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Chemical Engineering Consultant: Supercritical Fluids (SCF) Technology and Polymer Purification

Technical Consultant #1450


  • Supercritical fluid (SCF) solvent technology.
  • Phase behavior for high pressure, supercritical fluid solvent-solute mixture.
  • Polymer solutions in liquids and supercritical fluid solvents.
  • Fractionation and separation of polymers using supercritical fluid solvents.
  • Electrospinning in liquids and supercritical fluid solvents.
  • Calculating and predicting phase behavior of liquid and SCF systems.
  • Encapsulation of solids and drugs in polymers using SCF and organic solvents.
  • Polymer particle formation processes with SCF solvents.
  • Extraction and purification of polymers.
  • Equations of state and activity coefficient models for process calculations.


Unspecified University, Department of Chemical and Life Science Engineering, 1999 - Present

  • Professor

Unspecified University, Department of Chemical Engineering

  • Professor, 1991 - 1999
  • Associate Professor, 1987 - 1991
  • Assistant Professor, 1985 - 1987

University of Notre Dame, Department of Chemical Engineering, 1981 - 1985

  • Assistant Professor

FMC Corporation, Chemical Research and Development, Princeton, NJ, 1975 - 1976

  • Process Engineer

Research Interest

  • High-pressure phase equilibria.
  • Polymer solution behavior at high pressures.
  • Light scattering phenomena in polymer solutions at high pressures.
  • Supercritical fluid solvent technology.

Invited Research Seminars

  • "Fluorocarbon-SCF Materials Processing."
  • Properties and Phase Equilibria for Product and Process Design.
  • "Polymer-supercritical fluid (SCF) solvent behavior: Fundamentals and processing."
  • "Impact of fluorination on the solubility of trifluorovinyl isopropylidenediphenyl ether copolymers in supercritical fluid solvents."

Advanced Courses in Supercritical Fluid Technology

  • "Supercritical Fluid Extraction: Principles and Practice."

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • American Chemical Society: Polymers Material Science & Engineering Division, Polymer Chemistry Division
  • American Physical Society: High Polymer Physics

Scientific Committee Member

  • Participation in many scientific committees related to high pressure process and supercritical fluids.


  • Kipping Visiting Professor, Chemistry Department, University of Nottingham
  • Visiting Professor, Institut fur Physikalische Chemie, Universitat Gottingen
  • JHU Oraculum Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
  • Keynote Address, Meeting of the Society of Chemistry and Industry, London
  • Battelle Memorial Institute Research Award

Editorial Advisory Board

  • Journal of Chemical & Engineering Technology
  • Journal of Supercritical Fluids
  • Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data


  • Many publications.


  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, Carnegie-Mellon University
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