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International Trade and Shipping Consultant: Expert in Transportation and Logistics Compliance and Operations

Technical Consultant #1530


  • Land, ocean and air transportation specializing in managing logistics, regulatory compliance, operations, personnel and governmental relations.
  • Shipping regulatory compliance including ITAR, EAR, CFR'S and SOX.
  • Verify legal shipping compliance with common carriers, freight forwarders and custom brokers under Federal Code of Regulations (CFR's), Homeland Security and other governmental authorities.
  • Transportation contract negotiation, drafting, implementation and administration.
  • Best transportation route examination and analysis of steamship, rail and trucking rates, including service contract negotiating.
  • Logistics development including order-to-ship lead time reduction.
  • Computerized global positioning system to track freight movement.
  • Governmental regulation compliance evaluation for transportation issues.
  • Transportation budget development and management.
  • Shipping and logistics quality assurance and quality control.
  • International shipping, quality inspections, cargo procedures and security personnel.


Undisclosed Company, Owner, 1972 - Present

  • Provide consulting engagements for domestic companies involved or researching international trade and shipping.
  • Consulting on Federal and State transportation rules and regulation compliance.
  • International security examination, freight bill auditing, ocean shipping rate and performance.
  • Best route examination, trucking rate, service contract negotiating and drafting documentation examination for domestic and international trade and shipping.
  • Documentation and implement internal controls for freight bills.
  • Testing of transactions based on risks.
  • Logistics development including Order-to-Ship lead time reduction.
  • Transportation contract design, negotiation, implementation and monitoring.
  • Verify legal compliance with common carriers, freight forwarders and customs brokers under Federal Code of Regulations, Homeland Security and other governmental agencies that control domestic and international transportation.
  • Verification of governmental regulatory compliance issues for exports; ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation), OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control), EAR (Export Administration Regulations), CFR'S (Code of Federal Regulations), are in compliance by the USPPI (United States Principal Party/Shipper).

National Rapid Freight, LLC, Gardendale, AL, CEO and President, 2006 - 2008

  • A licensed motor freight carrier and freight brokerage specializing in over dimensional cargo and Hotshot deliveries.
  • Responsible for all operations: Clients, finance, accounting, governmental compliance, budgeting and personnel.
  • Initiated computer global positioning system in order to increase productivity.
  • Negotiated and setup lines of credit and equipment financing with banks.
  • Purchased all equipment, including trucks and trailers.

Caytrans Project Service, LLC, New Orleans, Vice President of Sales and Logistics, 2004 - 2006

  • Managed shipping client and established new business for a licensed vessel carrier company operating leased ships.
  • Responsible for vessel and cargo and port security, negotiating ocean rates, assisting in establishing tariff rates and managed foreign port governmental issues.
  • Responsible for governmental regulatory compliance issues such as SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea), Coast Guard rules and regulations, treaties and environmental issues for ships.
  • Responsible for initiating and completing lines of credit and financing with banks.

Drummond Company, Birmingham, AL, Vice President of Sales and Logistics, 1999 - 2004

  • Provide transportation service for land, ocean and air, domestic and international routes.
  • Projects in South America, England, Philippines, and Canada while traveling to Colombia and South America on a regular basis to support large coal mine.
  • Hired bilingual personnel in order to increase personal contact with foreign customers.
  • Reduced transportation cost many millions of dollars per year.
  • Reduced overseas shipping times from 90 days to 30 days helping to reduce inventory cost and operation down time.
  • Restructured logistics department including successfully obtaining freight forwarding license, C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership) against terrorism certification.
  • Liaison to United States Customs and In-house legal department addressing rule and regulation violation prevention and approved shipping procedures for sensitive cargo.
  • Responsible for all domestic and international regulatory compliance issues.
  • Appointed freight forwarders, Customs Brokers, ship agents and inland carriers.
  • Negotiated, drafted, implemented, and monitored all ocean shipping service contracts.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Logistics Council of America
  • Clinkers Club of Philadelphia
  • Birmingham Traffic Club
  • Chamber of Commerce


  • J.D. Birmingham School of Law, Birmingham, AL
  • B.S. Economics, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
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