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Digital Signal Processing Consultant; Microwave Circuit Engineer

Technical Consultant #1427


  • Surface acoustic wave (SAW) and dielectric resonator oscillator design.
  • PLL, CDR and various other aspects of microwave and mm wave circuit design
  • Design of low-noise high-stability frequency sources in the 100 MHz to 18 GHz range.
  • Design for passive and active frequency multiplier circuits using PIN diode, BJT and GaAs FET.
  • Lumped-element, distributed and dielectric loaded cavity filter design.
  • Design of mmwave (37 GHz) diplexers, I/Q mixers and demodulators.
  • Discrete pHEMT Ku band (10 to 14 GHz) low noise amplifiers.
  • Discrete Ku band transmit power amplifiers (3 Watt).
  • Phase locked SAW and DRO frequency sources to 18 GHz.
  • Phase locked and passive filter clock and data recovery modules for OC - 48, - 192 and - 768 telecom applications.


Undisclosed, 2005 - Present

  • Responsible for the design of free-running and phase locked dielectric resonator oscillators in the 8 - 18 GHz range.
  • Component and sub - system designs have included I/Q mixers, diplexers and various other mmwave structures at 21, 35 and 37.5 GHz for down conversion and sensor applications.
  • Deigned Ku band LNA's and discrete pHEMT transmit power amplifiers for military mobile communications.

Undisclosed, Sr RF Design Engineer, MA, 2004 - 2005

  • Responsible for the design of phase locked frequency sources for converters in 90 GHz short haul radios and also provided manufacturing support for radio production.

Integrated Circuit Systems, Principal Engineer, Worcester, MA, 1997 - 2004

  • Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW): Oscillator design and functional definition of custom ASIC's and SAW's for high stability commercial and military applications. SMT package (LTCC) and test fixture design for ASIC circuits.
  • OC -192 Clock and Data Recovery Modules: Responsible for the design, fabrication and testing of both active (phase - locked loop) and passive (dielectric resonator) recovery modules for 9.953 to 12.25 GHz SONET applications. Designs included integrated microstrip, stripline and lumped - element filter, phase shifter and coupler elements on mixed dielectric substrates.
  • For OC-192 designs utilized custom linear, low noise bipolar discrete amplifiers and non linear MESFET multiplier/ amplifier chains.
  • OC - 768 21.6 GHz Down Converter: Module designed for clock extraction from noisy 21.6GHz RZ data. Low noise SAW VCO multiplied to 18.9 GHz for down conversion and phase - locked at 2.7 GHz.
  • OC - 192 10 GHz VCO Development: Designed 9.95 and 10.25 GHz low noise, high stability SAW's for SONET applications. Utilized mixed substrate technologies with integrated distributed functions. Design verification with linear/non - linear CAE and simulation.

JDS Uniphase/ UTP Photonics, Principal Engineer, Bloomfield, CT, 1995 - 1997

  • Microwave Packaging and Waveguide Design: Responsible for the design of microwave package interfaces and coplanar and asymmetric coplanar waveguide designs used in the electrical to optical conversion on Lithium Niobate modulators in the 2.5 to 10 GHz range.
  • Interface and waveguide CAE design simulated with linear (Optotek) and 3 - D EM (Zeland IE3D and NASTRAN uwaveLab). Familiar with pig tailing and fusion splicing of single mode (SM) and polarization maintaining (PM) optical fiber.

Andersen Laboratories Inc, Bloomfield, CT, 1984 - 1995

  • SAW Oscillator Development VCO and fixed frequency oscillator design in the 100 MHz to 2.5 GHz frequency range for both commercial SONET and high stability space qualified applications.
  • High shock Telemetry Transmitter: S band phase modulated transmitter with 27 dBm output power for smart munitions designed to withstand 100,000 gravities shock. High stability SAW VCO electrically and mechanically designed for extreme environmental conditions.
  • RF & Microwave Hybrid Products Group. Responsible for the coordination of all department activities in product development, design and manufacturing. Specification of capital equipment for thick film processing, SMT assembly and RF testing. Have developed both hardware and software for custom ATE test stations. Products included SAW oscillators for IFF, GPS, PLO and SONET applications, RF switching modules, accelerometers & chemical sensors and various high density hybrid digital/analog control circuits.

Honors & Publications

  • IEEE


  • M.S., Electrical Engineering, Western New England College, Springfield, MA
  • B.S., Electrical Engineering Western New England College, Springfield, MA
  • B.S., Biology, Westfield State College, Westfield, MA
  • Aviation Electronics School, Memphis, TN
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