Aerosol Development, Manufacturing and Quality Control Consultant

Technical Consultant #1635


  • Twenty-nine years of experience in the development, manufacturing and quality control of consumer aerosol products.
  • Aerosol technology: Expertise in aerosol technology, propellant systems, aerosol packaging (valves and containers), aerosol quality programs.
  • Aerosolization of formulations (placing existing formulas into aerosol delivery systems) and reducing VOC components.
  • Aerosol packaging: Cans, containers and valve systems.
  • Problem Solving: Extensive experience in technical troubleshooting issues in product development, quality systems, aerosol manufacturing and aerosol systems.
  • Training: Develop and deliver customized on-site seminars in aerosol technology, spray performance optimization, aerosol safety training, and, aerosol product quality assurance systems.
  • New technology development: Extensive experience in the hands-on design, development, and introduction of aerosol products from laboratory through commercialization. Innovated new aerosol technology in several areas.
  • Aerosol manufacturing: Assist marketers of aerosol products with identifying suitable packagers, develop product specific aerosol QA systems, and conduct aerosol safety audits.
  • Contract filler sourcing and management.
  • Investigating and reducing consumer complaints.
  • Designing and upgrading aerosol product quality systems.


Undisclosed Company, Owner/Manager, Aerosol Products Consultant, 2001 - Present

  • Provide technical consulting services relating to all aspects of aerosol technology, aerosol product quality assurance and manufacturing.
  • Projects include: Assisting in aerosol research and development projects, troubleshooting issues in product quality, reducing customer complaints, formulating reduced VOC products, and optimizing aerosol spray performance, among many others.
  • Design and present customized on-site technical training programs in aerosol technology, aerosol product development, and aerosol quality assurance.

Summit Packaging Systems, Manchester, NH, Technical Manager, 1999 - 2001

  • Responsible for customer technical support and aerosol development programs.
  • Provide Marketers and Fillers with suitable valve systems to meet their needs for new and existing products.
  • Visit customer locations to diagnose technical issues and provide technical support for customer driven development programs.

American Home Foods/International Home Foods, Milton, Pa., 1991 - 1999

Technical Manager

  • Direct responsibility for the technical support and product development functions for Private Label, Food Service, PAM, Polaner and Guldens Mustard product lines.
  • Responsible for the innovation and development of new aerosol products, canned pasta, condiments and snacks.
  • Served as the primary Technical Sales Representative for Private Label New Business accounts managing a staff of 7 professionals.

Section Head / Food Enhancements

  • Built a state of the art aerosol research lab and hired professionals in aerosol technology for aerosol product development. Brand responsibility included PAM Cooking Sprays.
  • Invented and developed a novel aerosol technology to exceed national VOC regulatory requirements for aerosol cooking sprays. Patent application was filed.

Bristol-Myers/Clairol Division, Stamford, CT, 1988 - 1991

Project Supervisor

  • Responsible for the development of novel products for Clairol's consumer and professional haircare product lines.
  • Brand responsibility included: Final Net, ClairMist, Logics and Condition.
  • Identified and developed new resin technology for use in low/no VOC "next-generation" water based fixative products. Awarded U.S. patent.

Project Leader

  • Developed the following product introductions: "Final Net Ultimate Hold and Spritz," containing a novel resin/neutralization system and "Clairmist" aerosol line (six SKU's).
  • Responsible for the management of the aerosol filling laboratory.

Chesebrough-Ponds/Unilever Corp., Trumbull, CT, Senior Research Chemist, 1986 - 1988

  • Developed new aerosol and liquid products for the Spectracide, Rid-A-Bug and Hot Shot insecticide lines.
  • Designed and implemented development programs to evaluate new active ingredients.
  • Provided technical support to contract packagers for the Division.
  • Supervised start-ups for all formula changes and new products. Trained technicians and chemists in aerosol technology. Managed a staff of three.

Summit Packaging Systems, Technical Sales Representative, Manchester, NH, 1985 - 1986

  • Development of aerosol valve systems.
  • Product categories included: Insecticides, air fresheners, lubricants, polishes, AP's, deodorants, and colognes.
  • Responsible for technical sales presentations and trouble-shooting production start-ups at: Noxell, Boyle-Midway, Faberge, Lehn & Fink, Carter-Wallace and other primary accounts.
  • Assisted sales reps in developing new business opportunities.
  • Designed a new total release fogger actuator and worked closely with Summit's sales force to secure order commitments.

American Home Products Corp., Boyle-Midway Division, Cranford, NJ, 1978 - 1985

Product Development Supervisor

  • Primary responsibilities to design and implement product development programs which culminated in novel aerosol insecticide products for the Black Flag product line.
  • Conducted on-site trouble-shooting at all aerosol production locations, coordinated testing for claims support as required by the EPA and media networks.
  • Trained junior personnel in aerosol technology. Managed four scientists and technicians.
  • Awarded Canadian Patent "Low Odor Pesticide".

Project Leader

  • Responsible for the bench development of aerosol and non-aerosol formulations.
  • Developed protocols for product efficacy testing and product stability testing.
  • Developed manufacturing directives for various aerosol, liquid and powder products.


  • Extensively trained in the formulating of aerosols and emulsions.
  • Designed o/w and w/o products with hydrocarbon and Dymel%u2122 propellant systems.
  • Routine production line maintenance functions such as monitoring stability packs, evaluation of new/alternative raw materials and implementing cost saving programs.

Pilot Laboratory Operator

  • Responsible for the set-up and batching of products for stability or market testing.
  • Products included: Air-freshness, food coatings, insecticides, oven cleaners, floor-waxes and lubricating oils.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • PLMA - Private Label Manufacturers Association
  • CSPA - Consumer Specialty Products Association
  • IFT - Institute of Food Technologists
  • SCC - Society of Cosmetic Chemists

Professional Advancement Courses

  • Aerosol Technology
  • Aerosol Emulsion Technology
  • Food Science
  • Suspensions and Emulsions
  • DuPont DYMEL%u2122 Propellants
  • Technology of Cosmetic Raw Materials


Author of articles with the following topics:

  • Controlling Particle Size in Self-Pressurized Aerosol Packages
  • Particle Size Control in Aerosol Packages
  • Aerosol Anatomy - The Aerosol Laboratory (part 1 and 2)
  • Aerosol Anatomy - Product Litigation (part 1 and 2)
  • Aerosol Anatomy - Stem Gaskets


  • B.S. Degree, Biology, Rutgers University, NJ,
  • A.A. Degree, Environmental Sciences, Union College, Cranford, NJ
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