Polymer Coatings and Composites, Electrical and Electronic Materials Consultant

Technical Consultant #2237


  • Polymer coatings and composites.
  • Polymer surface functionalization.
  • High voltage materials.
  • Polymer, metal and ceramic surfaces.
  • Electrical insulation materials.
  • Polymer/ceramic filler optimized interfaces.
  • Conducting polymers.
  • Polymer structure property relationships.
  • Polymer electronic and electrical properties.
  • Nanomaterials and processes.
  • Polymer synthesis and characterization.
  • Polymer metallization and adhesion science.
  • Battery electrode materials.
  • Flexible circuits and manufacturing processes.
  • Electronics packaging materials.
  • Antistatic materials.
  • Product quality testing and failure analysis.
  • New technology development, from concept to scale up and commercialization.


Undisclosed Company, 1987 - 2015

Senior Research Specialist, Corporate Research Materials Laboratory, 2001 - 2015

  • Platform Leader and Lead Material Scientist responsible for conducting both fundamental and applied research on advanced polymeric materials and systems for wide range of electrical and electronic applications.
  • Key member of senor technical staff who developed and executed new technology platforms, growth strategies and vision for Corporate Research Materials Laboratory.
  • Led the efforts in technology transfer, scale up and commercialization through new technology introduction schemes by aligning with global business units.
  • Developed novel polymer ceramic composites with tunable electrical properties for next generation high voltage cable accessories (resulting in a patent).
  • Invented a novel polymer coating and a system solution to enhance the electrical breakdown strength of high voltage electrical insulation materials (patent application submitted).
  • Developed surface functionalized microfluidic structures on polyimide flexible circuits for novel point of care electrochemical diagnostic applications (resulting in a patent).
  • Analyzed latest technology trends, formulated strategic plans and technology roadmaps,and provided expert opinion to senior management team.
  • Sponsored academic research, analyzed latest technology trends, formulated strategic plans and technology roadmaps, and provided expert opinion to senior management team on future investment decisions.
  • Trained and coached junior scientists and technicians.

Advanced Research Specialist, Electronics Products Division Laboratory, 1996 - 2001

  • Team Leader and Lead Material Scientist for the development of advanced protective coatings for polyimide flexible circuits used in ink jet printing and electronic packaging.
  • Developed customized photosensitive epoxy acrylate compositions for ink jet and hard disk drive flexible circuit protection.
  • Formulated a high temperature photosensitive and acid developable polyimide system for electronics packaging (resulting in a patent).
  • Engaged with large customers (HP, Lexmark, Seagate) in new product introduction and commercialization.

Research Specialist, Corporate Research Sector Laboratories, 1991 - 1996

  • Lead materials researcher for the development of novel conducting materials and processes for electronic and electrical applications.
  • Formulated a novel antistatic coating based on vanadium oxide zero gels to enhance. performance and durability of Integrated Circuit (IC) chip carriers (resulting in a patent).
  • Designed a novel chemical process to selectively alter a portion of an electric power cable so as to increase its resistance to render it electrically insulating (resulting in a patent).

Senior Research Chemist, Corporate Research Sector Laboratories, 1987 - 1991

  • Developed a novel metallization process and an adhesion promotion technique for copper on polyimide flexible circuits (resulting in a patent).

University of Missouri, Chemistry Dept., Rolla, MO, Research Assistant Professor, 1985 - 1987

  • Developed a low cost catalytic process to synthesize alkyl alkoxy silane precursors (resulting in a patent).

University of Pennsylvania, Chemistry Dept., Philadelphia, PA, 1981 - 1985

  • Synthesized and characterized novel conducting polymer electrodes for electrochemical cells including secondary batteries and fuel cells (resulting in a patent).


  • Provided training seminars for 3M global technical community.

Honors & Publications

Publications and Patents

  • Over 9 patents and pending applications, trade secrets and external publications


  • Ph.D. Degree, Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
  • B.S. Degree, Chemistry (Hons.), University of Colombo, Colombo, Sri Lanka
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