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Organic Chemist Consultant Specializes in Polymers for Coating Paper, Textiles and Nonwovens

Technical Consultant #1284


  • Specialty polymer development for paper, textile, non-woven applications.
  • Adhesion optimization between coating and substrate.
  • Surfactant-stabilized latices, colloid-stabilized latices.
  • Core-shell polymers.
  • Polymerization methods: Solution polymers, emulsion polymers, resin modificaton and cross-linking systems.
  • Cationic latices and hybrid latices.
  • Functional textile and paper sizes such as water-repellent or oil hold out.t.
  • Conversant in French and German.
  • Expert Witness.


Independent Consultant, Industrial Research Consultant, 2001 - Present

  • Contract research for various companies in a variety of industries.

Omnova Solutions, Inc., 1979-2001

  • A $600M chemical manufacturer consisting of the Performance Chemicals and Decorative and Building Products Divisions supporting the paper, textile, carpet, non-woven and building products industries.
  • Scientist, Specialty Polymers and Paper Business Units, Developed patented paper lubricant for high temperature applications. Created innovative and unique proprietary technology for paper coatings and filtration. Concept was nominated for an Omnova Technology Award.
  • Senior Research Associate, New technology for the paper, non-woven and textile industries. Developed non-formaldehyde thermosetting resins. New binder insolubilizer technology for specialty paper coatings. Binders for roofing and filtration. Maintained sizing agent and insolubilizer product lines.
  • Research Associate, Maintained and improved starch insolubilizer product line for paper coatings. Handled analytical work for FDA petitions.
  • Senior Chemist, Developed more economical non-formaldehyde insolubilizer for paper coatings.
  • Chemist, Developed method to detect ultra-low levels of formaldehyde on fabric. Analytical work on FDA petitions.

Honors & Publications

  • Recipient Gencorp Technology Award; Nominated Omnova Technology Award
  • Professional associations: American Chemical Society; Electron Microscopy Center, University of South Carolina; Industrial Advisory Board, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of South Carolina
  • Publications (8): Non-Formaldehyde Thermosetting Technology; Starch Graft Technology; Insolubilizers
  • Patents (25): Paper Coating Lubricant; Hydrophobically Modified Resin Composition for Graphics Applications; Aminoplast Resins and Their Use as a Crosslinking Agent for Cellulose; Paper Coating Composition Containing a Zirconium Chelate Insolubilzer


  • MS, Organic Synthesis,University of Pittsburgh
  • BS, Chemistry, University of South Carolina
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