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Composite Materials Mold and Manufacturing Expert

Technical Consultant #1212


  • Composite materials, processes, engineering and product development.
  • Composite mold, preform, tool, part and component design and production.
  • High energy physics materials and applications.
  • Superconducting magnet/MRI science, engineering and design.
  • Composites applications for auto, bus, truck and lightweight structures.
  • Magnetic levitation (MAGLEV) development and promotion.
  • Expert witness for insurance companies and law firms and international advisory to research organizations and industries within the European Community.


Led firm specializing in composite products, composite fabrication, mold making and mold technology and business and technology development and marketing program management.

  • Business Development: Developing technologies and subsequently arising businesses for over 35 years. His experience in materials and product development and manufacturing usually lead to the development of a business and business marketing approaches for his clients.
  • Composite Material/Composite Material Selection: Specialist in composite materials and processes. Author of several books that focus on the use of composite materials for the fabrication of master models, patterns, molds, tools, and accessories. Four decades of experience in all of these areas.
  • Composite Preforms: For various vacuum assisted molding techniques such as: RLI (Resin Liquid Infusion); RFI (Resin Film Infusion); VARTM (Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding); CRTM (Continuous Resin Transfer Molding; RARTM (Rubber Assisted Resin Transfer Molding; UVRTM (Ultraviolet energy cured Resin Transfer Molding); SCRIMP (Seeman Composites Company Resin Injection Molding Process; ARTM (Advanced Resin Transfer Molding; VIP (Vacuum Infusion Process), and VIMP (Variable Infusion Molding Process).
  • Public Transportation/Superconducting Magnet: Leader in the development of transportation technologies, not only in composite materials and processes for automobiles, buses, trucks, trains, and related sectors but also in the demonstration of magnetic levitation (MAGLEV). Over 25 years of experience in the selection and application of materials in the high-energy physics community, the manufacturing of superconducting magnets used in the medical MRI industry, plus superconducting magnets for MAGLEV "trains," and is a co-inventor in this technology area.
  • NASA, DOD, DOE, FRA, FTA, DOC, and FDOT Consulting: Technical advisor for NASA/Johnson Space Center Crew Return Vehicle, and X38 Space Plane Program in Houston; Principal, Executive Director and Program Developer of MAGLEV 2000 of Florida Corporation and DP Maglev Technology, Inc.

Honors & Publications

  • Advanced Composite Mold Making sponsored by the Society of Plastics Engineers and published by Van Nostrand Reinhold and Krieger Publishing.
  • Patents in the art of reinforced plastics, composites and superconductivity.
  • Author of many technical papers on advanced composite materials and processes,
  • Contributed chapter on Composite Mold Making to the International Encyclopedia of Composites published by VCH Publishing Company.
  • %u201CAdvanced Composites World Reference Dictionary%u201D for Krieger Publishing Co.


  • B.S., Materials Engineering, New York University
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