System Design and Analysis Expert of Wireless and Wireline Communication Products

Technical Consultant #1807


  • Subject Matter Expert of wireless, Radio Frequency (RF), and hardware systems.
  • Wireless System Engineer.
  • Hardware Design Engineer.
  • Technical Program Analyst.
  • Technical Hardware System Analysis.
  • Product Improvement Specialist.
  • Program Risk Assessor.
  • Technical Report Analysis.
  • Portable low power batteries.


Undisclosed Company, Principal Engineer, 2008 - Present

  • As a Technical Analyst, evaluated new technologies and capabilities, then led efforts to insert them into a product to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Supported government agencies as a Technical Advisor with detailed system, wireless technology, and hardware design expertise to acquire new software radio capability.
  • Technical lead specified and lead efforts to acquire a 100 watt power amplifier operating between 225-450 and 1200-2000 MHz and the corresponding military antennas.
  • Technical Writer: Developed and reviewed a number of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Broad Area Announcement (BAA) with successful transfer into a product.
  • Led hardware design, reviews, simulations, and troubleshooting of various hardware systems to reduce costly field problems.
  • Program Risk Assessor identified and recommended mitigation strategies that were used to guide product development.
  • System Analyst combining tradeoff and risk analysis to reduce program cost while improving reliability.
  • Led software porting of waveform to an existing hardware platform.
  • Technical management and daily operation of software radio program.

MITRE, Eatontown, NJ, Lead Communication System and Hardware Engineer, 2000 - 2008

  • Led technical analysis of wireless technology, evaluated Wideband Networking Waveform (WNW) a networking wireless waveform based on Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) to identify and correct key performance limitations.
  • Proposal Evaluator for a number of Government proposals providing technical depth in systems, waveform, and hardware assessments to identify a programs feasibility, shortcomings, and risks.
  • Led multifunctional team of software, hardware, and government engineers to determine the efforts of increasing capability of an existing product for a cost proposal.
  • Technical Evaluator of existing military programs to determine feasibility to achieving program objectives, the reports was used by Government to consider termination.
  • Software tools came up with a methodology to achieve portability of waveform code targeted for FPGAs and DSPs.

Motorola, Schaumburg, IL, Staff Engineer, 1990 - 2000

  • Chief System Architect that lead development of a 4G radio system capable of supporting 25 mbps using COTS hardware configured as a software radio consisting of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FGPA), Digital Signal Processors (DSP), and microprocessors.
  • Lead Engineer: Created an OFDM waveform architecture, wrote the Very High Level Design Language (VHDL), and lead software, RF, and hardware engineers.
  • Wireless Channel Analyst: Performed channel sounding of the MMDS frequency band, 2.455 to 2.495 GHz, that was published as an IEEE paper referenced in the IEEE 802.16 standards.
  • Wireless Protocol Analyst: Worked with a team to specify a software radio microprocessor instruction set and software radio architecture.
  • Rapid Prototype Designer of a wireless mobile video conference system using Mentor to design boards and VHDL to program FPGAs.
  • Hardware Designer of wireless base stations for GSM and CDMA.
  • Hardware design of computer, fiber-optics, and control systems.

AG (AT&T/GTE), Phoenix, AZ, Member of the Technical Staff, 1987 - 1990

  • Hardware Designer of wireless base stations for GSM and CDMA at Motorola and wireline products for GTE.
  • VHDL Pioneer, one of the first, to use VHDL to synthesize to an FPGA.
  • ASIC Designer: Developed two ASICS and methodology using FPGAs to verify ASIC functionality prior to fabrication with 100% success.
  • Hardware Engineer: Generated functional and timing requirements; performed detailed technical reviews; simulation and verification; and debugged hardware consisting of microprocessors, fiber optics, and digital control circuitry.
  • Lead Engineer in the redesign of GTE's central office computer significantly increasing performance.
  • Troubleshooter with excellent debugging skills and a love for solving problems.

Honors & Publications


  • Focused Education: Signal Processing and Communication, Control Systems, Computer, and Communication.


  • MMDS Frequency Band.
  • Output Vectors Generated During Functional Simulation Can Reduce Design's Verification Cycle.


  • M.S. Electrical Engineering, National Technological University, Fort Collins, CO
  • B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan, Dearborn, MI
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