Ceramics Consultant: Surface and Colloidal Science; Sol Gel Processing, Aerogels Nanomaterials and Nano Fabrication.

Technical Consultant #381


  • Synthesis and processing of novel ceramic materials for superior properties and performances.
  • Surface and colloidal science of ceramic particles and sol-gel processing and applications, often using external forces such as radiation or magnetic/electric fields to obtain novel structure and properties.
  • Surface and interfacial phenomena of materials including dispersion of colloidal particles, adsorption/desorption isotherms, steric stabilization of ceramic particles and self-assembly of nanostructure.
  • Surface modification of inorganic materials to control such properties as optical, electrical, mechanical (abrasion) and chemical resistance.
  • Ceramic nanoparticle synthesis and investigation of surface charge, particle characteristics, solubility, rheology, polymer adsorption, and surface species.
  • Chemical synthesis of novel material at low temperatures.
  • Fabrication and processing of electronic and optical/photonic materials, e.g., ultra high dielectric constant materials, inorganic/organic hybrid materials, electro-optical coatings and films, synthesis of novel inorganic polymers, and electrochemical methods for inorganic coatings, conjugate materials, luminescence and conducting ceramics.
  • Research on novel and practical methods for depositing thick films or thin tapes for electronic applications.


Professor, School of Materials Science and Engineering, 1986 to Present

  • Teaches courses in Materials Science, Surface and Colloid Science, Ceramic Process­ing, and performs graduate research.
  • Participating faculty member in, Center for Advanced Engineering Fibers and Composites, and Materials Science and Engineer­ing Program.
  • Research in inorganic ceramic materials, nano materials, nano fabrication, composite material systems, gels, colloids, surfaces and carbon fibers.

Fullbright Visiting Professor of Materials Science, Norwegian Institute of Technolo­gy, Trondheim, Norway 1989

  • Conducted research on synthesis and sintering of alumi­num nitride.
  • Production of ultra low density transparent aerogels.
  • Lectured a senior course in Solid State Chemistry, Chapters on Electronic Properties of Materials.

Graduate Research Assistant 1982-1986

  • Ceramic processing: Polymer binders and adsorption of the polymer onto ceramic particulates; surface chemistry of aluminas; sol-gel processing of ceramic/glass materials; silicon polymer syntheses; modifications of silicon polymers; oxidation studies of silicon carbides; and, high tempera­ture ceramic composite syntheses and testing.

Analytical Chemist, Biospherics Incorporated, Rockville, MD. 1970 -1977

  • Performed physical, chemical and biological analysis of environmental pollutants.

Honors & Publications

  • More than 80 professional papers and many issued patents.


  • B.A. Chemistry, Southern College, Collegedale, TN
  • M.A. Chemistry, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI
  • M.Eng. Materials Science and Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
  • Ph. D. Material Science and Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
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