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Ph.D. Applied Telecommunications Science, (Wireless - RF)) and Engineering Expert

Technical Consultant #1482



Applied Science highly qualified practitioner, and professional armed with broad-based background and skills in the areas of qualitative analysis, performance evaluation, patent analysis, wireless network design and optimization, research and much more.  Outstanding ability to plan, coordinate, and implement practices and procedures to bring significant improvements in efficiency, quality and processes towards the successful attainment of organization goals. Primarily striving to understand clients’ needs and provide them exceptional results through a cognitively flexible and positive approach. Determined to implement earned skills and knowledge for the rapid growth of the prospective organization by working effectively and consistently.

  • Ph.D. in Applied Science (Wireless), M.S. in Telecommunications, and B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering.
  • Over 14 years of experience in Telecommunications and wireless communications (RF-Radio Frequency Capacity planning, RF coverage prediction, RF propagation/optimization, Microwave Planning/Design, Research and Development).
  • Experience with various RF Engineering Tools: EDX SignalPro, Planet, RoofView, AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer, iBwave, Pathloss, Atoll (MW), Wireless InSite, OPNET, Qualnet, PQM and iBwave DAS tool.
  • Ability to thrive under pressure and handle multiple tasks simultaneously; Great presentation and teaching skills.
  • Excellent technical and analytical skills, specifically in the area of telecommunications, wireless communications, network design, and network simulations.
  • Conducting searches on patentability, validity, freedom-to-operate and infringement.
  • Experienced in RF network design, capacity planning, frequency planning, antenna selection, link budget, Coverage testing, Interference analysis
  • Developing company business awareness and learning customer needs to inform new developments.
  • Engaging in special information projects. Assisting project teams by offering technical and business data.
  • Ensure optimal utilization of resources and excellence in handling technical issues.
  • Design world class systems and implement quality processes that will enable organization to consistently meet and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Flexible to change with excellent planning and execution skills and works well within the constraints of tight deadlines.
  • Strong communication skills contributing to effective working relationships with co-workers and clients.
  • Exceptional leadership, management, planning, organization, problem structuring and solving, critical thinking and decision-making skills. Excellent interpersonal, conflict resolution and counselling skills.
  • Achieving goals, creative/strategic thinking and problem solving.
  • Excellent ethics, hardworking, focus minded and sound organizational ability.
  • Possesses a positive, mature and professional attitude. Excellent sense of initiative, tidiness, adaptability and networking. Ability to communicate effectively and build relationships with clients and colleagues.
  • Excellent clients' service manner and interpersonal skill. Highly motivated to learn more.
  • Excellent organization and time management skills demonstrated by ability to work both autonomously and as a positive team player. Detail and result oriented.
  • RF Engineering Software Tools- Atoll (MW), Pathloss, OPNET, Wireless InSite (Indoor/Outdoor Propagation Tool, EDX SignalPro, Planet, Qualnet (EXATA),
  • Programming Languages- MATLAB, Turbo Pascal, HTML, working knowledge in Visual Basic, and LINGO by LINDO systems.
  • Technical Knowledge of (but not limited to)- 5G, LTE, WiMAX, 3GPP, GPRS, GSM, Ad Hoc, IoT, in-building DAS, Wireless Mesh Networks, Cognitive Radio Systems, Bluetooth SIG Technology, LMR, DMR, and P25.


B & V, Lead Radio Frequency Engineer, 2019 - Present

  • Design, plan, and optimize PtMP WiMax/LTE, LMR links using EDX SignalPro for Field Area Network (FAN) projects of all upstate NY, NC, CT, and other states.
  • Perform pre-installation surveys and radio path surveys as well as walk/drive tests using PCTEL scanner.
  • Lead field testing and construction efforts for the WiMax BSs and LTE eNBs.
  • Leading small to medium sized wireless and consulting projects with various clients from start till end.
  • Act as the technical advisor for few Ernst & Young cojoined projects.
  • Continuously meeting with Project Managers to provide updates on project status from the technical point of view .
  • Troubleshoot construction and radio network design issues in the field.
  • Write Methods of Procedures (MOPs).
  • Proficient in the use of RoofView for calculating MPE limits.
  • Establish great relationships with market vendors in the space of WiMax, LTE, LMR, DMR, P25, and WiFi.
  • Supervising junior RF Engineers.

