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Emulsions Polymerization and Emulsions Consultant Expert in Polyvinyl Alcohol, Vinyl Acetate/Ethylene Polymers and Vinyl Acetate

Technical Consultant #1473


  • Vinyl acetate and vinyl acetate/ethylene emulsion polymers.
  • Intellectual property management and technology licensing; "Certified Licensing Professional" status from Licensing Executive Society.
  • Emulsion polymerization and emulsion plant scale-up.
  • Epoxy hardeners and chemistry.
  • Development of wetting agents and defoamers.
  • Urethane chemistry, urethane/acrylic emulsions and urethane catalysts.
  • Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) polymer development and polyvinyl alcohol use for barrier packaging films.
  • Stage Gate process for new product development.
  • Water soluble polymer development for radiation curing markets.
  • Computer automated reactor lab for high pressure polymerization and spray dying.


Independent Consultant, 2008

Air Products and Chemical, Allentown, PA, 1981 - 2008

Director of Intellectual Asset Management and Licensing, 2002 - 2008

  • Initiated new licensing business and intellectual asset management function.
  • Grew licensing to sustainable business dimensions of $5 million annual income within 6 years.
  • Led cross-functional team that built and implemented an enterprise-wide strategic intellectual asset management process that became the framework for the licensing business.
  • Identified licensable properties, developed and marketed license offerings.
  • Manage five licensing professionals and signed 35 license deals covering a wide variety of technologies, including combustion, catalytic processing, electronic chemicals, sulfur recovery, urethane catalysts, web-based software and gas separation and purification.
  • Recently closed a complex 4 party license deal with global reach and ongoing cooperative development.

Chemicals Group, Director Applications Development and Technical Service, 2000 - 2002

  • Planned, coordinated, directed and developed the product development and technical service capabilities in support of $1 billion performance chemicals division: Emulsion polymers, epoxy hardeners, wetting agents and defoamers and urethane catalysts.
  • Experienced in adhesives, coatings, inks, automotive, appliance and furniture foams market.
  • Led a group of 100 scientists and engineers, including 6 technology managers as direct reports.
  • Aligned cross-functional resources, developed budgets, and programs, focusing on business goals. Improved systems, developed, and implemented work processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness in selection of programs.
  • Developed technology project portfolios with four individual business units, using a quantitative work process, for project portfolio management.
  • Managed and executed development projects, using stage gate principles, and decision points.
  • Led corporate team in developing a business strategy for a growth platform in performance materials, working with outside consulting team.

Polymer Chemicals, Global Director Applications Development/Technical Service, 1998 - 2000

  • In the $600 million division, planned, coordinated and managed for the Applications Development and Technical Service organization.
  • Provided differentiated technical service giving faster response time to customer problems in North America, Latin America, and Asia.
  • Developed new customer solutions for the division's business portfolio in emulsion polymers, and polyvinyl alcohol. Efforts led to 10% sales growth in 1999.
  • Led the technology team in the successful acquisition of the South Korean Tae Young emulsions business. Designed and institutionalized a Stage Gate work process for new product and process development.
  • Managed the project portfolio selection and resource planning process across all technology functions.
  • Managed domestic organization of 60 people including international organization of 12.
  • Material participant in divestment of polyvinyl alcohol business.

Polymer Chemicals, Global Emulsions Research and Development Manager, 1996 - 1998

  • Planned, led, coordinated, and directed the consolidated research and development efforts of a $350 million emulsions global business unit.
  • Responsible for new product synthesis, lab-to-plant technology transfer, process development and plant support for seven domestic and two foreign plants.
  • Managed budget and staff of 43 chemists and engineers and 2 pilot plants.
  • Aligned cross-functional resources including focusing on business objectives. Improved systems and developed and implemented work practices.

Corporate Technology, Senior Commercial Development Manager, 1991 - 1996

  • Started up VINAMER® monomer and polymer derivatives selling into water soluble polymer and radiation curing markets.
  • Levered expertise in organic/polymer chemistry, commercial development and organizational skills in championing the new business development.
  • Wrote business and marketing plans to justify first commercial investment in VINAMER monomer; identified target markets and customers; introduced product to customers; negotiated and closed sales contracts with customers; made pricing decisions; filed PMN's with US EPA; led FDA conformance activities; managed cross-functional team.

Polymer Chemicals, Manager Emulsions, Research and Development, 1988 - 1991

  • Directed and managed new emulsion product research, development process research, product scale-up, technology transfer to plants and plant troubleshooting in support of $200 million business.
  • With a staff of 30 responsible for computer automated reactor lab and pilot plant for high pressure emulsion polymerization and spray drying.
  • Led development and scale-up of 9 new emulsion products totaling $30 million of new business.
  • Headed process research team focusing on quality, process consistency, distributed computer control and process modeling.
  • Managed technical support for start up of 16,000 gallon emulsion reactor and a 20 million pounds per year spray dryer unit.

Polymer Chemicals, Business Development Manager, 1985 - 1988

  • Started new businesses in water based urethane-acrylic emulsions commercialized under the Flexthane® trademark, and in thermoplastic polyvinyl alcohol later commercialized under the Vinex® trademark.
  • Defined business opportunities with extensive customer involvement.
  • Defined technical programs, focusing on customer needs; set pricing goals; and, developed commercial development plans.
  • Negotiated license to SINOPEC, a chemical industry organization in the People's Republic of China.

Polymer Chemicals Division, Manager, New Applications, 1984 - 1985

  • Developed applications of emulsions for industrial coatings and polyvinyl alcohol for barrier packaging with a technical staff of ten.

Honors & Publications


  • Authored/edited 3 papers.
  • Presented topical content on licensing and intellectual asset management at workshops.
  • Lead licensing negotiator and deal maker with a personal deal portfolio of 16 signed deals.


Ph. D., Organic Chemistry, Ohio State University.

B.S., Chemistry (with Honors), Hobart College.

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