Microbial and Metabolic Engineering Expert: Anti-Cancer Compound Production, DNA Cloning, and SAS Programs

Technical Consultant #1982


  • Metabolic engineering of microbial systems.
  • Construction of plasmid vectors and strain development.
  • High throughput screening of anticancer compounds.
  • Analysis of natural products using GC-MS and HPLC.
  • Mammalian cell culture.


Undisclosed University, 2011 - Present

  • Metabolic engineering and directed evolution of perillyl-alcohol biosynthetic pathway in Escherichia coli to produce novel anti-cancer compounds.
  • Engineered the perillyl alcohol biosynthetic pathway including CYP450 enzyme in E. coli using SOE-PCR and DNA cloning techniques.
  • Developed a strain of E. coli capable of producing limonene and other monoterpenes that can be quantified using SPME GC-MS.
  • Created a library of over 5000 mutants capable and screened the library using HTS approach against breast cancer cell lines.
  • Published research paper in peer reviewed scientific journal Plos-One and received several accolades from industry associations.
  • Supervised three undergraduate students.

Project Analyst

  • Testing of natural anti-cancer compounds on mouse fibroblast cell lines.
  • Analyzed data for comparing the efficacy of natural anti-cancer compounds using anti-proliferative cell assays against breast cancer cell lines.
  • Performed data collection using 96-well plate molecular devices spectrophotometer and multiwell plate biotek fluorimeter.
  • Developed Statistical Analysis Systems, (SAS) programs for exploratory data analysis, data cleansing and validation.
  • Worked in all phases of analysis including requirements gathering, overview of data and assessment of data quality, selection of appropriate models and statistical tests.

Research Associate

  • Cloning, expression, and purification of viral p28 gene in escherichia coli and saccharomyces cerevisiae.
  • Cloned a viral gene p28 as a fusion protein with GFP into E. coli and S. cerevisiae.
  • Demonstrated the expression of fusion protein and optimized purification for maximum yield using SDS-PAGE and Western blotting.
  • Led a team of 12 graduate students for successful completion of the project.

Honors & Publications


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • American Society of Microbiology
  • American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Mid-Atlantic Pharmacology Society


  • Outstanding Graduate Student Award
  • Outstanding leadership Award


  • Author of peer reviewed medical articles, posters and academic testing.
  • Various posters and platform presentations at national and international conferences.


  • Ph.D. Cell and Molecular Biology, University of the Sciences, Philadelphia, PA
  • B.S. Engineering in Biotechnology, Panjab University, India
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