Engineering Wireless Services, Principal Radio Frequency Engineer, 2017 – 2019

  • Utilized IBWAVE to create new designs and evaluate vendor designs.
  • Experienced in various IB DAS architecture solutions: Public Safety DAS, DRAN, Cel-Fi, Ericsson DOT, Commscope ION-E,SpiderCloud, SoLiD (Express and Alliance), and others.
  • Utilized my knowledge in GSM, LTE, UMTS and microwave to contribute in network design.
  • Proficient and experienced in RF tools such as scanners (PCTel), Spectrum Analyzers (Anritsu), and post-processing software (Wind Console).
  • Performed and lead drive test teams (Indoor/Outdoor) to collect QoS, benchmarks, and CW data.

Benedictine University, (University of the People), Professor-Computer Networks, 2017

  • Taught and motivated students to excel in their academics. Monitored students' progress throughout the courses (CMSC365/366- Computer Networks and Data Communications with Lab) and MATH095- Algebra.
  • Demonstrated commitment to the institutional mission, goals, and objectives.
  • Developed lesson plans, instructional materials, Wireshark labs and other strategies to ensure that every student had a thorough knowledge of the subject.

Global Patent Solutions, Research Analyst, 2016 - 2017

  • Communicated with clients to effectively review and gain an understanding of technical aspects of client inventions and technical search concepts
  • Performed extensive database research into U.S. patents, Published U.S. Patent Applications, International (PCT/WO) Publications, Foreign Patents, Foreign Published Applications and Published Technical Literature.
  • Performed PCT search, examination, and written opinions.
  • Reviewed, gathered, and analyzed technical literature.
  • Prepared detailed reports regarding research findings in a timely and high-quality manner.

DeVry University, Professor in the College of Engineering and Information Science, 2010  - 2015

  • Taught and motivated students to excel in their academics. Monitor students' progress throughout the courses (NETW360- Wireless Technologies and Services with lab, NETW320- Converged Networks with Lab, and NET561/562/563/589-Wireless Technologies (Graduate level).
  • Designed course material and assisted other professors in teaching and motivating students.
  • Assisted students achieve their academic goals and objectives. Demonstrated teaching excellence.
  • Ensure compliance of university policy and procedure guidelines. Document all academic processes.

bluNEXUS, RF Engineer Consultant, 2015 - 2016

  • Planned, designed, and optimized Microwave Backhaul networks using PQM tool (similar to pathloss but with more powerful GUI interface that incorporates Microsoft Bing maps with 10m resolution (North America) and 30m resolution (the rest of the world)).
  • Tasks included, but not limited to, performing LOS analysis, interference analysis (displaying the results of the link as a victim and as an interferer), repairing Hi/Lo conflicts, link design to meet availability objectives (ITU-R P.530-14), frequency planning, ATCP (when supported by equipment), and so on.
  • Conducted webinars to demonstrate PQM capabilities and features to various customers around the globe. 

SAR Insight & Consulting, Senior Wireless Analyst, 2015 - 2016

  • Researched and analyzed new technologies, such as IEEE 802.11ac/ad/ay/ah, Internet of Things, and 5G to present in a market analysis report.
  • Conducted primary and secondary research. Collected and analyzed quantitative research.
  • Interpreted data, formulated reports and made recommendations.
  • Evaluated key data to ensure that data on the releases are accurate and the angle of the release is correct.
  • Remained fully informed on market trends, other parties’ research and implemented best practices.

