Industrial Chemist - Engineer

Technical Consultant #735


  • Organosilicones: surfactants, emulsions, foams, antifoams, silane coupling agents.
  • Water soluble polymers, gums and resins, poly (ethylene oxide), polyethylene glycol, polyacrylamide.
  • Colloid and surface chemistry: stability of dispersions, wetting and spreading phenomena, suspensions and emulsions, clays, paint and coatings, personal care, cosmetics.
  • Flocculating agents.
  • Applied rheology and designed product flow behavior, rheology modification of non-aqueous media.
  • Lubricants.
  • Medical technology.
  • Chemical product litigation/product liability analysis/personal injury.
  • Expanding technology transfer at the industrial-academic interface.

New Product Development:

  • Creative Problem Solving in the formulation, optimization and testing of new and existing consumer and industrial products.
  • Water soluble polymers, rheology, surface and interfacial chemistry, surface active agents, foams, emulsions, antifoams, lubricants, flocculants, and dispersions.

Product Liability Analysis:

  • Household and industrial products: Safety in design, formulations, packaging and handling.
  • Fires and Explosions: Flammable liquids and gases; flammable fabrics.
  • Properties and safe handling of hazardous materials and waste, materials science behavior/properties, codes and standards analysis (ASTM, ANSI, OSHA, UL).

Technical and product experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Fires and Explosions: cause and origin; aerosols, drain cleaners, primer/sealers, furnaces, ovens, tire inflators, spontaneous combustion, linseed oil, liquefied gases, lacquers and thinners, solvents, gasoline, fire extinguishers and welding.


  • Acids, bases, chlorinated solvents, diesel fuel, diisocyanates, alcohols, formaldehyde, hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, naphtha, nitrosamines, potassium/ sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, vinyl acetate.


  • Adhesives, air fresheners, glues, insecticides, fuels, paints, pesticides, roach sprays, stain, gasoline, windshield washer fluids, brandy.

Chemical Burns

  • Drain cleaners, grease strippers, hair removers, refrigerants, ink cleaners.

Toxic Exposures

  • Allergic sensitivity, adverse chemical reactions, diesel fume exhaust, enzymes, combustion toxicology, industrial chemicals, and household products.


Undisclosed Company, President, 1992 - Present

  • Consultation to attorneys in product liability analysis and chemical safety issues.
  • Review and analysis of over 250 product liability cases.
  • Consultation on intellectual property matters including patent infringement cases.
  • Consultation to major chemical and medical products corporations for new product development.
  • Filed over 18 EPA applications for pesticide registration.
  • Science and medical writer.
  • Journalist for Chemical Market Reporter.
  • Skilled information research; internet and people networking, PC/Mac literate.

Union Carbide Corporation, (2 sites) NY, Development Scientist, 1973 - 1992

  • Provided technical consultation to hundreds of multinational industrial and consumer-oriented companies.
  • Responsible for world-wide technical support of POLYOXR (polyethylene oxide).
  • Water-Soluble Resins.
  • Directed development of new poly (acrylamide) polymer and poly (ethylene oxide) flocculants for industrial clay dispersions including clays, taconite ore and phosphatic slimes.

Project Scientist, 1973 - 1979

  • Conceived and patented self-dispersing and transient silicone antifoams.
  • Conducted research on fuel combustion; developed silicone additives for increasing fuel combustion efficiency.
  • Consulted on effect of silicone surfactants as flame retardants for polyurethane foam.

Research Engineer, 1966 - 1973

  • Conducted applied research in silicone surface active agents.
  • Enhanced silicone emulsion stability.
  • Assembled and classified mathematical models of liquid flow behavior.
  • Consultant to major brick companies in development of aqueous-based brick lubricants.
  • Developed "Light Water" type aqueous film-forming fire-fighting foam widely used by military and civilians for airplane crash fires.

Honors & Publications


  • FRSC, CChem: Chartered Chemist and Fellow - Royal Society of Chemistry (London)
  • FAIC, CPC: Certified Professional Chemist and Fellow - American Institute of Chemists, National Certification Commission in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • FAIC, CChE: Certified Professional Chemical Engineer and Fellow - American Institute of Chemists, National Certification Commission in Chemistry and Chemical Eng.
  • FACFE, BCFE: Fellow and Board Certified Forensic Examiner, American College of Forensic Examiners, Certified in Chemical Engineering. Certified in pain management.
  • Burner design, combustion in fired heaters; flare design and operation, furnace operation, John Zink Burner School.
  • Fundamentals of Textiles, Clemson University

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Director, Executive Board - Assoc. of Consulting Chemists and Chem. Engineers
  • American Chemical Society - Div. of Colloid and Surface Chemistry
  • American Society for Testing and Materials - Member of 14 standards-making committees.
  • National Association of Science Writers, American Medical Writers Association


  • Valor Award, Chemical Processing Magazine.

Publications and Patents

  • Author of 4 books, 38 publications in peer reviewed scientific/engineering journals, and 25 invited seminars.
  • 20 patents.


  • M. S. Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn, NY
  • B. S. Chemical Engineering - Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, NY
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