X-Ray Diffraction Analyst and Expert Witness in Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals, Determination of Polymorph Types, Structural and Failure Analysis, Metal Processing Methods

Technical Consultant #925


  • X-ray diffraction analysis for characterization of inorganic and organic materials.
  • Development of X-ray diffraction techniques and equipment.
  • Patent law, expert witness and technology related to X-ray diffraction, counterfeit pharmaceuticals, determination of polymorph types and failure analysis.
  • Materials synthesis for ceramics and metals.
  • Determination of polymorph types in pharmaceuticals.
  • Development of methods for detecting counterfeit pharmaceuticals.
  • Polymorph stability testing.
  • Solid background in characterization techniques.
  • Structural and failure analysis of materials deformed by fatigue and stress corrosion cracking.
  • Metal processing methods and semiconductor characterization.
  • 26 years' experience in teaching X-ray analysis methods.


Undisclosed Company, Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board, 2004 - Present

  • Co-founder of company designing and developing material authentication and detection solutions with technology that combines forensic analysis and penetrating power of X-rays, allowing rapidly verification of materials inside their original sealed package.
  • Design and prove concept for noninvasive testing for counterfeit pharmaceuticals.
  • Develop key technology elements based on patented technology.
  • Explore new markets and applications.

Undisclosed Company, Chief Scientist, 1997 - Present

  • Co-founder of company and full responsibility for technical function.
  • Analytical services including full-service X-ray diffraction, electron microscopy studies, quantitative and qualitative analysis and litigation support and services as expert witness.
  • Develop new analytical techniques.
  • Develop new markets and interface with clients.
  • Principal investigator for corporate and government research programs.
  • Expert witness, patent reviews, laboratory testing and report generation.
  • Wide range of materials studied - pharmaceuticals, ceramics, semiconductors, polymers, metals, composites, etc.
  • Preparation of proposals.

Rutgers University, NJ, Professor, 1978 - Present

  • Emeritus status starting in 2009.
  • Full Professor from 1994 - 2009.
  • Conducted $22 million in research and development projects as principal investigator.
  • Responsible for running centralized X-ray facility.
  • Taught X-ray courses at the graduate and undergraduate level.
  • Responsible for training of post-doctoral students in advanced X-ray techniques.
  • Responsible for proposal generation and supervision of Research and Development personnel.

TRW, OK, Metallurgical Engineer, 1976 - 1978

  • Responsible for metal material selection and failure analysis.
  • Field and laboratory testing.
  • Writing material specifications.
  • Supervised small team of technicians.

Olin Metals Research, CT, Metallurgist, 1972 - 1976

  • Alloy and product development.
  • Solve manufacturing problems.
  • Failure analysis.
  • Report preparation.

Harry Diamond Labs (Army Material Command), DC, Physics, 1970 - 1972

  • Development of ZnO piezoelectric transducers.
  • Sputter deposition of metals and mixed compounds.
  • Characterization of microwave performance.
  • Stability testing for radiation exposure.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University
  • International Centre for Diffraction Data
  • American Ceramic Society
  • ASTM, Association, Materials Research Society, TMS, AIP
  • American Crystallographic
  • Member, Sigma Xi Honorary Society
  • Thesis Advisor, Rutgers University
  • Course Instructor at Rutgers University (7 undergraduate & 11 graduate courses)
  • Visiting Lecturer, Shanghai Technical College
  • ICDD Education Subcommittee
  • ICDD Metals Subcommittee
  • Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University
  • International Centre for Diffraction Data
  • TMS (NJ Chapter) Program Committee
  • TMS (NJ Chapter) Student Affairs Committee
  • Referee for a number of Journals (Applied Physics Letters, Corrosion, Journal of Applied Physics, Journal of Applied Crystallography, Journal of Materials Research, Journal of Electronic Materials, Metallurgical Transactions, Materials Science & Engineering, Nanostructured Materials, Powder Diffraction, Scripta Materialia, Trans of ASME)
  • Proposal Reviewer (National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, State of Connecticut, Associate Director of Advanced Coating Technology Program, Rutgers (ONR funded)
  • Rutgers Surface Modification Research Center, Co-Chair Steering Committee


  • Editor of the Metals Index, The Powder Diffraction File
  • Editor for New Diffraction Data, Powder Diffraction
  • Editorial Staff, PDF-4 Relational Database
  • Editorial Staff, The Blue Book


  • Books Authored - 8
  • Books Edited - 3
  • Database Issues Edited - 22
  • Chapters in Books - 4
  • Published Articles - 137
  • Archived Abstracts - 87
  • Conference Presentations - 102
  • Patents Granted - 7
  • Patents Pending - 4


  • Post-Doc Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ
  • Ph.D. Mechanics and Materials Science, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ
  • M.S. Metallurgical Engineering, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
  • B.S. Physics, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
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