Refining Metallurgical and Corrosion Engineering Expert

Technical Consultant #2127


  • Over 30 years of metallurgical and corrosion engineering experience in the petroleum refining industry.
  • Developed new standards and applied technology such as risk-based inspection (API 581) and Fitness for Service evaluation (API 579).
  • Damage mechanisms, sulfidation, wet H2S cracking, creep, HTHA, fire assessment.
  • IOWs and CCDs, corrosion reviews, and fitness-for-service )FFS_ assessment.
  • Failure analysis, fire damage assessments.


Undisclosed Company, Metallurigical-Corrsion Inspection Expert, Present

  • Active in writing API standards and NACE standards for over twenty years.
  • Metallurgical Engineer at Exxon Research and Exxon Engineering in refining, including assignments at Baytown and Bayway refineries.
  • Provided central engineering advice and applied research and development for refining damage mechanisms.
  • Helped support BP's worldwide refineries and actively involved in industry groups to develop industry standards.
  • Extensive consulting experience specializing in refining materials and corrosion issues.
  • Assisted M&M Engineering (Hartford Steam and Boiler) combined with Structural Integrity consulting.
  • Provided consulting services to Equity Engineering Group for refining and petrochemical industry focusing on materials corrosion issues and RBI (Risk-Based Inspection) and FFS as Cofounder and Vice President.

Honors & Publications


  • Registered P.E. Ohio

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Active in developing several API and NACE standards.
  • Charter member of the API/ASME 579 committee and is currently task group chairman for Part 7 (hydrogen blistering/HIC/SOHIC), and is a member of Part 11 fire damage, and Part 10 creep damage and Part 3 Brittle Fracture.
  • Taught the API 579 course for 10 years.
  • Past chairman of the API 571 Damage task group and has taught the API 571 course for 8 years.
  • Member of the API 581 API RBI API 584 IOW, and API 941 HTHA committees.
  • Original author of API 939-C Sulfidation and is now Vice Chair of that committee revising API 939-C. Chairman of the API 945 Amine SCC committee.
  • Vice chairmanship of API 970 CCDs.
  • Vice chair of the NACE SP02-96 committee on wet H2S cracking for the past two updates and is vice chair of NACE TG 176 Sulfidation in hydroprocessing units.
  • Organized workshops for API and NACE on HTHA, Cr-Mo cracking, Sulfidation, and wet H2S Cracking


  • Over 30 industry publications


  • M.S. Metallurgical Engineering Carnegie Mellon University; Pittsburgh, PA
  • B.S. Metallurgical Engineering Carnegie Mellon University; Pittsburgh, PA
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