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Glass Expert for Glass Plant Construction, Fractology, Proppants, and Glass Forensic Engineering

Technical Consultant #1353


  • 23 years of glass engineering experience.
  • Glass manufacturing technology: Flat glass, fiber glass, glass spheres and specialty glass.
  • Manufacture of glass, ceramic and mineral beads of varying sizes for proppants.
  • Development and manufacture of specialty glass products including glass microspheres for electronics manufacturing, medical applications, proppants and reflective safety products with high and tailored index of refraction.
  • Forensic engineering and expert witness for glass fracture and ceramic failure mechanisms.
  • Advanced furnace design for glass melting and annealing.
  • Combustion system design and engineering.
  • Glass compositional development, particularly for fiber glass and glass - ceramic beads for applications such as retro-reflection in highway paint marking systems and proppants for gas and oil well production.
  • Glass manufacturing field service and hands-on process optimization.
  • Continuous quality improvement in glass manufacturing through statistical process analysis.
  • Turn-key glass plant design, construction and start-up.

Expert Witness Experience

  • A recognized expert witness in the area of general glass manufacturing, including batch and furnace design, operations, forming and packing.
  • Glass failure and glass fractology,
  • Fractology examinations,
  • Industrial furnaces,
  • Gas combustion equipment.


Undisclosed Company 2006 - Present

Glass Industry Consultant

  • Research and development for glass companies worldwide.
  • Oxygen combustion system and burner design.
  • Designed oxy corrosion research melter and managed project for four years.
  • Certified glass industry expert witness and consultant, five testimonies, one trial.
  • Designed combustion systems and furnace design improvements.
  • Project Manager (contractor basis) for the design and construction of two fiberglass plants.
  • Designed specialty glass plant in Sultanate of Brunei, project cancelled due to funding issues.
  • Ceramic research and development contributing to a major new company being formed.

Flex-O-Lite, Inc., Paris, TX, Plant, Engineer, 1998 - 1999

  • Manage operations, production, and maintenance for a 100,000 square foot production facility producing glass micro-spheres.
  • Designed new furnace and combustion systems to improve efficiency and increase production over 50%.
  • Implemented oxygen combustion system to reduce NOx emissions and increase throughput. Reduced total production cost by 15% by streamlining manufacturing without adding any new equipment.
  • Developed new glass compositions and increased quality of all major products.

MO-SCI Corporation, Rolla, MO, Senior Engineer, 1996 - 1998

  • Manage production and research for a specialty glass company producing glass products for the defense and aerospace industries, bio-medical implants and devices, nuclear research, advanced electronics, and reflective safety products.
  • Worked on production of TheraSphere® irradiated glass microspheres for treatment of liver cancer.
  • Led design team to test feasibility of glass microspheres for explosive identification in cooperation with U.S. federal law enforcement.
  • Developed water soluble glass composition for radar decoy chaff for U.S. Navy.
  • Worked on iron phosphate glass for Oak Ridge (nuclear waste vitrification).

PPG Industries, Meadville, PA, Production Engineer, 1994 - 1995

  • Manage batch house operations producing over 2 million pounds of mixed batch per day.
  • Maintain raw material inventories and coordinate product changes to produce five different flat glass compositions for automotive glass applications.
  • Responsible for special projects including test runs of new compositions.
  • Furnace maintenance and tin bath operations support including emergency procedures and safety and ergonomic assessments.

Combustion Tee, Apopka, FL, Combustion Engineer, 1992 - 1994

  • Managed research and development and designed new burners and combustion systems for advanced glass melting and furnace control.
  • Lead engineer for oxygen-enriched air staging system to reduce NOx emissions from glass furnaces. (Now a widely used technology).
  • Designed CleanFire™ oxygen - gas and oxygen - oil burners that became an industry standard.
  • Provided capital equipment proposals and global customer technical support.
  • Performed field service and technical troubleshooting to customers in all segments of glass manufacturing (flat glass, lighting products, containers, fiberglass, specialty and TV glass).
  • Implemented first use of oxygen combustion in float glass (AFG)
  • Field service and technical troubleshooting to customers in all segments of glass manufacturing. (O-I, Anchor, Johns-Manville, Techneglass, Gallo, AFG, PPG, Ball Container, Hankuk Electric Glass, AFG China, Vitro Envasias, Owens Corning) manufacturing (flat glass, lighting products, containers, fiberglass, specialty and TV glass).

AFG Industries, Victorville, CA, Technical Development Engineer, 1991 - 1992

  • Managed plant technical development to test and implement new production equipment and control strategies.
  • Supervised QA lab and provided daily quality control reports to senior management.
  • Performed daily analysis to determine cause and origin of glass defects.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Member, American Ceramic Society
  • Research Staff Consultant, Department of Ceramic Engineering, University of Missouri, Rolla, MO.
  • Staff Technical Consultant, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO.


  • One publication addressing refractory corrosion in fuel systems.


  • B.S. Ceramic Engineering, University of Missouri, Rolla, MO
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