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Sensor Consultant: Expert in Chemical Sensors, Moisture and Humidity Sensors, Sensors Temperature and Sensors for Electro Chemistry

Technical Consultant #1156


  • Design and development of sensors, spectroscopy, detectors, particle analysis analyzers, controls, pyrometers and pyrometers.
  • Detection, measurement and control of temperature, moisture, humidity.
  • Temperature and moisture sensor development and new product launches.
  • High temperature bromine electrode.
  • Automatic disappearing filament optical pyrometer.
  • Guarded-layer moisture sensor for oil.
  • Diffused solid state lamps


General Manager, Sensor and Analyzer Strategy, North Wales, PA

  • Improved technology and launched a modern disappearing filament optical pyrometer; completed an analysis of selected distributed control system markets; and improved two different moisture-in-oil analysis

Industrial Applications Manager and Product Manager, Honeywell, Inc., Fort Washington, PA

  • Launched a water/oil analyzer, trained distributors, coordinated an award-winning sensor presentation and helped guide a successful acquisition integration.

Director, Research, Development and Engineering, Gow-Mac Instrument Co., Bethlehem, PA

  • Discovered a new gas detection mechanism allowing a 1000X increase in sensitivity.

Manager, Engineering and Research and Development, TBI Bailey Controls, Carson City NV

  • Secured ISO 9001 certification and conceived of a self-calibrating conductivity sensor. Directed 8 professionals in pH and electrolytic conductivity product development and provided manufacturing and field support.

Principal Scientist and Market Manager, Leeds & Northrop Co., North Wales, PA

  • Developed the first guarded layer water-in-transformer-oil sensor; sold the first thin film radiation thermometer; sold the first equilibrium dissolved oxygen analyzer; patented an automatic disappearing filament optical pyrometer; demonstrated an emissivity-independent pyrometer; launched a particle size analyzer.

Research and management at Rutgers University, General Electric Company and Solar Energy Systems

  • Invented a high-temperature Br2 electrode, eliminated light-robbing bubbles from solid-state lamp epoxy; developed thin film IR analysis; reduced photovoltaic solar cell production costs by 25%.

Honors & Publications

  • Invited to serve on the National Research Council (NRC) Board of Assessment of National Bureau of Standards (NBS) Programs--Panel for Chemical Technology
  • Appointed to the Board of Directors North Wales Water Authority, North Wales, PA
  • "Relative Cation Mobilities in Silver Bromide-Potassium Bromide Melts”
  • "Nondestructive Determination of The Composition and Thickness of Thin Films of Pyrolytically Deposited Borosilicate Glass by Infrared Absorption”
  • "A New High Speed Broad Band Glass Pyrometer”
  • "Microprocessor Directed Optical Pyrometer" U. S. Patent
  • "Radiation Ratio Thermometry," Chapter 6 in Theory and Practice of Radiation Thermometry
  • "Temperature Control," pp. 529-541 in ASM Handbook, Volume 4 - Heat Treating
  • "Determination of PPB Levels of Impurities in Specialty Gases by Gas Chromatography with a Discharge Ionization Detector”
  • "Capacitive moisture detector and method of making the same," U. S. Patent


  • Ph. D., Physical Chemistry, Rutgers University
  • A. B. Chemistry
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