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Expert in Plastic Characterization, Plastic Applications, Plastic and Coating Stabilization, Plastic Additives and Modifiers and Plastic Expert Witness

Technical Consultant #1256


  • Polymer material analysis expert for amorphous and crystalline polymers in commercial markets.
  • Plastic and polymer physical property analysis and stabilization of properties.
  • Molecular modifications and use of compatabilizers to reuse waste plastic materials for new products, such as recycled tire rubber and carpet fiber wastes.
  • Polymer additive expert: Plastic additives, plastic antioxidants, UV stabilizers, fillers, minerals and lubricants.
  • Plastic color concentrate expert focusing on plastic colorants, discoloration, pigment, dyes, masterbatch formulations and the stabilization of colorants.
  • Analytical techniques for polymer characterization, including MS, GC-MS, LC-MS, HPLC, TGAMS, FTIR and UV spectral analysis, ion chromatography, ICP, AES and many other instrumental methods.
  • Forensic and non-forensic identification of polymer materials and polymer additives.
  • Failure modes and causes of failure in plastics and breakdown of coatings.
  • Plastics reverse engineering and problem solving.
  • Polypropylene composition and olefin technology.
  • Stabilization of polymers.
  • Food stabilizers, food preservatives and enzyme inhibitors related to food.
  • Chromatographic and other techniques for polymer analysis to identify formulated ingredients, including dyes, colorants, additives, minerals and other additives.
  • Applied applications of polymers for automobiles, fibers, films, agricultural and container industries.
  • Injection molding and rotomolding plastic forming processes.
  • Expert in plastics and polymer patent analysis, providing legal support including: Patent defense, patent prosecution, patent writing, assessment of existing patents, provisional patent filing and patent strategy.


Undisclosed Company, President, 2003 - Present

Contract Consultant for the Plastics and Coating Industry Worldwide.

  • Providing analytical support services in the field of GC MS, Ion Chromatography, LC, FTIR, UV, Proton and Carbon 13 NMR, ICPAES, extractions, wet chemistries and analytical method development.
  • Contract consulting for military, industrial, commercial, residential, product development and research and development and with consulting in the fields of metal composites, molecular design, nanotechnology, inorganic and organic chemistry related to ultraviolet stabilizers, processing aides, odor and taste chemistries, biocides and related antimicrobials chemistries, colorants dyes and pigments and related organo-mineral filler chemistries.
  • Recent work in nanotechnology for major corporate entity on a resolution to the problems of antagonism of nanoparticles in thermoplastics.
  • Finalized a metal composite project for military ballistics requiring non-abrasive metal composites up to 96% metal to binder.
  • Developed new lubricant technology to allow metal polymer alloys to be extruded and injection molded into parts.
  • The use of new technologies requiring complex organic compounds as food stabilizers, preservatives, enzyme inhibitors, and suppressants in maturation aging of fruits and vegetables.
  • Worldwide collaboration with China, India, East and West Europe, NAFTA on related marketing and sales of new innovative products for the plastic and coating industry.

Clariant Corporation, Charlotte, NC, Product Development Manager, 1997 - 2003

Plastic Additives and Coatings Department

  • Provided NAFTA technical support and product development and patent guidance to the Plastic Additive and Coatings markets.
  • Provided sales and technical service and customer support to both domestic and international sales and marketing.
  • Manage, supervise and coordinate laboratory for NAFTA customer and sales support.
  • Provide technical literature, lectures and seminars, analytical support for coatings and plastic additives.
  • New method development for analytical support, troubleshooter and problem solver to numerous problems in plastic additives and coatings.
  • Developed and implemented new molecular modifier technology for condensation polymers that grew in two years with sales of $1 million and high EBIT.
  • Received the American Chemical Society Award for Innovation in Chemistry for the Southwest United States as a result of this new chemistry.
  • Increased sales and market share by expanding the scope and end use applications of existing product driven products, such as new NAFTA markets and applications.

Sandoz Corporation, Charlotte, NC, Technical Service Manager, 1992 - 1997

  • Provided Technical Service for pigments and additives for plastic and coating in NAFTA markets. Managed and coordinated technical service projects for sales and marketing and customer support.
  • Provided technical seminars, training and lectures to customers and sales force.
  • Coordination of technical efforts between international affiliates and the United States.
  • Lectures and papers on both coatings and plastic additives at domestic conferences.
  • Patent coordination and strategic implementation of commercially successful inventions to market.
  • Increased sales of key commercially available Plastic Additives by discovering new end use applications and convincing existing and new customers to trial and eventually purchasing these products.

American Cyanamid Company, NJ and CT, 1989 - 1992

Coating and Plastic Additives Department, Principal Investigator

  • Provided technical support, research and development guidance and synthesis of new coating additives to both domestic and international sales and marketing.
  • Managed and coordinated technical service in developing performance data for technical literature, seminars and lectures for coating resins.
  • Troubleshooter and established new markets by reducing theoretical and technical concepts to practical solutions and recommendations.
  • Increased sales in coating stabilizers by $2 million and polymer additives by $2.7 million in Latin America.
  • Developed and implemented a computerized customer service tool to enhance sales and marketing efforts.
  • Discovered new UVA chemistries for coating and plastic additive applications.

Senior Technical Service Chemist, 1985 - 1989

  • Provided technical service support, seminars, lectures and domestic and international sales of polymer additives. Coordinated and guided research and development projects to completion.
  • Interfaced with plant and manufacturing personnel, patent and toxicology departments.
  • Supervised lab function and personnel, implemented annual research and development programs of new polymer additives.
  • Developed analytical techniques for physical and chemical testing of polymers and additives.
  • Experimentally demonstrated and implemented new theoretical understanding of HALS and co-stabilizers in CR polyolefins, which resulted in new market penetration.
  • Applied knowledge of international polyolefin manufacturing, process and related problems to results-oriented sales of new products.
  • Played a key role in improving market share of polymer additives.
  • Developed performance data for individual products, solved problems at grassroots level, and discovered new markets for weak selling additives.

Shell Development Company, Houston, TX, Polymer Research Chemist, 1973 - 1985

  • Function involved research and product development of polyolefins and related polymers at the Westhollow Research and Development Center and Woodbury PRTC in New Jersey.
  • Supervised evaluation of all vendor products to determine weaknesses and strengths.
  • Interfaced with domestic and Shell International analytical support, manufacturing, marketing and sales groups.

Honors & Publications


  • Naval Training: Great Lakes Naval Training Center
  • Naval Electronics School
  • Interior Communications School
  • U.S. Naval Diving School - San Diego, CA

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Society of Plastic Engineers
  • Polymer Modifiers and Additives
  • Medical and Diagnostics
  • Society of Coating Technology
  • American Chemical Society
  • Association of Rotomolders
  • American Plasticulture


  • ACS Innovation Award in Chemistry for the SW United States for work leading to Molecular Recognition Additives for Plastics.

Publications and Patents

  • Over a dozen U.S. Patents in the field of plastics, coatings, and waxes; seven pending patents.


Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Texas, Houston, TX

B.S. Chemistry, University of Texas, Houston, TX

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