
  • Constructed components of 10 Ghz receiver.
  • Operated and maintained systems during research expeditions.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Member (IEEE)
  • Member of IEEE Communication Society Vancouver Chapter

Publications and Patents


  • Antenna efficiency measurements.
  • Antenna clinic.
  • 5 U.S. Patents


  • B.S. Radiophysics and Electronics, Gorky State University, Russia
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