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Mechanical Engineering Consultant Specializing in Rotating Equipment Design for Thermodynamic Systems

Technical Consultant #1581



Ph. D Mechanical Engineer providing 42 years of experience in the design, troubleshooting,
installation, operation, and control of rotating equipment including compressors, gas turbines,
steam boilers and steam turbines and pumps.

  • Primary focus: Improving the performance of gas compressors and related systems for major oil and gas companies, world-wide.
  • Gas compression, gas processing, LNG (liquefied Natural Gas), refining, gas refrigeration for onshore and offshore- large size plants and large water plants.
  • Theoretical and practical background in the field of thermodynamics and rotating machinery.
  • Pre-FEED (Front End Engineering Design), FEED, detail design and PMC (Project Management Consultancy) for mega projects for oil and gas.
  • Rotating equipment Professional Engineer: Pumps, gas/steam turbines gear boxes and compressors packages, and their control systems applied in oil and Gas fields and, power generation.
  • Major and large compressor, steam turbine, gas turbine manufacturers working in the U.S. and Switzerland..
  • Analyze, diagnose and improve gas compressor system performance.
  • Problem diagnostics, trouble-shooting, root cause failure analysis, engineering solutions and field service support.
  • Control systems, PLC's (Programmable Logic Controller), anti-surge systems, lubrication systems, seal systems and all compressor related systems.
  • Design standards and codes for rotating equipment.
  • Demonstrated capability in developing complete mechanical systems.
  • Thermodynamic analysis of integrated combined cycle, compressors and steam turbines.
  • Construction support and field engineering problem solving.
  • Design of water supply and water treatment plants.


  • Instructor and Trainer for rotating equipment thermodynamics and control systems.
  • Large Compressors, pumps, large gas and steam turbines and their control systems for oil and gas fields.
  • Writer of training course for gas compressors including process and control systems.
  • Completed several safety, first aid and fire fitting at Houston Safety Department - updated annually.


Undisclosed Company, Chief Mechanical Engineer, 2011 - Present


  • Lead the Mechanical Rotating Equipment Team of SABIC (Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation) glycol plant project.
  • Engineering lead for the design work, leading the work performed overseas by Worleyparsones team located at Beijing China and Al Khobar KSA, involved in all FEED work and hour estimate for the engineering team, review all the technical issues related to the rotating equipment to assure that all information are aligned with the project basis of design, P&Ids, Process data and all the applied standards
  • Completed theFEED work in ARAMCO Project
  • Steelhead LNG - PMC role to review the Pre-FEED mechanical documents.
  • Water supply Stations for RDP project in Ecuador.
  • Engineering role for reconfiguration of pumps to get the optimum number of pumps for safe, efficient, reliable and easy operation, taking into consideration the change of lake level during the years and the pipe line pass through the up-hills, the plant is now is in service.
  • RDP- Phase 1 Project - PMC role to review power plant, coke handling and the project rotating equipment specification and data sheet along with the basis of design for power plant, rotating equipment and static equipment.
  • Colombia Power Plant (OCENSA) Review the Bids for four power plants, three are gas turbine driven and one is diesel engine driven. The review was based on evaluating the performance, RAM study and the stand-by power during construction. Evaluation of all the Thermodynamic Calculations of the plants under all the operation conditions was also carried out.
  • Bahrain gas plant perform study (Pre FEED) for large gas compressor selection for residue gas, Acid gas and refrigeration. A comparative study between motors and gas turbine based on the availability of electric power and natural gas.
  • Ecuador -Esmeraldas Refinery project review project specification and data sheets for the rotating equipment. Solve Vibration problems with rotating equipment.
  • Celanese Project , EPC Engineer review the detail design of the rotating equipment including steam turbines, expander, compressors and pumps. Review the Rotor-dynamic analysis reports for large steam turbine and compressors. Review and correct the lube oil system for steam turbines. The study was extended to review the plant complete integration such as piping system, Rotor-dynamic studies of the turbines and compressors, lube oil skids, seal gas systems foot print, construction and foundation verification.
  • BG Group EPC role for BG LNG new plant.
  • Evaluate the study to select the Gas turbine driver for 43 MW gas compressors for BG LNG plant located on Louisiana Gulf.
  • BP- Juniper Project : Off shore production platform in Trinidad and Tobago, prepare and review the specification, data sheets and requisitions of the rotating equipment for Juniper project for BP. Assist in HAZOP review of the project. Including optimizations selection of the power generators pumps.
  • BP - Marlin compressor: Perform external review for the upgrade of Marlin compressor project, Gulf of Mexico, this review included the piping system, inter and after coolers, knock out vessels, valves and anti -surge control system. This study was performed to assure the safe compressor operation and the vent system for off shore plant.
  • PDVSA - RDP, Project Lead of rotating equipment for RDP project. Reviewed the engineering work for SK rotating equipment data sheets and specification for about 35 units. Perform study to replace large motors with steam turbine for large Compressors. Review the engineering of pipe line.
  • Exxon - Hebron project: Prepared the specifications, data sheets, requisitions and bed evaluation table for low pressure injection gas compressors and ANSI pumps. Evaluate bids. Thermal heat and balance simulation using HYSYS software. analysis control systems. Helped in weight reduction study. Lead the "Lunch and Learn" for the mechanical team.

Cameron, Buffalo, NY, Engineering Manager, 2010 - 2011

  • Reviewed and designed engineering solutions for all field problems and giving feed back to the research and development group.
  • Redesigned compressor internals and systems to reach the higher required reliabilities, reviewed compressor skids according to API standards.
  • Performed workshops for root cause analysis to solve chronic problems.
  • Led the company reliability, warranty and technical assistance managers.
  • Led training for the gas compressor applications.

