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Battery Consultant with Expertise in Lithium Ion Batteries, Sensors and Instrument Development

Technical Consultant #1398


  • Primary and secondary batteries technology, design, specification and use with specific experience in military and aerospace batteries.
  • Lithium and aqueous batteries design and development including batter systems of Li-12, Li-Mn02 and Li-SOC12.
  • Military (naval mines) and aerospace batteries working with sophisticated microelectronics.
  • Infrared, colorimetric and electrochemical sensors.
  • Medical applications for sensors.
  • Mechanical battery cell design, selection, testing, and performance characterization for long term use.
  • New product sensor device development.
  • New battery product development for consumer applications in nickel - cadmium (Ni-Cd) cells found in electronic vehicles.
  • Mathematical modeling and statistical methods for testing and qualification of new instruments.
  • For fuel cells, fuel cell development, testing, process improvement and fabrication. Worked with hydrocarbon air fuel cell testing and analysis.
  • Micro-controller and C programming.
  • Technical management and proposal preparation.


  • Developed electrochemical infrared and colorimetric sensors, techniques.
  • Developed low cost instruments for the analysis of toxic vapors in the air for use in environmental testing.
  • Developed lithium battery power supplies and started a manufacturing line for lithium battery power supplies.
  • Developed blood analysis sensors, using ion selective electrodes and enzyme electrodes.
  • Improved existing products in terms of life span, reliability and reduced manufacturing costs.


Undisclosed Company, Environmental Scientific Consultant, 1990 - Present

  • Develop instruments for air analysis.
  • Develop electrochemical sensors for the detection of certain toxic organic vapors.
  • Develop analog instruments and alarms for toxic gases.
  • Developed micro-controller based instruments, data-logger and detector.
  • Founder of a new company for manufacturing and marketing above devices.

Loral Systems Group (Formerly Goodyear Aerospace Corporation), Akron, OH

Engineer Specialist

  • Developed lithium battery power supplies for the U.S. Navy.
  • Wrote successful proposals ($3 million) and RFPs.
  • Administered contracts.

Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc. (Division of Eli Lilly), St. Paul, MN

Principal Research Scientist/Manager

  • Developed lithium batteries.
  • Developed mechanical design details for the battery cells, selecting and testing materials, and characterized their performance on a long-term basis with the aid of mathematical modeling.
  • Started manufacturing lines for the lithium battery cells.
  • Developed electrochemical sensors to be used for acute or chronic in-vivo applications, as controls for cardiac pacemakers, drug pumps, dialysis units and blood analysis instruments.
  • Started a department including facilities and personnel and then supervised the staff of thirteen professionals in the research and engineering of new power sources and the redesign of existing ones.

Gould Inc., St. Paul, MN, Group Leader

  • Developed product and processes on nickel cadmium, nickel zinc and nickel iron systems.

T-ink Technology Center Corporation, West Palm, FL, Research Manager

  • Developed thin batteries using printed components. Systems considered were zinc-manganese dioxide and sliver-zinc.
  • Designed battery power supplies for use with printed heaters.
  • Developed controller circuits for secondary lithium batteries for printed heaters.
  • Cycle tested control circuits and various types of lithium batteries.

Honors & Publications


  • Thesis: "Thermodynamics of Non-aqueous Electrolyte Solutions of Alkali Metal Halides".


  • Author of numerous technical publications and technical presentations.


  • Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
  • B. S., Chemistry, Queens College, Queens, NY
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