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Protein and Cell Culture Bioprocessing Chemical Engineer Consultant

Technical Consultant #1384


  • Cell culture/bioprocess, protein expression, protein purification, and surface sciences.
  • Significantly improved recombinant protein yields (>10x to >1 g/L) in E. coli cultures by rational medium design and bioprocess optimization.
  • Extensive cell culture experience for a wide range of cell types (e.g. mammalian cell lines, primary cells, bacteria and fungi).
  • Specialized in cell selection, cultivation, characterization and recovery.
  • Protein purification processes and protein purification strategies.
  • Expertise spans from upstream cell and protein production to downstream product purification for both mammalian and bacterial cells, including the development of novel bioanalytical assays.
  • Provide supports for proposal writing and drafted progress reports for research grants.


Technical Profile

  • Cell Culture: Medium optimization; strain selection; bioprocess development; automated bioreactors; bench-top fermenters; flow cytometry and FACS; magnetic cell sorting; blood gas analyzer; YSI glucose and lactate analyzer; Nova Biomedical analyzer; osmometer; Coulter counter; histological staining; cell banking, cryopreservation; sterile techniques (BL1 & 2); fluorescence and confocal microscopy.
  • Protein & DNA: Molecular cloning; PCR; protein expression and protein purification; HPLC (RP, SE & IE); SDS/native PAGE; Western blotting; ELISA; MALDI-MS; peptide mapping; radio labeling (P32, I125 and H3); protein conjugation and immobilization; ligand binding and cell adhesion assays; FRET.
  • Surface Sciences: BIAcore SPR, XPS, AFM, QCM and ellipsometry; clean room experience; metal evaporation; lithography techniques; micro-contact printing; microfluidics; SAMs; polymerization.

Professional Experience

Biotechnology Firm, Senior Research Scientist 2006 - present

  • Sustain and improve the performance of a key technology platforms.
  • Develop, troubleshoot and standardize SOPs for biochemical assays. Maintain lab safety standards.
  • Optimize surface chemistry and immobilization techniques for proteins and nucleic acids.
  • Design, characterize and troubleshoot microfluidics and bio-MEMS devices.
  • Secure and maintain relationships with CMOs, vendors and oversea suppliers for biological materials.

Duke University, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering & Center for Biologically Inspired Materials & Material Systems (CBIMMS), Post - doctoral Researcher 2003 - 2006

Biomolecular Engineering: Improved Production of polypeptide based materials.

  • Significantly improved recombinant protein yields by medium design and bioprocess optimization.
  • Developed a GFP based detection system with flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy to monitor protein expression and purification efficiency in batch and fed-batch shaker flask cultures.

Surface Science: Surface initiated Enzymatic Polymerization of DNA for Biosensing.

  • Successfully developed patterning / lithography techniques on a non-fouling polymeric layer.
  • Quantitatively evaluated the performance of a novel biosensing technology using various surface characterization techniques (AFM, XPS, SPR, ellipsometry and contact angle goniometry).

Northwestern University, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Graduate Research Assistant 1997 - 2003

  • Evaluated cell culture performance, cellular responses and signaling events of hematopoietic stem cells/cell lines with flow cytometry, histological assays, western blots and pulse-chase assays.
  • Immobilized protein molecules on surfaces, characterized conjugated protein, and determined surface density, conjugation efficiency and binding/desorption kinetics.
  • Developed mathematical models for ligand receptor trafficking in a mammalian cell line and oxygen transfer in the bone marrow hematopoietic compartment.
  • Coordinated research activities of 2 masters students and 3 junior doctoral students. Trained and supervised 3 undergraduate students on research projects.

Honors & Publications

Authored, co-authored or presented:

  • 2 US patents
  • 7 peer-reviewed articles
  • 4 review papers/book chapters
  • 2 invited presentations
  • 10 conference abstracts and proceedings

Most cited 2006 paper in Biotechnology Progress.


Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University

M.S., Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University

B.S. with Highest Distinction, Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Other Education:

  • Burroughs Wellcome Fellowship finalist, Duke University
  • Distinguished BME Postdoctoral Fellowship finalist, Johns Hopkins University
  • Northwestern University Terminal Year Dissertation Fellowship, 2001, Northwestern University Murphy Fellowship
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