Polyurethane Foams Expert

Technical Consultant #2295


  • Foams and foaming.
  • Structure formation in Polyurethane and other polymers.
  • Structure to properties relations in materials.
  • Micromechanical modeling.
  • Liquids and glasses.
  • Phase transitions, glass transition, and solidification.
  • Modeling, problem solving in materials.
  • Nucleation, including gas bubble nucleation. Foams.
  • Surface contact and interactions.
  • Soft and hard breakdown in composites.
  • Pattern recognition in noisy environments (theory).
  • First principles-based modeling and problem solving in materials.
  • Physical bonding and molecular aggregation in glasses and liquids.
  • Leakage current, soft and hard breakdown mechanisms in dielectrics.
  • Nano-structure, its dynamics and recognition. Glass transition.
  • Dynamic networks in polymers and biopolymers.


Undisclosed Company, Consultant, 1999 - Present

  • Structure to properties relationships in polymers.
  • Structure formation in polyurethanes.
  • Modeling foam initiation and growth in polymers.

Undisclosed University, 1993 - Present

  • Research Professor

NASA Glenn (Lewis) Center, Cleveland OH, Aerospace Materials Consultant, 1996 - 2001

  • Near-critical liquids.
  • Macromolecular crystallization.
  • Coating.

Institute of Nuclear Physics, 1978 - 1997

  • Principal Research Fellow

Novosibirsk State University, 1967 - 1992

  • Professor of Physics

Honors & Publications


  • Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Ph.D. equivalent), SD Academy of Sciences of USSR.
  • Focused studies: Low Temperature Engineering, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, USSR. Theoretical Science: Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems, Moscow, USSR.

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Fellowships: APS (2003), National Center for Microgravity Research in Fluids and Combustion and NASA, Lewis Research Center.


  • Labor Honor Medal, USSR
  • Scientific Achievement Diploma, USSR Academy of Sciences
  • Veteran of Siberian Division (Diploma and Medal), USSR Academy of Sciences
  • Landau Prize, USSR Academy of Sciences
  • Professor in Physics and Mathematics (Diploma, Honorary), Novosibirsk State University, Novosibirsk, Russia

Publications and Patents

  • Author and Co-Author of over 150 papers in major journals, 1 book and educational text (chapters).
  • One patent, (Russia, USSR)


  • Ph.D. Science: Physics, Mathematics, WTINT, Kharkov, USSR
  • M.S. Physical Engineering, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, USSR
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