Infrared Spectroscopy Consultant: Research on Polymers and Crystals and Testing and Certification of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Food and Cosmetics

Technical Consultant #693


Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) Applications:

  • Spectroscopy testing and certification of pharmacological, food, and cosmetic raw materials, API, and products.
  • Investigations of polymer and crystal medical implants.
  • Spectroscopic investigations and certification of biocompatible polymer and crystalline implants.
  • Development of laser-spectroscopic methods of analysis of metalloproteins (systems metal ligand) in cells.
  • Spectroscopic studies and interpretation of mono layers of cells and tissue before and after laser influence by methods of vibrational spectroscopy.
  • Vibrational spectroscopy of nanostructures and nanomaterials.
  • Micro-Raman analysis of carbon and polymer fibers.
  • Investigations of new organic conjugated polymers by vibrational and femtosecond laser spectroscopy methods.
  • Exiton-phonon interactions in nonlinear organic materials.
  • Analysis of silicon-based thin films on the semiconductor and polymer surfaces for microelectronics.
  • Spectroscopy of phase transitions and mesomorphous phases in crystals, liquid crystals, ferro electrics, and polymers.
  • Symmetry and structure of crystals in the nearest vicinity of phase transitions.


Consultant, 1996,University of Nevada and University of Wisconsin

  • Visiting Scientist
  • Specialists and consultant on Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy FTIR.
  • Application of new optical fiber technology to clinical use of FTIR.

Senior Research Assistant, Institute of Spectroscopy Russian Academy of Sciences, Troitsk, Moscow Region, Russia, 1989 - 1996

  • Laboratory study of ultrafast processes and vibrational spectroscopy of molecules and biomolecules.
  • Phase transition studies and solid state physics of crystals, liquid crystals, polymers, implants and modification of their surfaces.
  • Studies of organic semiconductors, super hard materials, nanostructures, thin films and surface characteristics and modification.
  • Spectral biomedical diagnostics of tissue and biological fluids.

Research Assistant, Institute of Spectroscopy Academy of Sciences, Troitsk, Moscow Region, Russia, 1986 - 1989

  • Investigations of IR spectra and optical constants of polymer films; surface and guided polaritons in the polymer films.
  • Studies of polymer implants (artificial crystalline lenses, cardiac valves.)

Junior Research Assistant, Institute of Spectroscopy Academy of Sciences,

Troitsk, Moscow Region, Russia, 1976 - 1986

  • Application of FIR, Raman, Far IR and submillimeter spectroscopy to crystals, liquid crystals, semiconductors, polymers and phase transitions.
  • Investigation of the phenomena "order- disorder" in the liquid crystals and ferro electrics in the vicinity of phase transitions.

Senior Engineer, Institute of Spectroscopy Academy of Sciences,Troitsk, Moscow Region, Russia, 1969 - 1978

  • FTIR, low frequency RI (far IR) Raman spectroscopy of liquid crystals in the nearest vicinity of phase transitions in the internal of 1o.
  • Low and high temperature phase transitions and phonon spectroscopy in the far IR.
  • Investigations of symmetry and rebuilding of crystal lattice in the vicinity of the phase transitions. Studies of the crystallinity in the polymers in the far IR.

Honors & Publications

  • Nearly 200 papers and publications, primarily on FTIR


  • B. S., Physics, St. Petersburg State University
  • M. S., Physics, St. Petersburg State University
  • Ph.D., Physics/Mathematics Science, Institute Of Spectroscopy, Academy of Sciences USSR, Troitsk, Moscow Region
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