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Bio Polymers and Bio Chemicals from Biomass: Cellulose Fibers, Starch, Lignins, Chitosan, Suberin, Furans and Vegetable Oils

Technical Consultant #1289


  • Biomass conversion into bio chemicals and bio polymers.
  • Polymers and copolymers bearing furan heterocycles.
  • Chemical modification of cellulose.
  • Lignins and lignin derivatives and additive or macromonomers for polymers.
  • Oxypropylation of natural polymers to give polyols for polymer synthesis.
  • Chemical modification of starches.
  • Chemical exploitation of suberin.
  • Photosensitive polymers from vegetable oils.
  • Chemical modifications of polymeric surfaces.
  • Polymers from renewable resources.
  • Composite materials containing natural fibers.
  • Polyurethanes, polyesters, polyethers from oxpropylated natural polymers.
  • Thermoplastic materials based on modified and plasticized starches.
  • Exploitation of vegetable oils in the synthesis of novel polymeric materials.
  • Hydrophobization, lipophobization, chemical activation of surfaces.


  • Senior Research Advisor, Chemistry Department, 2005-present, Postgraduate courses in Polymer Science, Photochemistry and Photophysics and the Physical Chemistry of Surfaces and interfaces. Coordinator of an industrial-academic research platform on novel polymeric materials, mostly based on the exploitation of renewable resources. Doctorate and post-doctoral research on cellulose fibres, starch, lignins, chitosan, suberin, furans and vegetable oils.
  • Invited Professor, São Carlos Chemistry Institute, University, Brazil, 2004-2005, Postgraduate courses on Polymer Materials and on Surfaces and Interfaces. Research on the chemical modification of cellulose fibres and starch.
  • Professor of Chemistry, National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, France, 1978-2003 France (promoted to the "classe exceptionelle" in 1998), Courses in Physical Chemistry, Photochemistry, Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Materials Science at the Engineering Schools of Papermaking and Printing, Electrochemistry, Physics and Mechanics. Head of the Polymer Materials Laboratory. Research on the synthesis, characterization and properties of new polymers and composites (mostly derived from the biomass: cellulose, lignin, furans, chitosan, vegetable oils, suberin, starch); physical chemistry of surfaces and interfaces; new concepts in printing inks, de-inking and speciality papers.

Honors & Publications

  • Fellow, International Academy of Wood Science, Royal Society of Chemistry and the American Chemical Society
  • Doctor Honoris Causa of the Saint Petersburg Forestry Academy, and Havana University
  • Publications and presentations: 340 publications, including 2 books and 25 monographs cited more than 2700 times; 370 communications at scientific symposia, including 100 invited or plenary lectures, 130 invited seminars in Universities and Research Centres in 30 countries, 70 Ph.D. theses supervised


  • Ph.D., Polymer Science, Keele University, UK
  • Degree of "Perito Chimico Industriale" (Technical Chemical College, Milan, Italy)
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