Petroleum Refinery Chemical Turnaround Consultant

Technical Consultant #2161


  • Over thirty-five years of experience in process engineering, operations and maintenance in the petroleum refining industry.
  • Turnaround execution and safety system implementation.
  • Turnaround development and management - able to lead diverse functions and different personalities to accomplish aligned goals.
  • Developing systems for people to work effectively as a team.
  • Operations and maintenance management.
  • Risk based work selections - maintenance.


Independent Contractor, Present

ExxonMobil Baytown Olefins Plant, Baytown Olefins Plant Turnaround Advisor

  • Developed turnaround work scope.
  • Helped advise and lead contractor selection, readiness reviews, milestone development and compliance, coordination of turnaround functional leaders (engineering, machinery, inspection, operations, planning, scheduling, etc.)
  • Advised turnaround management team during all stages of development and execution.

Esso Imperial Refining Nanticoke, Ontario, CA, Turnaround Event Manager

  • Managed turnaround execution on alkylation, crude and vacuum stills, catalytic cracker, hydrotreating, sulfur recovery, flare, high pressure reactor, and specialized units.
  • Reversed the plant's poor performance in turnaround execution to an excellent performance by all measures - safety, quality, reliability, schedule, and cost.

EM Shawnee Films Plant, Technical Manager

  • Led effort to implement integrated improvement plans across all lines with parameters that reduced defects and improved efficiency.
  • Realigned engineering resources with line operations to improve effectiveness.
  • Utilized senior engineering resources to mentor and develop younger engineers.

Maintenance Manager

  • Developed and implemented planning and scheduling systems for base maintenance and large line overhauls.
  • Implemented risk-based work selection for $11 million maintenance budget.
  • Eliminated unnecessary contracting activities to reduce maintenance budget by $1 million.


  • Offsites, Power Generation, Utilities and Environmental.
  • Managed operations and maintenance efforts, including turnaround planning and management - gas power turbine generation, and offsites.

ExxonMobil Chemical Plant, Baton Rouge, LA, Operations and Maintenance Supervisor

  • Managed operations and maintenance activities at butadiene, isoprene, and isobutylene extraction plants.
  • Managed process and mechanical planning and execution of several turnarounds.
  • Implemented new systems for improved adherence to environmental requirements and improved mechanical reliability for heavily loaded chemical treatment facilities.

Product and Feedstock Coordinator

  • Coordinated and optimized feedstocks for steam cracking.
  • Coordinated production rates of ethylene, propylene, and butadiene.
  • Ensured supplies met customer's needs (rail, truck, and pipeline).
  • Worked with technical and pipeline teams to resolve product quality issues.

Process Engineer

  • Carried out troubleshooting and optimization studies on steam cracking and butadiene, isoprene, isobutylene extractions.
  • Developed project design basis for safe use of vinyl acetylene as boiler feedstock.

Other Services

  • Led Task Force at Baton Rouge chemical plant to reduce unnecessary flaring by over 80%.
  • Developing new techniques for operations and maintenance, new methane tracing methods and direct flare line rate measurements.
  • Led team for development and implementation of new safety systems including change management, document control, operations and maintenance procedures, control of defeat of critical systems.


  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK
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