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DNA Technology and Plant Molecular Biology Consultant

Technical Consultant #1306


  • DNA technology and DNA profiling of people.
  • DNA and RNA manipulations.
  • PCR sequencing technology and machines.
  • DNA profiles and DNA paternity suites.
  • Plant molecular biology, such as sugarcane


Professor of the Biotechnology Department 2000 %u2013 Present

  • Teaching and supervision of undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Design and coordination of projects submitted to funding agencies such as FAPESP and CNPq.

Research Assistant, Pharmaceutical Sciences Department, San Paulo 2000l

  • Supervision of undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Execution of experiments related to the Principal Investigator projects.

Technical Director and co-owner of DNAVIDA %u2013 DNA Paternity Exams Lab. 1999 - 2004

  • Supervision of activities related to the analysis of DNA profile of clients.
  • Technical responsibility over results of the exams.
  • Guidance to partner labs and clients over specific and related issues of DNA paternity exams.
  • General management of the company routine activities.

Honors & Publications

Selected Publication Titles (last 5 years)

  • Molecular evaluation of the incidence of Ehrlichia canis, Anaplasma platys and Babesia sp in thrombocytopenic and non-thrombocytopenic dogs from Ribeirão Preto, Brazil.
  • Evaluation of monocot and eudicot divergence using the sugarcane transcriptome.
  • Analysis of hypermethylation in the RPS element suggests a signal function for inverted repeats in de novo methylation.
  • Quantitative analysis of the expression of ABC-transporter genes in Aspergillus nidulans by Real-Time RT-PCR.
  • Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites in sugarcane.
  • The contribution of 700,000 ORF sequence tags to the definition of the human transcriptome.
  • Identification of human chromosome 22 transcribed sequences with ORF expressed sequence tags.
  • Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites in sugarcane.


  • Fluent in Portuguese and English and Speaking knowledge of German.


  • Ph.D. Molecular Biology, Institute of Chemistry %u2013 University of São Paulo, Brazil & Department of Applied Genetics, University of Osnabruck, Germany
  • B.S. Biology Institute of Biosciences %u2013 University of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Post-doctoral Training, Plant Molecular Biology, Biology Department, University of Leeds, UK
  • Post-doctoral Training, Molecular Biology of Development, Department de Morphology, Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo, Brazil
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