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Chromatography and Spectroscopy for Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Medical Packaging

Technical Consultant #1577


  • Controlled environmental agriculture – growing plants using aeroponic vertical columns.
  • Determination of plant extracts (vitamins) using HPLC.
  • Analytical chemistry problem solving - chromatography, spectroscopy, wet chemistry.
  • Analytical methods development - chromatography: HPLC, GC, GC/MS, LC/MS, GPC, SFC, SEC, and IC.
  • Ancillary analytical techniques: ICP, FTIR, TGA, NMR, AA, SEM, and XRF.
  • Analytical testing: Pharmaceuticals, polymer extractables and environmental contaminants.
  • Extractable and leachables from elastomer/polymer components of drug vial stoppers, IV set injection ports, IV bag ports, and baby bottle nipples.
  • Medical device elastomeric component product development and manufacturing.
  • Drug packaging: Parenteral drugs, vial closures, IV sets and bags.
  • Medical components manufacturing.
  • Process analytical chemistry using fiber optics, NIR, chemometrics and flow injection analysis.
  • Medical diagnostic blood testing focused on malaria.
  • International experience: Fulbright Scholar Ukraine, US Army German linguist in Berlin.
  • Training: Corporate Pharma Elastomer, Chemistry Instructor -University of Akron and Kent State University.


B.L.L.C., Research Scientist, 2020 - Present 

  • Conducted research on new aeroponic and hydroponic growing systems.
  • Conducted research in controlled environment agriculture in a shipping container.

Undisclosed University, Professor of Chemistry, 2018 - Present

  • Instructor; Chemical Research Methods in Aeroponics.
  • Author of new curriculum and Instructor of the new course, ‘Introduction to Aeroponics.’

Aero Development Inc., Malvern, PA, Research and Development Director, 2018 - 2020

  • Conducted research and development projects related to aeroponic vertical farming. 

Uganda Christian University, Mokono, Uganda, Fulbright Specialist, 2014 - 2019 

  • Course Instructor at Makekere on HPLC analysis of vitamins in butter.
  • Organized a student team to build a greenhouse to grow tomatoes using irrigation.
  • Taught students how to grow tomatoes using aeroponic tower technology.
  • Assisted in writing a curriculum for teaching chemistry in East Africa.
  • Assisted students applying for internships in the U.S.

 Fulbright Scholar, 2012 - 2013 

  • Taught labs for food and biochemistry to Agricultural Science majors.
  • Taught intro chemistry course to Nursing students.
  • Founded a student-run soil analysis lab for Ugandan farmers.

MWL, Technical Consultant, 2006 - Present

  • Consulting in the area of analytical science related to polymers and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Taught Introductory Chemistry at several universities.
  • Conducted Pharma Elastomer University seminar for two pharmaceutical companies as part of a consulting contract.
  • Awarded Phase I SBIR grant by the U.S. Army to develop a method to diagnose malaria.

Institute of Single Crystals, Kharkiv, Ukraine, Fulbright Senior Research Scholar, 2007

  • Conducted research on hydrogen bonding using microwave energy to acetylate several model iminocoumarines, molecules are known to have biological activity.
  • HPLC and NMR were used to analyze the reaction products.
  • Worked at the Institute of Single Crystals, Kharkiv, Ukraine, which is a post-Soviet government laboratory established in 1955.

Abbott Laboratories - Hospira Inc., Ashland, OH, 1992 - 2006

Technical Director, 2004 - 2006

  • Directed five groups - Rubber, Plastic, Latex, Process Engineering, and Tool Engineering.
  • Provide overall direction for the research and development activities at the plant.
  • Responsible for developing new polymeric materials, products, processes, and supporting existing manufacturing processes.

Manager Rubber Technology , 1993 - 1995

  • Managed chemists and technicians including the analytical lab.
  • Responsible for development of new pharmaceutical /health care rubber products, primarily elastomeric closures, stoppers, reseals, baby bottle nipples, sponge, golf ball centers and hot water bottles.
  • Managed the implementation of several conversion programs from natural rubber based compounds to all synthetic polyisoprene compounds for baby bottle nipples and IV elastomeric components.
  • Presented seminar on isoprene polymers synthetic vs. natural.
  • Managed the implementation of rubber injection molding technology for the production of pharmaceutical stoppers, syringe plungers, and IV components, sleeves, flashbacks, and septa.
  • Coordinated drug closure programs for several generic drug programs at Corporate Research and Development.
  • Developed program to extrude and cure polyisoprene compound into tubing for use in irrigation surgical sets.
  • Upgraded the analytical lab with the purchase of a HPLC (DAD) with heart-cutting capabilities into a GC/MSD for characterization of rubber stopper impurities.
  • Managed the development of a streamlined GC-TEA method for the determination of nitrosamines in baby bottle nipples.

Senior Analytical Chemist, (QA department) , 1992- 1993

  • Managed technicians and provided analytical support for the production of rubber and plastic medical and consumer products.
  • Conducted audits in the research and development department.
  • Supported corporate QA audit of the manufacturing plant.
  • Developed new analytical testing instrumentation using fiber optics technology for QA release test for an acrylic clear multicuvette for clinical chemistry.

ICI Americas, Wilmington, DE, Group Leader, Separation Science, 1991-1992

  • Responsible for analytical support for several businesses within the Separation Science Division.
  • Managed 2 professionals and 6 technicians.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. , Akron, OH, Section Head, Methods Development, 1982-1991

  • Managed a professional team of Ph.D.s and technicians.
  • Responsible for developing analytical methods using GC, HPLC, GC/MS, GPC, IC, NMR, IR, NIR, UV, AA, pyrolysis MS, fiber optic UV/NIR, flow injection analysis (FIA) and wet chemistry.
  • Initiated company sponsorship of the Center for Process Analytical Chemistry (CPAC) at the University of Washington, Seattle.
  • Represented the company on the CPAC (Corrosion Prevention and Control) advisory board.
  • Developed programs and expertise in process analytical techniques - fiber optic remote spectroscopy, near infrared reflectance, chemometrics, FIA, process GC, and pulsed NMR.

Senior Research Chemist, 1976 - 1982

  • Developed over 30 new analytical methods for organic chemicals and polymers used in the rubber and chemical industry, trace analysis, air pollutants, wastewater, and FDA-required analyses of extractables in polyester beverage containers.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • American Chemical Society


  • Fulbright Senior Research Scholar (Ukraine); Fulbright Scholar (Uganda)
  • U.S. Army in Germany


  • German Linguist
  • English-Parental Language


  • Published two books.
  • Authored many journal articles and given numerous presentations.


  • Ph.D. Degree, Chemistry, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
  • B.A. Degree, Chemistry, Houghton College, Houghton, NY
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