Semiconductor, Thin Film, and Ceramics Expert

Technical Consultant #1954


  • Semiconductor Processing: Ion implantation, epitaxy, plasma and wet etch, thin film deposition, and cleaning.
  • CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) process flow and process integration.
  • Micro-electro-mechanical systems - MEMS
  • Radiation hardening for integrated circuits.
  • Ionizing radiation processing for semiconductors, glass, and polymers.
  • Antireflective glass - moth eye surface.
  • Glass and ceramics: Making glass and ceramics, non-glare, non-reflective, fingerprint repelling, antimicrobial, scratch resistant and self-cleaning.
  • Surface modification, surface smoothing, and surface damage removal.
  • Thin films: Transfer silicon film during the ion implantation thin film transfer process.
  • Compound semiconductors - gallium nitride GaN, silicon carbide SiC substrates for light emitting diodes. Other areas include:
  • Crystal growth
  • Nanotechnology
  • Silicon-on-Insulator - SOI
  • Layer transfer (Smart-cut) process.
  • Wafer bonding.
  • Solar cells (silicon based).

Expert Witness Experience

  • In area of semiconductor materials including silicon-on-insulator.


Independent Consultant, 2012 - Present

Corning, Inc. , Corning, NY, Research Associate, 2008 - 2012

  • Invented glass surface modification making moth eye like surface topology.
  • Resulting glass has lower reflectivity than any other glass.
  • Enormous application potential for TV, computer, handheld screens and solar cell cover glass.
  • Conceptualized process for chemical glass machining, similar to fotoform process, but no high temperature anneal needed.
  • Next generation substrates for printed circuit boards thus enabled.
  • Solved problems of single crystal silicon layer transfer onto glass by modifying smart-cut process.
  • Silicon-on-glass substrate for potential use; computer integrated with display on a single sheet.
  • Critically contributed to process of making solar silicon wafers directly from molten silicon (kerf-free) - cost of silicon substrates for solar cells can be significantly reduced.
  • Provided a way to add self-cleaning, fingerprint-repelling, and self-disinfecting property to face surfaces of handheld devices - potentially can be used in all next generations handheld devices.

MEC Tech, Toms River, NJ, Chief Scientist, 2005 - 2008

  • Developed process for making single crystalline silicon focus rings for plasma etching equipment - significantly lowered the cost.
  • Implemented chemical polishing of crystalline silicon thus enabling complicated shapes to be polished: Quality of showerheads and focus rings for plasma equipment significantly improved.

Silicon Wafer Technologies, Newark, NJ, Chief Technology Officer, 2000 - 2005

CTO and Co-Founder

  • Identified sources, prepared proposals, and obtained over $2 million funding to develop company product - silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafer.
  • Covered SOI process with numerical patents, thus established company' competitive edge in intellectual property.
  • Fabricated prototypes of ultrathin SOI wafers useful for manufacturing of next generation chips.
  • publicized company with presentations at many international conferences, and venture capital companies.

Honors & Publications


  • Post Doctorate: MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems), New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ.


  • Ukrainian
  • Russian

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Materials Research Society
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers - IEEE
  • American Physical Society
  • International Society for Optics and Photonics - SPIE
  • American Ceramic Society - ACerS


  • Awarded; O-1 (extraordinary abilities) visa by Immigration Office to enter U.S. - Currently a U.S. Citizen.
  • Research grants from Soros, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and Fulbright foundations.
  • Small Business Innovation Research - SBIR Phase I, Phase II from US Ballistic Missiles, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, National Science Foundation, New Jersey Springboard fund.

Publications and Patents

  • Over 100 publications including in top referred journals - Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Journal of Material Science, Semiconductor Science and Technology, IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology and many others.
  • Over 20 Patents, many patents pending.


  • Ph.D. Physics, Material Science, Moscow Technological University Moscow, Russia
  • M.S.E.E. Semiconductors, Moscow Institute of Electronics Technology, Moscow, Russia
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