Petrochemical Instrumentation and Control Systems Expert

Technical Consultant #2112


  • All aspects of Instrumentation and Control Systems (I&CS) from design to testing and installation.
  • International project and in-plant experience completing major I&CS capital projects within petroleum and petrochemical industries of forty years.
  • Project engineering and project management major capital projects for petroleum and chemical plants worldwide.
  • Safety instrumented systems, distributed control systems.
  • In-plant troubleshooting - start-up, and process engineering.


Independent Consultant, (Contractual work), 2003 - Present

  • Develop new methodologies covering direct and indirect costs for Honeywell, Triconex, Bently Nevada Control Systems.
  • Update existing methodologies associated with control system field devices, wiring, buildings, and infrastructure required to produce the Total Erected Cost (TEC) Estimate.
  • Participate in a risk-based reliability assessment covering existing critical control valves for PPL Corporation.
  • Complete I&CS planning and design specification preparation and related FEED package review work for the FEED phases of Sriracha Refinery and Singapore PAC Refinery modification projects ($2 Billion).
  • Replacement of grass roots, Scanfiner units.
  • Serve as an Advisor to the ExxonMobil Global ACS/PMX Migration Project Team.
  • Replace an obsolete control system with modern distributed systems.
  • Conduct a detailed Safety Instrumented System review for Formosa Petrochemical.
  • Provide FEED phase consulting and FEED package reviews for the Petrojam Ltd. Refinery Upgrade Project (RUP).
  • Ensure successful testing and approval for shipment and delivery of the FGSs and PESDs for Ras Gas / ExxonMobil AKG-2 Project.
  • Review and approve all documentation, including C&E Matrices, P&IDs, FLDs, Triconex application programs.
  • Develop all testing requirements, including pass-fail criteria.
  • Coordinating testing schedules and personnel.
  • Observe, supervise, guide, and provide formal approval of all testing.
  • Lead I&CS Engineer for Kawasaki and Wakayama plants as part of the Japan Low Sulfur Mogas Projects.
  • Led the factory acceptance testing of a new Triconex-based safety instrumented system for the Erg Raffinerie Mediterranee Powerformer unit.
  • Conducted a comprehensive reliability assessment for the I&CS and safety instrumented systems at the Benecia Valero (California) refinery.
  • Provided frequent in-plant I&CS trouble-shooting and design guidance at the Amerada-Hess Refinery, (New Jersey).

ExxonMobile, Engineering Manager, 1977 - 2003

  • Led project teams to complete detailed engineering plans, site construction, testing, and start -up of instrumentation and control systems facilities at ExxonMobil plants worldwide.
  • Modernizing of control systems at the Singapore Refinery with the plant in full operation.
  • Lead project engineer for the engineering and construction of instrumentation and control systems for a $400 million paraxylene project.
  • Serving as lead engineer for two refinery and chemical plant projects ($500 million total) to include extensive additions and modifications to process units, control systems, and fuels blending facilities.
  • Serving as engineering team lead for a group responsible for worldwide support of Exxon's instrumentation engineering and custody tansfer businesses.
  • Provided project design consulting and field support to Exxon affiliates.
  • Monitored vendor instrumentation and control system development.
  • Led a task force to improve reliability of chronically malfunctioning instrumentation at Bayway chemical plant.

Honors & Publications


  • Licensed Professional Engineer, State of New Jersey


  • Thai, conversationally fluent.
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Latin

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Instructor for several Exxon and non-Exxon, (ARAMCO) training courses on I&CS fundamentals.
  • Represented Exxon Research and Engineering Company (ER&E) on Exxon's worldwide Instrumentation Standards Committees.
  • Chairman of the Bayway Instrument Practices Committee, which determined I&CS policies and practices at the refinery.


  • Authored several design specifications that included ergonomics/human factors associated with operator consoles and control rooms


  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY
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