Mobinets, Product Manager & SME (MW/WiFi). 2012 - 2013

  • Participated in the enhancement of an existing RF products and Microwave tool, NEP, (experienced in Pathloss, iQlinkXG, PQM) and started the development of new tool in the WiFi field.
  • RF Planning, designing, and optimizing algorithms related to Frequency Planning, interference analysis, LOS analysis, and Transmit Power optimization in Microwave and WiFi networks.
  • Modeled equipment and port configuration for Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia-Seimens, and Huawei equipment.
  • Full understanding of ITU norms (ITU G.821/826/828 P.530-9/12/13/14, P.837-3/5/6/7) related to Rain intensity/Rain loss, E-to-E performance calculations, propagation data and prediction methods used in MW planning.
  • Planned and optimized huge MW networks and provided WiFi consultations at customer premises, such as Vodafone UK, Wataniya Kuwait, Meditel/INWI Morocco, IndoSat Indonesia, OCI Kenya.

Ecole de Technologie Superieure - Ultra Electronics Inc., Montreal, Canada, 2010 - 2012

Wireless Simulations Specialist  

  • Simulated and optimized different RF wireless technologies (WiFi, WiMax, Ad Hoc) using Qualnet (Exata) for various military wireless infrastructures.
  • Responsible for defining specifications, network components modeling, and documentation.
  • Managed a small team of engineers and participated in implementing new PHY/MAC protocols that meet military environments. Developed documentation on new and existing systems. 

Ecole de Technologie Superieure - Intelligent Software Radio Inc., Montreal, Canada, 2009 - 2010

Wireless Research Engineer 

  • Developed a dynamic bandwidth allocation algorithm in a satellite communication network.
  • Implemented algorithm in NS-2 simulator. Tested and demonstrated the full intelligent bandwidth allocation functionalities on a testbed platform and simulator. Technically guided project team and defined strategic goals.
  • Directed project management responsibilities for systems project.
  • Prepared technical goals for the project team, reviewed the progress, and participated in the relevant parts of associates’ performance reviews. Maintained a balanced portfolio of existing and new tasks.

 Ecole de Technologie Superieure, Montreal, Canada, Post-Doctoral Fellow,  2008 - 2009

  • Analyzed and selected cognitive radio architectures for Cognitive Wireless Mesh Networks (CWMNs-802.11).
  • Proposed QoS continuity protection models for CWMNs. Developed power management approach for CWMNs.
  • Presented CWMN approaches, architecture, designs, and economical frame works to the project committee monthly.
  • Developed business cases for portfolios of interest.

Honors & Publications



Certifications - OSHA 10       

  • Commscope ION-E Installation and Commissioning
  • Ericsson RDS Channels Installation
  • Thesis:  Performance of Voice Packets over IP based Local Networks
  • Digital Fault Recorders utilized in Transmission Line Faults LocationsRF Engineering Software Tools- Atoll (MW), Pathloss, OPNET, Wireless InSite (Indoor/Outdoor Propagation Tool, EDX SignalPro, Planet, Qualnet (EXATA),
  • Programming Languages- MATLAB, Turbo Pascal, HTML, working knowledge in Visual Basic, and LINGO by LINDO systems.
  • Technical Knowledge of (but not limited to)- 5G, LTE, WiMAX, 3GPP, GPRS, GSM, Ad Hoc, IoT, in-building DAS, Wireless Mesh Networks, Cognitive Radio Systems, Bluetooth SIG Technology, LMR, DMR, and P25.

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • EEE Member, WiMax360 member, WiFi Groups, Telecommunications groups 


  • Over 5 journal articles, 17 conference papers, 1 book chapter and 1 Market research report in the field of Telecommunications and Wireless communications.


  • Ph.D.   Applied Science, University of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR
  •  M.S.    Telecommunication, Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL

  • B.E.     Electrical Engineering, Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon

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