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Software Architect Consultant: Specializing in Embedded Software

Technical Consultant #1453


  • Control software for medical instruments using strict FDA software development procedures including FDA validation documents.
  • Control software for wide range industrial instruments (such as fiber optic thermometers) and machine controllers.
  • Software design, development and language in a fast paced deadline oriented environments.
  • Embedded Firmware/Software, OOD, Validation, FMEA, satisfying FDA, CDRH, and CBER requirements.
  • Languages: C/C plus plus, XHTML, DHTML, Java Scripts, Pascal.
  • RTOS: uC/OS, Real time Performance, Company Internal.
  • Processors: TI-MSP430, Atnel-ARM7, MC68HC11, PIC, PC-104 803xx, 68HC12.
  • Development Tools: LAR, MicroChip, MS C/C plus plus , Visual C/C plus plus , MS sourceSafe.
  • User Interface: Serial ports, LCD Touchscreen, Keypad, Switches.
  • Digital Hardware: Altera AHDL, Max Plus II, USB.


Independent Consultant, Present

  • Designed software architecture, developed, debugged and integrated software with hardware.
  • Control software for medical instruments using strict FDA software development procedures.
  • Participated in FMEA documents generation.
  • Control software for industrial machines and instruments.
  • Wrote user interface for embedded LCD display with touch screen.

LumaSense Technologies, Santa Clara, CA , 1999 - 2007

Senior Software Engineer of a global instrumentation company

  • Participated in all phases of the development cycle from conception to release.
  • Generated documents for firmware specifications, requirements, design, and validation.
  • Designed firmware architecture and code, debugged hardware and firmware, and was in charge of all final integrations.
  • Firmware tasks included control of digital I/O, ADC, and DAC, serial input commands parsing, operating mode state machines, front panel switches and graphic display.

EAS Consulting Inc., Senior Software Data Communications Engineer, Sunnyvale, CA, 1997 - 1999

  • Designed, wrote and performed final integration for the software and hardware for low level, hardware control for the Raychem 6 channels HDSL pair gain unit and embedded code for the Raychem Voice ISDN product.

Information Processing Techniques Corp., Engineer, Palo Alto, CA, 1992 - 1997

  • Embedded real-time software and hardware.
  • Designed, wrote, developed and debugged the software and hardware for: RS232-ASTM protocol driver, for a clinical blood analyzer; industrial PC real-time control for a nine chamber hard drive deposition tool; SQL data conversion program for automobile front-end alignment; 68HC11 glue logic circuitry for a medical hysterectomy instrument; and, logic circuitry for Samsung PBX computer.

Advantage Production Tech., Software Engineering Manager, Sunnyvale, CA, 1989 -1992

  • Designed and developed software for cluster wafer cleaning and etching tools.
  • Designed architecture using timing and state diagrams.
  • Wrote drivers for a digital and ADC/DAC board.
  • Wrote tasks for cassette modules, transport robot, user doors, self tests, user tests and vacuum control.

Trigon/Adcotech Corp., Software and Electrical Group Lead, Sunnyvale, CA, 1985 - 1989

  • Supervised three engineers designing semiconductor chip tester and marker product lines.
  • Software tasks and chip transporter and motion control.
  • Character based windowing user interface library.
  • Driver for two 8255 PIA chips and the Semix Rorze RD-022 stepper motor drive.
  • Prime power and solenoid drive circuitry (OPTO-22 I/O Building blocks).
  • Responsible of final integration of numerous machines, using 8749 assembler, instant C, MS Quick C, ISIS II and Intel MDS.

Honors & Publications


  • Language programming: C/C plus plus and advanced UNIX and C programming
  • Ready Systems, Real Time Software Design Techniques
  • LumaSense Technologies, Six Sigma Design Methodologies
  • SECS Communication Seminar, GW Associates


  • Embedded Software For Manufacturing Equipment
  • Simplified Design of Compensators for Linear Time-Invariant Systems


  • English, Hebrew, Hungarian


  • M.S., Electrical Engineering Washington State University, WA
  • B.S., Electrical Engineering Washington State University, WA
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