Petroleum Industry Fired Heat Transfer Equipment Consultant

Technical Consultant #2207


  • Refinery heat transfer equipment in fired equipment operations, plant expansions, and corporate training.
  • Over thirty years of experience with Exxon Research and Engineering, involved primarily with fired heat transfer equipment.
  • Plant start-up.
  • Technical advisor on incinerator barge in Prince William Sound during Valdez oil spill clean-up.
  • Fired equipment operations optimization and training of refinery employees.


Undisclosed Company, Senior Mechanical Advisor, Present

  • Development of technology, consulting, and troubleshooting on multi-million dollar refinery heat transfer equipment, including equipment evaluation, selection and design follow up for boilers, fired heaters, incinerators, flares, and cooling towers.
  • Development of leading practices for boilers and fired heaters as part of corporate energy management system.
  • Responsible for engineering and purchasing practices for boilers, flares and cooling towers, as company delegate to Council of Industrial Boiler Owners and Cooling Tower Institute.
  • Originated and maintained engineering standard on flares.
  • Performed consulting and troubleshooting on following types of boilers: Industrial, package, stokers, fluid bed, circulating fluid bed, HRSG, once through, steam generators and flue gas coolers, fuels cover conventional- oil, gas, coal, and unconventional-CO, tires, MSW, and wood.
  • Performed general equipment assessment, capacity limitations, burner performance, burner test witness, root cause failure analysis, circulation assessment, NOx issues, and bid review assistance.
  • Designed and started up systems on wide variety of company and third party boilers, incinerators, and fired heaters.
  • Designed or revamp/re-rated many fired heaters in variety of services.
  • Lead combustion advisor for technical readiness of in-bed combustion for coking satellite converter.
  • Led survey of NOx and SOx emissions from all refinery equipment for an Argentina refinery.
  • Research and development of special equipment (burners) and emerging technical processes (tar sands and shale oil).
  • Technical and energy planning for U.S. and overseas mega-projects.

Honors & Publications


  • Received Engineering Excellence Award for west coast refinery NOx project.


  • M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Lafayette College, Easton, PA
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