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Nanomaterial Consultant: Application in Thin Films, Inks, Magnetic compounds and Expert Witness of Nanomaterial Technology

Technical Consultant #1004


  • Expert in nanomaterials and nanotechnology.
  • Application of nanomaterials to inks and magnetic components.
  • Vapor deposition of three dimensional anisotropic nanomaterial structured thin films.
  • Expert witness for nanomaterial patent and technology issues.
  • Expert in technology transfer, process optimization and migration.
  • Expert in materials formulation.
  • Expertise in Impedance Spectroscopy.
  • Expertise in electro-chemical sensors.
  • Competence in practical thermodynamics.


2001 - Present Founder of Nanomaterials Business

1998 - 2001 Nanomaterials Research Corporation, Director of Sales and Marketing:

1994 - 1998 TAM Ceramics Inc. (Cookson Group), System Scientist

1990 - 1994 Cambridge University and Cookson Technology Center, England, Research Associate:


  • Developed, documented and implemented a Sales and Marketing strategy for the introduction of nanomaterials into the advanced materials marketplace.
  • Directly responsible for all customer interaction, technical support, contract negotiations and new product development.
  • Developed numerous formulations and processing steps in the application of nanocrystalline materials.
  • Supplied technical and management expertise in the development and implementation of a recrystallization material production facility.
  • Developed a novel dielectric system which utilized base metal electrodes and the equipment required for its successful processing. Tasked with taking this system to market; this product now grosses multiple millions annually.
  • Developed a novel family of high K Y5V type dielectrics in nine months of research.
  • Designed and introduced a computer generated mathematical model delineating cause and effect in materials as a function of processing for MLCC (Multi-Layer Capacitors) fabrication.
  • Modeling of multi-component dielectric systems to facilitate the fundamental understanding of the system and theoretical verification of the resulting electrical responses.
  • Modeling of a set of thermodynamic equilibrium for Base Metal Electrode (BME) dielectric systems.
  • Database design and management - Designed and constructed a relational database for use in RandD data management.
  • Primary expertise is in nanomaterials, nanotechnology, advanced ceramics and technical due diligence Cookson Technology Center, Oxfordshire, England.
  • Consultant for the electric characterization and improvement of ionic conductivity of solid electrolytes for use in sensor and fuel cell applications.
  • Expert consultant on the application and interpretation of Impedance Spectroscopy (non-destructive testing and quantification of electrical properties).
  • Consultant for the material selection of a high temperature bellow system for use in corrosive environments.
  • Consultant and due diligence on Chemical Vapor Deposition techniques of A1 and A1 compounds.
  • Technical liaison in the litigation and formulation of four patent opinions. Work included technical verification and validation, searching and compiling patent history and co-authoring the final opinions.

Honors & Publications

  • More than 15 filed patents and pending patents.
  • Multiple publications in the area of nanomaterials, nanofabrication technology, dielectric particles and construction of multi layered thin films.


  • Ph.D. Physics/Material Science, Cambridge University, England
  • B.Sc. Physics and B.Sc. Mathematics, Northern Arizona University
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