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Computer Programming and Human Interaction Consultant and Expert Witness

Technical Consultant #1257


  • Computer, human, and systems symbiosis.
  • Human computer interactions and research.
  • Data analysis, particularly as relates to computer/human interactions.
  • Computer programming and documentation.
  • Statistics and partial pattern matching.
  • Computer systems analysis and application.
  • Trade secret analysis and expert witness.
  • Operating system environments: CP/M, DOS, Window 3.1, Windows 9x, UNIX.


Independent Consultant 1977 - Present

Selected engagements are summarized below

  • Served as an expert on computer and computer-related issues to law firms and professional engineering firms.
  • Served as an expert for an intellectual property lawyer in a patent case that required reverse-engineering the software in a proprietary device to determine whether or not there was a patent issue.
  • Analyzed the computer and systems requirements for a small landscaping consulting firm that required a specialized taxonomy for the plants used to replant deserts in the Middle East. The major effort was to educate personnel in setting up the taxonomy to avoid their attributing "Chuman" judgmental powers to a computer system.
  • Assisted a check-cashing firm in specifying and purchasing a point-of-sale system that allowed for different rates for different kinds of checks, as well as the sale of incidentals such as cigarettes, gum, lottery tickets, and condoms.
  • Served as an expert witness, analyzing statistics in a lawsuit brought for discrimination on the basis of age. Created a program that does a complete statistical analysis of two-by-two tables using the Fischer Exact Test, as well as computing the chi statistic and the odds ratio. Utilized program as a witness in a discrimination case.
  • Designed, developed, and implemented a system for analyzing nutrient data and preparing reports. The input to the system is a "Clottery card" on which foods have been coded. The computer was special-purpose computer with a mark-sense card reader and a thermal paper printer, designed for stand-alone use without monitor or keyboard. The system was written in QuickBASIC, and uses a proprietary data base.
  • Designed and implemented a system for tracking drug testing information. The system maintained all of the required records, as well as tracked the physicians, testees, and test kits. The system was implemented in PC/FOCUS and Microsoft Professional BASIC.
  • Designed and implemented several data bases (totaling on the order of 20 Gbytes) to permit the common manipulation of a number of different government studies on nutrition using current nutrition data rather than the data originally used in the studies. The implementation was done using FOCUS under CMS on an IBM 3083.
  • Recommended systems improvements for a Health Maintenance Organization, both at a managerial and computer systems level, and evaluated the desirability of purchasing a computer; advised against the establishment of an in-house computing facility, but for the purchase of a computer to be operated on a facilities management basis by an outside vendor.
  • With the explicit permission of UNISYS, developed a simulator for the UNIVAC I and UNIVAC II computers and the UNIVAC High Speed Printer. The simulator includes a number of hardware anomalies that existed in the original UNIVACs. It can, optionally, simulate a UNIVAC II instruction that was available for installation on a UNIVAC I, as well as a modification to UNIVAC I called Overdrive. The simulator was written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, and is currently publicly available as freeware.
  • Analyzed the work flow in the pension area of a major New York insurance company.

Franklin Electronic Publishers, Inc, Mt. Holly NJ, Senior Software Engineer 1992 - 1998

  • Designed and implemented software for hand-held information retrieval devices. Designed and implemented data compression software.
  • Designed and implemented a system to normalize assembly language code, and to find common subroutines.
  • Designed, implemented and documented a number of additions to the set of UNIX utilities.

Equitable Life Assurance Society, New York, NY, Senior Manager, Technical Support 1972 - 1977

  • Consulted with various departments on systems design, integration, planning, and conversion.
  • Participated in international programming language standardization.

RCA Computer Systems Division, Riverton, NJ, Manager, Language Systems Standards and Research 1965 - 1972

  • Participated in international programming language standardization and developed experimental language design tools.
  • Developed systems for data base management.
  • Developed a PL/I complier design.

Honors & Publications

Two US patents.

Professional Societies and Designations

  • Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers
  • IEEE Computer Society
  • Association for Computing Machinery
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • American College of Forensic Examiners
  • New Jersey Academy of Sciences, Member
  • British Computer Society
  • Sigma Xi (Scientific Research Society of North America)
  • Data Processing Management Association and successor.
  • Independent Computer Consultant's Association


  • Numerous %u2013 list furbished upon request
  • Publication topics include computer languages, Y2K, artificial intelligence, taxonomy for programming, and computer security.


  • Ph.D, Philosophy, Greenwich University, Hilo, HI
  • MSE, Electrical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania
  • BA, Physics, University of Pennsylvania
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