Small Hammer, Consultant, Houston, TX Engineer-Co-Owner, 2005 - 2010

  • Field engineering design specialist for compressors, gas turbines (RR-RB-211, GE-LM2500), steam turbines, pumps and control systems.
  • Thermodynamic system analysis.
  • Heat exchanger and anti-surge system failure analysis.
  • Re-design and modification of systems to improve reliability and performance (Rolls Royce RB-211 lube oil system).
  • Training customer's engineers.
  • Hands on Hysis program for process analysis.
  • Design of high pressure gas fuel systems.
  • Failure analysis large gas compressor used for gas lift.
  • Support Dresser-Rand team at Venezuela for management of installation of four gas compressors on shore at ANACO driven by Solar Gas turbines.
  • Performed advanced gas compressor training for about 80 engineers.

Dresser-Rand, Houston, TX, 1986 - 2005

Senior Field Engineer Consultant, 2003 - 2005

  • Clients: BP, Houston; BP, Alaska; ExxonMobil, Baton Rouge; and PDVSA, Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela.
  • Thermodynamic system analysis for compressors, gas and steam turbines, (Solar gas turbines, Rolls Royce gas generators, Dresser Rand expanders, GE frame 5 gas turbine and Sulzer S-3 gas turbine).
  • Evaluation of compressors performance work in LNG plants.
  • Heat exchanger and anti-surge system failure analysis.
  • Equipment commissioning, testing, tuning, start-up and trouble shooting of control systems for compressors and gas and steam turbines.
  • PDVSA, ANACO, Venezuela: Installation, field service representative chief engineer for operation and maintenance of gas compression plants including: Gas turbines, multi-stage compressors, control systems, safety systems, gas heaters, metering skids, processing facilities and motor control centres.
  • Re-design and modification of systems to improve reliability and performance.

Senior Field Service Engineer, 2000 - 2003

  • Performed commissioning, testing, tuning, start-up and troubleshooting of control systems for compressors, gas and steam turbines.

Field Service Engineer Representative, 1995 - 2000

  • Operation and maintenance of gas compression plants including: Gas turbines, multi-stage compressors, control systems, safety systems, gas heaters, metering skids, processing facilities and motor control centers for client, (PDVSA, ANAKO, VZ ).

Senior Shift Engineer, Operation and Maintenance, 1986 -1991

  • Installation, commissioning and start up El Morhan Gas Lift off shore Platform Phase 5 - Operations and Maintenance senior shift engineer for gas lift plant at the Red Sea Egypt owned by AMCO.
  • Equipment included a Rolls-Royce gas producer and a Dresser-Rand power turbine and compressors each unit has capacity of 100 MMSCFD and discharge pressure of 1800 psig.

Egypt Engineering and Consultation, Cairo, Egypt, Engineer Consultant, 1993 - 1995

  • Designed the fuel system for the Karon oil field.
  • Provided customer technical support for Agar products and Bitts products.
  • Performed general mechanical and control system consultation for oil / water separation and water injection plants
  • Assigned as Meleha field mechanical maintenance manager for Meleha Oil Company, owned by Agip Petroleum, Italy.
  • Design large refrigeration scale systems.
  • Design Gas turbine fuel systems.

Shell Company, (Passefic International Oil Services), AI Furat Petroleum, Syria, 1991 - 1993

Consulting Engineer and Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor

  • Supervisor of mechanical maintenance for central processing facilities and gather stations.
  • Major equipment included crude oil pumps, air compressors, SOLAR gas turbines, fuel gas treatment systems, crude oil treatment systems and high pressure disposal pumps.
  • Installation of the extension of the on shore Central Production Facility form 200000B/D to 450000B/D
  • Performed local training for the Syrian Engineers.

Orascom, Cairo, Egypt, Design Engineer, 1991

  • Designed piping systems for power generation station.

Sulzer Corporation, Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company, Cairo, Egypt, 1979 - 1986

  • Installation, commissioning and start up El Morhan Gas Lift off shore.
  • Operation and Maintenance Shift Engineer for gas lift plant consisting of 5 large turbo - compressor train modules. include SULZER gas turbines and Compressors the work included on site vibration analysis and rotor balancing.

Egyptian Sugar and Distillation Co., Egypt, Project Engineer, 1973 - 1979

  • Engineering design, Procurements and construction of Kom Ombo and Dishna Plants: Designed a sugar plant with a capacity of 8000 ton/day.
  • The project included; power station, milling stations and production facility.
  • Layout design.
  • Piping system calculation.
  • Steel structure design review.
  • Pumping selection.
  • Foundation design.
  • Compressors selection and installation.
  • Conveyor system installation.
  • Steam boilers and steam turbine installations SCODA power plant.
  • Coordinate with the vendors for supply, installation and commissioning.
  • Perform training for the operators for turbines operation.

Honors & Publications


  • Licensed Professional Engineer - Texas
  • Licensed Professional Engineer - Egypt
  • Capable of programming ladder logic and control programs for PLC's such as General Electric, Rockwell RS logic, Woodward, Siemens, Allen Bradley, and FORTRAN language-based programs, Hysis and other programs.

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Post graduate courses at Cairo University
  • Advanced thermodynamics
  • Heat transfer and its applications
  • Computer and numerical analysis
  • Power stations
  • Combustion theory


  • Ability to speak fluently in three languages; English, Arabic, and Spanish.


  • Gas turbine by water injection into combustion chamber.
  • Author of training course for gas compressors including process and control systems.


  • Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt
  • M.S. Mechanical Engineering at Cairo University, Egypt
  • BME Mechanical Engineering at Assiut University, Egypt
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